May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

NYC Gov Parks Dept Commissioner Veronica White from Suzannah Troy request for small doors Men's Room Tompkins Square Park

NYC Gov Parks Dept Commissioner Veronica White from Suzannah Troy

Under Adrian Benepe's service I successfully got bathroom doors albeit smaller "smart doors" to discourage unwanted activity women's toilet stalls Tompkins Sq Park. I am writing to ask for 1/2 doors on men's stall for modesty, basic human rights and discourage men sneaking back to use boy's  bathroom. I believe the NYPD would allow a smaller door for some kind of privacy. Thank you.

Suzannah Troy 

Giuseppi Logan Playing Tonight New Blue

Giuseppi Logan Playing Tonight New Blue via @youtube

Giuseppi says he needs money but is very happy he playing tonight!!!

He says hello to all the parks regulars including a beautiful 
little girl sitting on her Daddy's shoulder. 

They requested Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The little girl and I clapped 
along with Giuseppi.  Dad made a contribution. Me too. 

GL wishes he had his old apt with his piano.  He wants to play the piano.  


The NY Times Giuseppi Logan Suzannah B Troy YouTube Miracles Tompkins Square Park

Giuseppi Logan is written up in a piece by John Leland and my role is acknowledged. Pete Gershon, publisher of Signal to Noise wrote the first piece, the most powerful and Pete acknowledge my stirring YouTube that can 45 years after a British film maker's in Tompkins. John Leland added a hint of the YouTube miracle of uniting Giuseppi from the little boy, Jaee his only son who would lose his Dad not long after the documentary footage was shot.  

FYI:  Guiseppi and Jaee and their extended family have thanked me for all I have done to try and help GL and in the meantime I suffer greatly because Delita Hooks savagely attacked me, slandered me and the NYPD and IAB joined in fixing a violent crime as well as the crime of Det John Vergona coercing me and he did not act alone.

Going over rights violated and City of NY   NYPD failure to supervise etc
My lawsuits stats state over 1,000 reads....

The NYPD and IAB fixing this violent assault which goes black when Delita Hooks lands a running punch to my left eye making a hole in my retina and the YouTube proving NYPD and IAB involved in coercion because the video open and shut case along with medical reports and photos before and after -- INTERNAL AFFAIRS BUREAU GUILTY -- fixing a crime for Det John Vergona Coercion who was involved with a group of NYPD fixing a violent crime for dr Andrew Fagelman medical office Delita Hooks.  

By the way the women in the video wearing medical clothes and all staff wear no identification I am told all lied and blamed me. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Breast Feeding Christine Quinn YouTube Vote No Quinn!

Mayor Bloomberg Breast Feeding Christine Quinn YouTube

Listen carefully....I ask you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th and 5th term from the golf course?

You can hear a golf swing before all the boos.

Vote Quinn out!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pat Lynch Stop and Frisk NYPD PBA True Colors

Stop and Frisk NYPD PBA True Colors

Stop and Frisk NYPD PBA True Colors

I have been up since 3:30 and it is 5am thinking about the fact Det John Vergona fixed me being assaulted and commited a crime as in coercing me to drop charges and collected how much over-time before equally corrupt Lt Agnes of the Integrity Bureau as well as corrupt Internal Affairs aided all involved in fixing me being assaulted as well as aiding Det John Vergona in a criminal act so to read PBA came out NYPD true colors for the likes of corrupt cops like Det Vergona and his corrupt associates and IAB hey Pat Lynch it is a given most NYPD and IAB are not going above and beyond except to violate the oath the took and our First Amendment Rights!

Pat Lynch can refer NYPD to NYPD Ramos for tips!!!


PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE AND HEAR DEPUTY CHIEF MARINO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury -- because it was a sure indictment.

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape -- they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers."

The Jodi Arias of medical reception desks -- the NYPD and IAB helped her get away with everything but murder.  To date I hear she still blames me.  The NYPD sealed her false cross complaint.  I am getting it unsealed and just got the number of her false cross complaint so now I can get her false criminal report that the NYPD fixed along with IAB and buried.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Peter Vallone Chief Campisi NYPD Tapes Schoolcraft Book NYPD Internal Affairs Fixed my Case Too

NYPD Tapes Schoolcraft Book NYPD Internal Affairs Fixed my Case Too  15,185 views
The Jodi Arias of medical reception desks -- the NYPD and IAB helped her get away with everything but murder.  To date I hear she still blames me.  The NYPD sealed her false cross complaint.  I am getting it unsealed and just got the number of her false cross complaint so now I can get her false criminal report that the NYPD fixed along with IAB and buried.

