May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Katz's Deli 125 Birthday Suzannah B. Troy loves the Latkes

Katz's Deli 125 Birthday Suzannah B. Troy loves the Latkes

Suzannah B. Troy loves her latkes big and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My maternal Grandfather born on Ludlow St in a tenement house -- too poor to go to a hospital.
Gramps said you could smell the poverty.

Group of men attack twin brothers in East Village

Group of men attack twin brothers in East Village

Watch me be savagely attacked because I refused to take Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks abuse, menacing behavior as well as her getting between me and the door to give me the finger.

She provoked me first to seek help from my MD that shared the office but moved out after I was assaulted and Dr. Fagelman refused to fire Delita Hooks.

Than Delita Hooks provoked me to start filming.

The corrupt NYPD with det. John Vergona at the lead fixed this violent crime as the video proves and medical reports.

The women you see in the video did not call 911.  I called the First Precinct and Internal Affairs as no one answered.  I did not wait for a 911 call as I have a collapsed bladder and wanted to get out of there.

I was told all those women in the video lied and said it was me when in fact I had the video.  There is no reason ever to assault a medical patient let alone anyone but Delita Hooks is the Jodi Arias of reception desks and thanks to corrupt cops she got away with everything but murder.

Delita Hooks caused serious damage to my eye and neck as the lying bully attacked me and filed a false cross complaint and the corrupt NYPD involved did not arrest her for a false cross complaint as well as an assault.
  Why would Det John Vergona violently coerce me in to dropping charges with severe injuries to my eye and neck and a collapsed bladder insisting I wait 4 days to be false arrested on Oct 14, 2012
which I agreed to -- I agreed twice on Oct 16 to be arrested and to wait the 4 days but by Friday there were concerns my retina had detached and there was a hole in my retina from Delita Hooks running at me after throwing her shoes to punch me in the eye as hard as she could in the eye.

Try punching Det. John Vergona and all the corrupt NYPD officers involved in fixing this crime in the eye or their wives.  There is OWS footage of DI Ed Winski arresting an OWS activist for giving him the finger but he refused to allow me to report Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint along with Sgt. Chen and the front desk of the First Precinct.

I can tell you NYPD detectives all NYPD will rush to deposit their checks but not to do their job and keep the oath they made and they are so arrogant and know the tax payers have to pay for their lawyers they don't care.

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Tech Corruption and CityTime exposed by Pencils by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Under Bloomberg billions of tax payer dollars abused, stolen and mostly tech but 3 billion -- that would be 2 billion 3 million 911 Tech and CityTime close to 800 million exposed by pencils...ironic huh?

I got calls and emails I was right about 911....
Here is the latest email I got...

"The 911 system collapsed I think they said about it
Think they said it 3 rd time in few months
Sorry do not know which newscast I was watching

Ray Kelly said all calls were responded to who knows how long it took for real
Who knows
I do not buy their B/S" 

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Tech Corruption and CityTime exposed by Pencils

Below the NYC Gov Corruption Round-up.....
Please read the above link and learn how I was forced against my will to drop assault charges by Det. John Vergona and I looked up the United Nations definition of torture and in my opinion Det. John Vergona's plan to hold me in jail for a weekend with severe injuries from the savage assault by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist including Vergona knowing I have a collapsed bladder not from the assault -- he knowingly used a false cross complaint and he want to inflict as much suffering and pain as possible.
Ask the mayoral candidates about ECTP 911 Tech corruption and CityTime.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NYPD PBA Pat Lynch to Bloomberg Pay Up as New Yorkers Call for an Outside Monitor

NYPD PBA Pat Lynch to Bloomberg Pay Up as  New Yorkers Call for an Outside Monitor

After 9-11 I had a letter published on behalf of the NYPD and the FDNY asking for a raise.

I won't be asking for any raises or advocating that the City of New York doing anything to pay NYPD money until way after we have an outside monitor to investigate the NYPD and Internal Affairs as well as all agencies of New York City Gov that are suppose to police the police and don't.

By the way how much do we pay to ineffectively police the police?

I spoke out for the NYPD went their starting salary was lowered as did some of their harshest critics.
After 9-11 I believe I had 17 letters published on behalf of our Rescue Workers being honored, compensated, receiving medical care etc.  I wrote a piece and followed up with email suggestions to Commish Kelly on how to improve community relations which included getting on YouTube before the NYPD ever did and emails to create a facebook page and twitter.

