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Friday, May 31, 2013

Group of men attack twin brothers in East Village

Group of men attack twin brothers in East Village

Watch me be savagely attacked because I refused to take Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks abuse, menacing behavior as well as her getting between me and the door to give me the finger.

She provoked me first to seek help from my MD that shared the office but moved out after I was assaulted and Dr. Fagelman refused to fire Delita Hooks.

Than Delita Hooks provoked me to start filming.

The corrupt NYPD with det. John Vergona at the lead fixed this violent crime as the video proves and medical reports.

The women you see in the video did not call 911.  I called the First Precinct and Internal Affairs as no one answered.  I did not wait for a 911 call as I have a collapsed bladder and wanted to get out of there.

I was told all those women in the video lied and said it was me when in fact I had the video.  There is no reason ever to assault a medical patient let alone anyone but Delita Hooks is the Jodi Arias of reception desks and thanks to corrupt cops she got away with everything but murder.

Delita Hooks caused serious damage to my eye and neck as the lying bully attacked me and filed a false cross complaint and the corrupt NYPD involved did not arrest her for a false cross complaint as well as an assault.
  Why would Det John Vergona violently coerce me in to dropping charges with severe injuries to my eye and neck and a collapsed bladder insisting I wait 4 days to be false arrested on Oct 14, 2012
which I agreed to -- I agreed twice on Oct 16 to be arrested and to wait the 4 days but by Friday there were concerns my retina had detached and there was a hole in my retina from Delita Hooks running at me after throwing her shoes to punch me in the eye as hard as she could in the eye.

Try punching Det. John Vergona and all the corrupt NYPD officers involved in fixing this crime in the eye or their wives.  There is OWS footage of DI Ed Winski arresting an OWS activist for giving him the finger but he refused to allow me to report Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint along with Sgt. Chen and the front desk of the First Precinct.

I can tell you NYPD detectives all NYPD will rush to deposit their checks but not to do their job and keep the oath they made and they are so arrogant and know the tax payers have to pay for their lawyers they don't care.