May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vote for Tish James for Public Advocate

Dan Squadron has ignored my requests for help re: evil corrupt slum lord developer -- this one has a 2 million dollar home on Staten Island that is not in violation of how many DOB regulations but for $ome reason DOB doesn't seem to care...

Dan Squadron and NY Public Libraries....?

Dan I asked for your help for Veteran and Artist Vendors in Soho being harassed by the Economic Racists of Soho that have the NYPD wrapped around their fingers and you didn't help.

I asked for you help when I was savagely attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman's in Soho and the NYPD and Internal Affairs fixed it for Dr Fagelman's office and Delita Hooks is violent lying receptionist and office manager the Jodi Arias of medical reception and the NYPD helped her get away with everything but murder.

The Public Advocate did respond to me and called Internal Affairs who lied to them and me stating the case is open when in fact the case is closed.   IAB says the case is open because IAB links any new complaints to the first one against Det John Vergona.  The corrupt Detectives at the First Precinct SEALED Delita Hooks false cross complaint to bury her crimes with their own coercion.

In my opinion Dan Squadron is a coward who caters to the rich in NYC at the expense of the poor unless there is a good face time publicity pay-off.

NYPD and medical doctors like Richard Lucente....for those who don't know --- just like NYPD PBA fixing and favors it isn't a big problem hardee har...
Feds Internal Affairs Dr. Richard Lucente When MD's deal to NYPD and where the MD now?
He has a better rating than Dr Andrew a Fagelman!!!!
ps  I am the 2nd 911 Tech Corruption Whistle Blower to fall victim to the NYPD First Precinct Detective Squad creative policing aka corrupt policing fixing and favors the goal to shut down whistle blowers on corruption.

NYPD and Internal Affairs caught fixing crime for Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent receptionist and office manager Delita Hooks aka "Delite".

I also have medical reports and photos before and after including defensive wounds and I never put down my 2 bags on my left shoulder my left arm numb from 2 injections to remove a cyst or my iphone.

In my opinion Dr Fagelman's violent receptionist Delita Hooks also submitted a false medical report and the corrupt Detectives sealed up all her criminal actions with their own.