Now I call for an outside Commission because Det. John Vergona of the First Precinct Det Squad fixed  me being violently assaulted.  He wasn't alone.  The two detectives that got her false cross complaint never even bothered to call me.  To date their names and badge numbers with held from me as well as supervisors and Vergona's and I made requests to Commissioner Kelly's office, Chief Esposito's, Internal Affairs, CCRB and Lt. Angelo Burgos as well the Detective Squad and Front desk 01.

 Det. John Vergona repeatedly refused to meet me to see the wounds to my eye and defensive wounds to my arm.

He was aware of the severity of the medical damage except that the detached retina hole because he had abusively told  at me I don't care if you have two black eyes as well as yelled at me I am going to arrest you if you don't drop the charges.

Det John Vergona knowingly used a false cross complaint to emotionally pistol whip me in to dropping charges against my will.

Delita Hooks, Dr Andrew Fagelman's very rude violent receptionist with plenty of nasty yelp reviews, actually slamming them both pre-the assault evening warning people rightly to not go there....

but why did Det. John Vergona and than Sgt. Chen along with Deputy Inspector Ed Winski prevented me from reporting Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint.   I shouldn't have had to even filed that complaint because it was clear to everyone and why Internal Affairs has let 8 months pass so far and done nothing maybe has to do with Dr. Fagelman who lives and works downtown by One Police Plaza, lives near Commissioner Ray Kelly and works within the First Precinct and near both Internal Affairs offices on Hudson St and One Police Plaza -- Winski always bent over backwards in my opinion turning a blind eye to the wealthy law breakers and their employees like The Mercer Hotel and Henry Buhl.....

So I won't be advocating for the NYPD like I did after 9-11 because Det. John Vergona taught me how corrupt the NYPD are.  He made me wait 4 days to be false arrested on Saturday Oct. 20th for a weekend stay for being a victim of Dr. Andrew Fagelman's violent receptionist Delita Hooks.  By the 19th it was clear I was having vision problems and one MD saw the hole in my retina and demanded I clear my schedule to get in a cab to get to a Retina Surgeon.

I was I going to spend a weekend in jail with a hole in my retina, my neck in a brace and a collapsed bladder.  I had spoke up for the NYPD and Det. John Vergona taught me what all their critics had told me for years....The NYPD are corrupt, they are out of control.

We need to hold them accountable by changing the laws to allow us to sue them for not investigating crime.  We need to make sure that tax payers no longer pay their legal bills because Det. John Vergona would not have acted so arrogantly and abusively if that was so along with how many other cops and most of all we must make sure these cops lose their pensions and that includes all retired cops that are involved in corrupt dealings.

So far we have had how many cops under Bloomberg and Kelly's reign proven to be rapists, sexual exploitive including with fellow NYPD officers and that includes women not just male officers, NYPD violence towards women including Internal Affairs Capt Wright violently beating his NYPD Sgt gal pal severely and she lied for him, as well as NYPD Gun Runners, Drug trafficking, Cy Vance's NYPD Detective in charge of wire tapping caught stealing, Ramos in the Bronx -- oh yeah NYPD PBA fixing and favors only happen in the Bronx not City Hall! Not Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island!
Stop and Frisk for not good reason along with how many false arrests and Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent receptionist was not arrested for making a hole in my retina with a running punch to my eye.

Did Dr. Andrew Fagelman call 1-800-NYPD PBA IAB fixingFavors hot line?

I won't be fighting for the PBA and NYPD to get any back pay and thank Det. John Vergona who his role in fixing a violent crime that left me almost blinded and with permanent damage to my eye and neck.

The NYPD are out of control is the word on the street.

The only City Council members advocating for them are all under suspicion of getting PBA NYPD fixing and favors for them and their families and lovers.

Do the math.

Outside monitor --- we can't have inspector general like IAB, CCRB and Commission to Combat Corruption all faux, like NYPD made up of NYPD far more eager to cash their pay checks and enjoy their perks than investigate NYPD and even IAB corruption.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg I will F#%&ing Destroy U Jan 1 + 911 Theft Sshh!