NYPD Tapes AdrianSchoolcraft Book NYPD Internal Affairs Fixed my Case Too IAB Chief Charles Campisi Ray Kelly New York police department Christine Quinn Russia Mike Bloomberg

Suzannah B. Troy Reading from Adrian Schoolcraft Book NYPD Tapes

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NYPD Internal Affairs Corruption Update New Book Adrian Schoolcraft Tapes by Graham Rayman Out Buy It!

Buy the book on Adrian Schoolcraft hellish experience with NYPD and Internal Affairs corruption and betrayal when an honest cop tries to do the right thing and blows the whistle.   Note from Suzannah B. Troy --- nothing has changed in 30 years as the subject of my year long YouTube documentary NYPD Joe Sanchez the Hispanic Serpico wil tell you and now I am victim of NYPD and I AB corruption -- yes NYPD and IAB fixed me being violently assaulted,  after being menaced after a verbal assault by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks who escalate to threatening me with bodily harm, than a running punch to my eye as I held my bags, my arm with 2 bags on my should, numb 2 injections in to  my elbow and holding my Iphone in my right hand, slapped twice, running punch, hair and earring ripped out, hair yanked from floor where I got my attacker finally defending myself the NYPD and IAB fixed for that medical office like they were getting Viagra or something.

Watch the video which goes to black when Dr. Andrew Fagelman's "Delite" punches me in the eye making a hole in my retina!


The NYPD Tapes

A Shocking Story of Cops, Cover-ups, and Courage

The NYPD wanted to seal Delita Hooks crime along with the NYPD’s direct role in her crime
truly accessories with Delita Hooks violating my rights to fix her violent crime rather than take
her crimes the assault and the false cross complaint to the DA the corrupt cops involved sealed 
her crimes including her false allegations and false cross complaint.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fran Lebowitz Endorse DeBlasio Pokes Fun at Bloomberg's Faux Rule as Emperor of NYC

Watch The NY Times Fran Lebowitz Video and yes we all agreed Mike got bullied as a little slight boy and we are all paying the price....yes you are right and she endorse Bill DeBlasio.

Note from Suzannah on Mike's charity -- it comes with a huge price tag and he confused tax payer money with his charity allowing top contractors to rob us along with way too many others.

I call Mike the King of  Outsourcing.

Fran Lebowitz:  Ask Mike Bloomberg, Bill Rudin, Amanda the People's Burden, Scott Stringer and all City Council members except Charles Barron why we don't have a trauma level 1 hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care like St. Vincent's Hospital but Rudin Luxury Condos.

They pushed through a corrupt dangerous Tsunami of Community Crushing Development like they pushed through an illegal third term.

I went to bed in the East Village and woke-up in the bad xerox of mid-town.

When Mike Bloomberg's says progress he means get your moving van.

I dubbed Mayor Bloomberg King of NY, Christine Quinn his mini-me, I call Mike Baby Putin and NYC putin-ville.   I am no longer allowed to comment on the NYDN and ask Jim Dwyer why my comment isn't posted on his faux article on Bloomberg and Technology when Mike is responsible for the largest abuse of tax payer dollars EVER in NYC history along with Christine Quinn and Team Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn included on CityTime and 911 Tech corruption the short list yet they paint themselves as heroes and The NY Times along with all the media silence critics and whistle blowers. z

Fran, Bubala, Oi Vey (oi feminization) Oi Vey what you don't know about Mike Bloomberg a closet case Richard Nixon who should have been forced to resign by investigative journalist but we don't have any --- just ass kissing secretaries posing as newspaper reporters?

I got naked because my won't -- he won't be transparent from the Cayman Islands, Steve Rattner
and pay to play raiding our NY Pensions, Rattner paid to play, paid to not go to jail, paid to not plead guilty and how do you Mike and Steve explain that and Steve pleading the 5th 64 times to NYC School kids Fran?  Calling Mike "suburban" funny but understating it.


Published on Aug 6, 2013
911 Tech Corruption CityTime Crime 311 and more illegal third term community crushing development perjury during haggerty trial yet media covering up and puppets like Bill Keller selling a lie and FYI Sally Goldenberg of the NY Post thinks Mike is svelte!

In a million years I never imagined Jim Dwyer would kiss Mike Bloomberg's ass and turn his back on the People of NY.  That is a shocker reading his piece and The NY Times and Jim prevented me from commenting?

ps Andy Cuomo a closet Mike minus the billions oops closet Nixon too....

Oh and Fran check this out and read the last sentence but what the video of me being violently punched in the eye Dr Fagelman's Delite making a hole in my retina.   Fran, any idea why the media hasn't picked up this shocking story but the YouTube is about to break 15,000 views?

