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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Donald Trump Trump Soho like NY Law Dorm Broke Zoning Laws No Fine No Jail Time

Donald Trump Trump Soho like NY Law Dorm Broke Zoning Laws No Fine No Jail Time  Donald Trump confident he above the law....

Reminder NY Law Dorm next to Hell's Angels 3rd street the NY Law Dorm
also broke the law building to high and got away with - so the law students
in mega dorm with balconies learn their very University legalized crime
and the college kids enjoy their balconies!

Mayor Bloomberg corrupt arrogant and confident above the law...even worse
Amanda the People's Burden the Wicked Witch of the East Village aided NY Law Dorm
getting away with murdering the neighborhood, NYU mega dormed the east village to
death and Cooper Union NYU jr.

Amanda the People's Burden the most evil corrupt city planner commissioner in the history
of the city of New York responsible for the most mass displacement along with Mike
Bloomberg and Mike's mini-me Christine Quinn --- since The American Indians.

City Records Acknowledge Trump SoHo Violates Zoning, But No Enforcement Action Taken:

GVSHP has uncovered yet another example of City records and data acknowledging that the Trump SoHo'Condo-Hotel' violates the very zoning regulations which allowed it to be built, as GVSHP and many others long contended it did. 

In 2006, GVSHP urged the City not to approve permits for the Trump SoHo's construction, based upon the fact that as a condo-hotel, it should be categorized as a "residence" or a "residential-hotel," which was not permitted under the zoning for its site.  But the City, along with Speaker Quinn and Borough President Stringer, asserted that it was legal -- that it was a "transient hotel," which was permitted under the zoning. The City then spent taxpayer dollars to defend their decision in court against a legal challenge.