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg I will F#%&ing Destroy U Jan 1 + 911 Theft Sshh!

911 tech corruption  2 billion 3 million tax payer dollars --- original budget 1 billon and no one  holding Bloomberg accountable re: largest theft and abuse of tax payer money bigger than citytime!

Gay Bashing East Village Police have man in custody

Stop And Frisk Led To 400,000 NYPD Encounters With Innocent Black And Latino New Yorkers In 2012

Suzannah Troy Censorship Wiki Page Vandalized Deleted Brasile Economico DSK NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Protest with Photo from Getty Images

Mayor Bloomberg CitiShare Bike Racks Killing New Yorkers?


Press Release
For Immediate Release -- May 22, 2013

Call for Archeological Review of Former Cemetery on Site To Prevent Disturbance of Human Remains By Demolition or Construction


Manhattan - The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative, the Historic Districts Council, the East Village Community Coalition, and East Village residents held a rally and press conference today in front of Mary Help of Christians Church, 436 East 12th Street to call for the preservation of this historic, 100 year old church (see more historic information on the church and images HERE).  The church was made famous by Allen Ginsberg, who lived across the street from the church for more than two decades andincluded reference to the church in his poetry. 
Recently purchased for development by Douglas Steiner of Steiner Studios, demolition permits have been pulled for the church, its 150 year old rectory, and its 90 year old school.  Local preservation groups had appealed to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to save the historic structures, long the center of the East Village's Italian immigrant community, but they refused to consider it.  The site purchased by the developer contains a very large yard which would allow a great deal of space for new development without demolishing any of the historic buildings, but thus far the developer has refused to consider re-use of the buildings.  While a 2008 rezoning which community groups fought for prevents a high-rise from being developed on this site, current plans would replace all the buildings with new luxury residential development and retail space.
The church was formerly the site of the cemetery of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, where thousands of people were buried starting in the early 19th century.  This was only the third and at the time the largest Catholic Cemetery in New York.  While the graveyard was moved to Calvary Cemetery in Queens in 1909, it is not known if all remains were removed and cleared from the site or if some still lie in burial underneath.  The preservation organizations have written to developer Douglas Steiner and the city's Department of Buildings and Landmarks Preservation Commission to notify them that a very large cemetery was formerly found on this site, and calling for a complete archaeological evaluation of the site as required by law in such cases before any work proceeds, to prevent disturbance of any burial site or human remains which may remain here (see letter with supporting historic documents HERE).
Those gathered called upon Steiner to build upon the adjacent church yard which he owns and plans to develop, which has no structures on it, and which lies outside of the boundaries of the former 11th Street cemetery, rather than upon the site of the church, school, and rectory, which are historic structures and which are located atop the former cemetery (see aerial view HERE). 

"It would be a tragic waste and shame if these beautiful buildings, so full of New York's history, were demolished for expediency's sake.  Their rich and intricate architecture cannot be duplicated, and would only be replaced by something much less distinctive and precious.  A smart developer would recognize that by preserving and re-using these historic buildings and building on the large adjacent yard, he would not only be doing a good deed, but creating an infinitely more unique and valuable development than simply bulldozing the entire site and starting anew," said Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Executive Director Andrew Berman."

"Mary Help of Christians is certainly one of the most historic buildings in one of the most historic neighborhoods in our city and country. Starting in the early 20thcentury it played a central role in Italian American history, and the building still commands a very imposing architectural presence in the neighborhood.  By rallying we're asking the developer - loudly -  to please respect the rich history and architecture of our neighborhood by saving our invaluable and irreplaceable historic church," said Lower East Side Preservation Initiative president Richard Moses.

"The church buildings are a testament to the Italian immigrant legacy in New York City and remain living monuments. As a community, we ask the developer to recognize the opportunity for incorporating these architecturally significant buildings into the new development. An innovate plan could make a unique and attractive site plan while honoring the history of the East Village," said Sara Romanoski, Managing Director of the East Village Community Coalition.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 LGBT Hate Crime Violent Attacks Right After Hate Crime Protest

2 LGBT Hate Crime Violent Attacks Right After Hate Crime Protest

Multiple attacks on gay men in hours after hate-crime protest

Mayor Bloomberg only talks gun violence but I was a victim of a crazy verbal assault by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks who came out from behind a long receptionist desk and menaced me.  She got between me and the door and violently gave me the finger and provoked me to start filming because this violent abuser clueless even today that she did something very wrong....