This book on Jodi arias is shooting for the best seller's
list but I won't be buying it.  

Meet the Jodi of reception desks who the NYPD and IAB helped get away with everything and I get a heads up via a new yelp review she is still at the long closed off front desk lying about what she did to me and about me!!!! Some medical office!

Delita Hooks tried to beat me up very much like internal Affairs bureau Capt Wright beat his lover punching her in the face actually knocking her out and leaving her there on the ground.  Problem
is I wasn't Delita Hooks lover but a medical patient who had just received $430 medical care, arm numb, holding 2 bags on my shoulder and my iPhone in my right hand my dominant hand which I never put down. 

watch a video on how not to treat customer  $430 medial visit punched in eye NYPD IAB fixed not fired

I call Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks.  The NYPD and Internal Affairs helped her get away with everything but murder.  If you think your receptionist is awful jut be happy she has never come out from behind a long reception desk to make a hole in your clients retina and damaged your customer's neck and lie to the NYPD about it confident for some reason the NYPD would fix it!

 Strange huh!   Yup Internal Affairs and the NYPD acted like they get Viagra from Doctor Fagelman or something because everybody agrees you do not get to hit a medical patient EVER.  You don't punch a customer and her throwing her shoes a clue something is very wrong in Dr Fagelman's choice for a meeter and greeter at the front desk.

I call Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks a violent liar who the nyod and now I have learned internal
Affairs help get away with everything but murder. 

Yesterday I found a new comment by a patient of Dr Andrew Fagelman's on his yelp review careful not to slander me but it seems Delita Hooks thanks in my opinion to an equally sick doctor her employer who refused to fire her and really shockingly corrupt NYPD officers AND internal affairs officers as well as integrity control Lt Agnes fixing it so corrupt Det Vergona using Delita Hooks other crime so far got away with coercing me to drop charges was allowed to retire so 10 months and 14 days after Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks is still lying to patients nuts enough to believe her lies and slander that I said anything as this new wacky yelp review so subtly implied.  

I wrote the patient thanking him for not slandering him and assured him Jodi Aria and Ted Bundy had people say how nice they could be as well.   

You don't get to hit patients. 
They are plenty of people that posted bad reviews or have told me about her attitude problem. 
She made a hole in my eye in my retina. 

I sent him the lawsuit against the City of NY, NYPD and IAB on and told him it is the first lawsuit. 

I told him I am thankful she did not kill me. 

It is mind blowing Dr Fagelman paid her for her time and both he a medical md and The NY Police Department and IAB is the reason Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of medical reception is still sitting their lying.  A nyc school teacher who went there because her union has him on a list and the location is convenient described her as a beautiful bitch.  She too said Delita Hooks has an attitude problem. 

The video with almost 15,000 views and everyone who is watching her threatening to slap the crap out of me repeatedly assaulting me is the reason she is acting nicely these days.  

I believe Dr Fagelman got fixing and favors from an NYPD patient and the NYPD and IAB retaliated against me for being a whistleblower as the NYPD IAB has done in the past. I believe they ignored same precinct same Det squad doing some creative policing with a 911 whistle blower.  

It sure seems like NYPD and IAB are all getting Viagra from Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks "Jodi" sure can sell a blatant lie.  Even with Delita Hooks lies there is no sane person who can justify her violence and the video proves NYPD and Internal Affairs Bureau in on fixing the crime which again for me is shocking.  

A medical office is suppose to be a safe place.  Delita aka Delite aka Dee I dubbed Jodi is still using all her talents to sell a lie to patients that will listen and Sr Fagelman in my opinion as sick as she is. 

He has haters.  There were yelp reviews warning patients not to go there.  

Critics do not like him and Delita Hooks as well as the staff.  One person on yelp described the staff as bipolar. 

As I write this the right side of my hand and part of my arm goes numb this increased numbing after assault when she kept ripping and pulling at my hair and it looks like I will need a 2nd surgery down the road as scar tissue continues to grow where she made a hole in my eye and the surgery is more serious.  

To know Dr Fagelmam did not fire her and as the yelp review makes playful light of a violent assault of a medical patient very upsetting to know her pals at the precinct sealed her false cross complaint which they should have taken to the DA and Internal Affairs as well.  

My goal to testify against NYPD and IAB named in the lawsuit and others in front of a new Commission.  We just need a new mayor that does not protect NYPD corruption and abuses like mayor Mike Bloomberg.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly NYPD Damage Control Mode Stop and Frisk

Mayor Bloomberg Kelly Out Stop Frisk Lose 2014 New Commission NYPD Corruption

Subject: Mayor Bloomberg Kelly Lose Stop and Frisk Damage Control time for the NYPD

Sent from my iPhone

 Mayor Bloomberg Kelly Out Stop Frisk Lose 2014 New Commission NYPD Corruption

Judge Rules NYPD’s Stop-And-Frisk Practice Violated Rights Of Individuals

This is a blow to mayor Bloomberg and commissioner Ray Kelly, the NYPD and come September there will be more.