Who gives a medical patient the finger getting between the patient and the door and walks away so pleased?  Dr. Andrew Fagelman's special receptionist and it felt like a 100 percent hate.

Delita Hooks joyously ran at me first throwing her shoes at me violently running and punching me as hard as she could in the eye.  Internal Affairs IAB  capt. Wright did something brutally similar but to his gal pal a Sgt in Domestic Abuse but I was not Delita Hooks lover but a patient that was holding my bags and iphone with my left arm numb from 2 injections.  I got hate, a verbal attack, lies and violence so severe I could have lost my vision without surgery and now there is scar tissue in my eye.  Det John Vergona also gave me a taste of NYPD bias and hate.

Det John Vergona of the First Precinct also a hateful creep said to me "I don't care if you have 2 black eyes."

Well I outed John Vergona for what he is so he would not dare say that to the victims of this hate crime.  
Vergona won't be abusing victims of violent assaults anytime soon because I reported him to Internal Affairs along with all the NYPD involved in fixing Delita Hooks violent assault of me that left me blind without eye surgery and damage to my cervical spine but no arrest.

The NYPD won't dare try this with the LGBT hate crimes that happened on Houston Street.

ps So many people think mayor Bloomberg is gay by the way.....

Guess who I have a theory about being gay and may even have a gay NYPD sex partner fixing for him?

FBI not IAB Arrest NYPD detective busted for allegedly cyber crime

FBI not IAB Arrest NYPD detective busted for allegedly cyber crime

NYPD detective busted for allegedly cyber

Gee any NYPD cyber stalked me on behalf of Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks and Det John Vergona -- besides the abuse that went on until I had to deal with patient Jennifer Desmond over 7 months now cyber abuses and they are many stopped including illegal removal of videos.

Internal affairs a fraud and only FBI gets results because IAB fixing????

Look up Eric Sander's lawsuit representing IAB detective a woman.

She says Integrity Unit a place for cases to die.   Mine included?

Mayor Bloomberg and CitiBank Bike Share makes Hells Angels on 3rd Look Saintly City Crime

Bloomberg CitiBank Bike Shares 3rd St make Hell's Angels look Saintly

wrote Chopping the Street 1 mega million at a time -- way before Wall St imploded about a woman who takes over an infamous International Motorcycle Club  making them over in to a financial service firm on wheels --- about how much White Collar Crime costs tax payers and boy was I on the money.  

Beyond me is the illegal NY Law Dorm that broke thru zoning and because of special relations with NYC Gov  was not forced to remove the illegal top part of the building. 

Mike Bloomberg forced out the head of DOITT,  a woman and arranged a soft landing with NY Law!
He had brought her in  because of all the sex related law suits.   
DOITT heads changed more than Henry the 8 changed wives.  
Read my short story... 

Everyone is against the bike racks and Bloomberg has them placed by  illegal
zone busting mega dorms, banks like Credit Suisse  and neighborhoods he continues to have over-run with temporary visitors like tourists and college kids.

The Hell's Angels make CitiBank and Goldman look like saints along with Economakis family down the street who evicted long term residents for their $1 mansion or some creative slimy move that was as wrong as these bike racks. 

Mayor and NYPD dream of catching The Hell's Angels in a crime that would allow them to seize the building and give it to John Sexton the Jon Corzine of NYU.  NYU mega formed the east village to death along with cooper union's illegal real estate dealings.  

It is about higher greed, not higher Ed, ask the presidents of NYU and Cooper Union, mayor Bloomberg, Amanda the People's Burden the worst City Planner commissioner ever, and bank chairs....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CityTime Crime Update Barry Bohrer Drops a Bomb! Bad News for SAIC Mike Bloomberg & Preet Bharara

One year anniversary of no criminal investigation in to ECTP 911 Tech corruption since John Liu asked Cy Vance for one.

HP in theory -- in my opinion like SAIC was stealing from the get go -- the fix was in -- how these contractors got their contracts --- not really competitive and the stealing as well....

We have no criminal investigation despite John Liu asking for one 1 year ago!

The above look asks about Verizon's role.

Based on John Liu's press release add Northrop Grumman who tries to paint themselves as a saint..
Schumer in bed with Northrop Grumman among others...

There were also corrupt real estate dealings in my opinion very common under Bloomberg but this involved the Emergency Back up Unit no. 2 ....
read on .....

very tired this am...... you will have to search my links...

CityTime ECTP don't forget lobbyist for the companies....look to their NYC gov jobs amazing pinch me.

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Tech Crime Bigger than CityTime no Criminal Investigation 1 Year Anniversary coming

Christine Quinn played a huge role in green lighting over runs to people stealing on ECTP 911 Tech crimes and CityTime as well as other tech contracts just like she did with real estate corrupt dealings...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Civilian Complaint Review Board Public Testimony From Suzannah B. Troy Giving CCRB Hell

Read the minutes -- shameful exposing CCRB and than listen to my testimony, Suzannah B. Troy the only civilian out of 8 million people testifying in front CCRB starts at what might be page page 18....line number number 4...
re: my testimony -- every NYPD officer I refer to - their names spelled wrong,  DI Ed Winski,  Lt Angelo Burgos,  Sgt Chen,  Det John Vergona, involving the violent assault by Delita Hooks,  her employer's name spelled wrong Dr. Andrew Fagelman....  I reference activist Louis Flores last page up top, wrongly written Luis Flores was shot (instead of shoved), read how CCRB has never even contacted him so did they fix it...I slam Bloomberg for tech messes including CCRB's read me giving CCRB...   When I say CCRB failed us CCRB spelled wrong in transcript!!!!

Note Bishop Taylor had a good laugh about team sports but in my opinion not a care in the world about the Injustices suffered by people failed by CCRB.  When I the only public member spoke he got up and walked out for some reason.  Well you can read that they have trouble just getting 3 of them to show up to rule on cases....

Civilian Complaint Review Board Public Testimony From Suzannah B. Troy Giving CCRB Hell

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

East Village Take Our Community Back Public Hearing

 click on image for info

Christine Quinn Dumped her Girl Friend Election Night After She helped Quinn win 1999?

Christine Quinn Unauthorized bio Chapt 2 Releasing on Housing Hypocrisy

Louis Flores unauthorized bio on Christine Quinn Chapt 2  you will learn she had a history from the beginning as her role as "housing activist" quietly taking kick backs from real estate developers...

Louis Flores also reports that  in the new updated Chapter 1 ---- Christine Quinn used and dumped her girl friend Laura Morrison in 1999  power grab to become city council member.

It was Laura Morrison who did all the work to get Quinn in.

What Louis does not report is Quinn allegedly dumped on Election Night!
Christine Quinn Dumped her Girl Friend Election Night After She helped Quinn win 1999?

Christine Quinn has been in city council 14 years longer than anyone else!!!!!!!!

Even George Washington said 8 years is enough-- he didn't want to king but Quinn wants to be the little emperor of NYC and she already acts like it.

She is far more ambitious than she is intelligent.  

How Christine Quinn treated Laura is part of a pattern of how she treats everybody.  Look at Quinn track record and she even betrayed her own district replacing hospital with Rudin Luxury condos.

Google Christine Quinn Talking Points
Google Christine Quinn Chuck Meara 

See the above link for a starting Christine Quinn admission re: St. Vincent' know you have read it when you see the word "devil".

Notes from Barbara Ruether on the meeting:

Stay tuned re: the 75 year old fainting men and me, Suzannah Troy asked an NYPD officer to call 911. The reason I didn't was I was standing out in the freezing cold with almost nothing on as part of my art political protest and my body and hands were numb. The NYPD officer called 911 and than he followed up with me stating the ambulance was on his way.. Christine Quinn's senior staff member stated in front of us he called the 1st precinct and no call for an ambulance took place. We also were told Dr. David Kaufman who attended to the gentleman called 911 several times.   Here is the foiled report.... Thru my detective work I found out the ambulance went to the wrong place.