I am a vicim of in my opinion corrupt NYPD fixing me being violently assaulted.

The NYPD stats are like a Las Vegas Casino, the fix is in.

Also September the Ramos trial in the bronx --- Ramos one of the most infamous NYPD cops and involved in NYPD PBA scandal that suddenly went quiet as if NYPD PBA fixing doesn't happen all over including City Hall...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zipper Awesome Documentary on Coney Island Today Dress Like Mermaid IFC Screening !!!!!!!

Zipper Awesome Documentary on Coney Island Today Dress Like Mermaid IFC Screening !!!!!!!

I booed mayor Bloomberg and Amanda The People's Burden

and get insight in to Thor's greedy development and NYC gov Tsunami of Community Crushing Development via the wild rides of Coney Island Amusement Park and the demise of Zipper ride!!!

Be educated and Amy Nicholson brilliantly enlightens you on a side of NYC you haven't been allowed to see inside nyc corrupt dealings with greedy real estate dealings and you will not be bored!!!!

"When Mike Bloomberg says "Progress" he means getting your moving van!"

Suzannah B. Troy

The MTA ad agency refused to quote me a price to run this as an ad!!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lorcan Otway Jay Wilson In front of William Barnacle Tavern

Lorcan Otway Jay Wilson In front of William Barnacle Tavern

Bobby Steele and John Kooch performing 7pm 9 E 7th St

Bobby Steele and John Kooch performing 7pm 9 E 7th St

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#NYPD Adrian Schoolcraft Update NYPD Serve Serpico Subpoena

Adrian Schoolcraft Update NYPD Serve Serpico Subpoena

Looks like NYPD bravado will backfire hint if the NYPD brand were stock crashing like the Great Depression.

Read this and my lawsuit against nyod and IAB.

Looks like Ray Kelly going to make Serpico into icon 2nd time around david strathairn to play Serpico part 2?????

#nypd ray Kelly nypd lawyers great move now international attention and sympathy movie Serpico part 2

NYPD treatment of Serpico is going to have a quicksand reaction.

NYPD lawyers very foolish.

Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly so proud but New Yorkers say more than ever we need a new commission and a permanent outside monitor for the NYPD. 

NYPD goal will backfire on bullies  just bring back bad memories for NYC and underscore the need for new commission. 

Trying to discredit Serpico will come back at them and further destroy NYPD's reputation and Kelly's legacy as well as Bloomberg's. 

Serpico will get another Hollywood film david strathairn will play Serpico

Christine Quinn 4Mayor No Rape Crisis Centers OINK CENSORED by Google Yo...

Google YouTube unblocked this video

Monday, August 5, 2013

After NYC Heat Wave Small Autumn Kiss of What is To Come

After NYC Heat Wave Small Autumn Kiss of What is To Come

New Yorkers of all ages and sizes all got a kiss, albeit just a small kiss of what is too come and not soon enough....Autumn.

Scott Stringer for Comptroller OINK!

Scott Stringer for Comptroller OINK!

Christine Quinn for mayor OINK

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tompkins Square Police Riots Special Screening Aug 6 Anthology Film Archives

Rare screening- Tompkins Square Park Police Riot- all 3 hours and 33 minutes.
 Has  only been shown publicly a couple of times-- Spread the word.  

Anthology Film Archives-August 6th 

One time only- Tuesday August 6th 7 PM- Anthology Film Archives- 2nd ave & 2nd street- rare screening of the 3  hour  minute Tompkins Square Park Police Riot.

Installation & Performance
CAPTURED  the movie-- playing @ La Plaza Cultural  LPC, 9th Street between Avenues B and C Captured the history of the Clayton Archives.

Note from Suzannah Troy before there was a mayor Mike and 3 day weekend jaunts to
Bermuda Ed Koch was in The Hamptons
and refused to return to the City to deal
with NYPD Police beating up people, removing
their badges as they did so etc.

Here is my lawsuit against NYPD and IAB:
Violently assaulted 155 Spring St by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks who wants
to be the next Coco Channel. Coco slept with the
Nazis that invaded Paris but never punched a customer.

Det John Vergona coerced me to drop charges
and the NYPD did fixed this violent crime.

NYPD stats like a Las Vegas Casino the fix is in.

Here is my lawsuit against the NYPD and
 Internal Affairs