March 13, 2012

City Hall Meeting with NYC Council Speaker and Greenwich Village Representative Christine Quinn

  • Norman Siegel
  • Suzannah B Troy
  • Barbara Ruether
  • A. Timothy Lunceford

Talking Points Requests by Group of Speaker Christine Quinn

  • Hold Town hall meeting.
  • Release statistics on FDNY EMS Response and Transit Times for St Vincent's area / her district to the community, as promised at CB2 meeting (on videotape) and reneged the following week by NYFD personnel.

  • Investigation of why ambulance took 35 min to respond 250 Broadway on March 6, 2012 AM during the Public Hearing last week.

  • Norman asked for an investigation by the mayor's office because
    • People who were opponents to the Rudin plan were turned away.
    • Only two city council members were there to listen to testimony.
    • It was not democratic or an even playing field as the only public hearing for the community to speak.
    • Ask for a formal apology.

  • Children, Seniors, and the sick, are the most vulnerable silent populations and that also includes the low income children that are left alone now without a hospital. We need a full service hospital.

  • Following up with speaker from press conference regarding Miguel Acevedo speech (on videotape):
    • What are low-income minorities to do that live in her district?
    • Stats show the fact rapes are up in the neighborhood and the Rape crisis is closed, since SVH closed. Restore a Rape Center on the westside.
    • AIDS patient's in the neighborhood have been driven all across the city for healthcare. Why?

  • The point being is that more condos pushes population growth and underscores the harsh reality we need a full service hospital.

  • That current plans for the Comprehensive Health Center will not treat 10% of population that arrive at it's door and must be transported across and up town to full service hospitals.

  • That removal of the tanks from the Triangle Park insure that O'toole and SVH site will never be a hospital again because of NYS regulations.

  • Terror attacks leave NYC in greater jeopardy when there is yet another terrorist attack.

  • We need a trauma level 1 Hospital center and Emergency Room on the west side of Manhattan.

  • Add floors to O'Toole and a hospital can be created with a will of private and government monies by adding 3 to 4 floors to create the needed Hospital and Rudin still gets SVH to build Luxury apartments.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Christine Quinn NOW Gloria Steinem Sell-outs No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Hospital West Village

NYPD were well behave but NOW young women were awful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pace University Mayoral Forum

Thank you for your support -- NOW is pathetic -- that wanted me to behave.  One NOW young woman shoed me away and I am talking about RAPE!

           "Well-behaved women seldom make history." Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  FYI Wikipedia involved in cyber vandalism of a page on me and they deleted the page to destroy the evidence and protect the cyber vandals.  Hard to make history when bloomberg, media pals and thugs doing so much to black out the truth!

Christine Quinn NOW Gloria Steinem Sell-outs No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Hospital West Village

Monday, May 6, 2013

Domino Sugar Factory Asbestos Scandal Williamsburg to West Village St. Vincent's Hospital Rudin Condos

go to this link and find the St. Vincent's Hospital Rudin luxury condo links.....
there are two.....

Domino Refinery Project Asbestos Removal Scandalous is St. Vincent's Rudin Condos Next?

I was just sent this...

SBT, you should know that asbestos concerns are real to me also, my Father was diagnosed with Mesothelimona, he decided to go for a lung operation and proceed to spent 168 days in hospitals before he died. This asbestos is nothing to fool with! These greedy bastards are exposing the workers and the surrounding people to a horrible thing and it does not take much to cause damage to the human lung..  Keep up the good work .

Open air asbestos abatement Domino Sugar Refinery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, W. Village Worries Rudin St. Vincent's Hospital Asbestos Condos

Greed first -- that is mayor Bloomberg and pals motto!!!!!!!!!!

Open air asbestos abatement at Domino Sugar Refinery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Mayor Bloomberg pushed a recklesss Tusnami of Community Crushing Development on old NY's infrastructures.....

Amanda the People's Burden gets my vote for the most evil corrupt city planner commissioner ever.

Calling DOB, Dept of Investigation and any other city agency an exercise in futility.

Domino Sugar Factory Asbestos Scandal  Williamsburg the East East Village to  West Village St. Vincent's Hospital Rudin Condos

Open air asbestos abatement Domino Sugar Refinery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, W. Village Worries Rudin St. Vincent's Hospital Asbestos Condos

I was just sent this...

SBT, you should know that asbestos concerns are real to me also, my Father was diagnosed with Mesothelimona, he decided to go for a lung operation and proceed to spent 168 days in hospitals before he died. This asbestos is nothing to fool with! These greedy bastards are exposing the workers and the surrounding people to a horrible thing and it does not take much to cause damage to the human lung..  Keep up the good work .

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lynne Stewart Supporters Gather at Theatre 80 St. Marks Place Tonight

Word on the street is in the prison warden would support Lynne Stewart being released considering her health issues.....

I can't verify but I gather folks that read both these blogs are at Theatre 80 right now....

Lynne Stewart Supporters Gather at Theatre 80 St. Marks Place Tonight

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gwen Goodwin on Tenant Antiharassment Bill Dubious Legislation created by Christine Quinn and Melissa Mark Viverto

To:Suzanah Troy
From:  Gwen Goodwin
re:   Tenant  Antiharassment Bill Dubious Legislation created by Christine Quinn  and Melissa Mark  Viverto
Thank  to Christine Quinn and Melissa Viverto for more Smoke and Mirrors not real solutions.....
Don't know if you saw me on NY 1 April 20, 2013.

 I publicly called Christine Quinn out at the mayor Forum on housing.

 Unfortunately NY 1 muted the sound so the public could only see me but not what hear what I was saying. NY 1 did not post the story on its web site.

I was moved to speak out against Quinn for what was a dubious piece of legislation created by her and Melissa Mark-Viverito, whom I am running against in the 8th district. 

The bill  known  as the "Tenant  Antiharassment Bill"  which Quinn was crowing about, is what got me out of my seat proclaiming to her and the audience that she  was lying with regard to her "great" record on tenants rights, specifically this pro-landlord bill disguised as a beacon of hope for harassed tenants like myself. 

 Quinn and Melissa Mark Viverio restructured the former law, regarding tenant harassment, in which the tenant was awarded treble damages if they won in a harassment lawsuit  and anyone reputable person could serve as a witness, i.e., police or neighbor . Now the way the law has been restructured, the tenant can only bring a harassment case against their landlord if a housing inspector of witness the harassment. If the tenant wins his or her  case, (none have ever been won in the 4 years since the bill's enactment) the landlord has a cap of $5000, and  the money is a civil penalty paid to the City, NOT the Tenant!

How do I know all this, I have a victim of my landlords retaliatory harassment, including threats from a prisoner at Green Haven penitentiary, my lights tuned off every night for months and tying my electricity meter, charging me hundreds of dollars to pay bills for other people's usage. The police witnessed the harassment and provided me with documentation. Con Ed was prepared to testify on my behalf , but low and behold there would be no trial because of the new anti harassment law written by Christine Quinn and Melissa Mark Viverito. Judge Kaplan told me the last time I tried to get this case heard, and I tried at least four times, that he would dismiss my case, and I could be saddled with paying the landlord's attorney fees, which, at hundreds of dollars per hour, and the hours typically pad dad, could be enormous. He went on to tell me further bad news: No harassment  case could go forward unless the harassment was witnessed by a housing inspector!

Thanks Christine Quinn and Melissa Mark  Viverto  for the smoke and mirrors

Ps check on Quinn Viverito anti harassment law. No cases have ever been won by a Tenent during the entire 4 years since its creation!! 
the laws 

Thanks Gwen:  Is Melissa a mega millionaire via her daddy and real estate?  I don't know if that is true but I am wondering.  Either way thank you for this powerful piece I will post on my blogs.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Donald Trump Trump Soho like NY Law Dorm Broke Zoning Laws No Fine No Jail Time

Donald Trump Trump Soho like NY Law Dorm Broke Zoning Laws No Fine No Jail Time  Donald Trump confident he above the law....

Reminder NY Law Dorm next to Hell's Angels 3rd street the NY Law Dorm
also broke the law building to high and got away with - so the law students
in mega dorm with balconies learn their very University legalized crime
and the college kids enjoy their balconies!

Mayor Bloomberg corrupt arrogant and confident above the law...even worse
Amanda the People's Burden the Wicked Witch of the East Village aided NY Law Dorm
getting away with murdering the neighborhood, NYU mega dormed the east village to
death and Cooper Union NYU jr.

Amanda the People's Burden the most evil corrupt city planner commissioner in the history
of the city of New York responsible for the most mass displacement along with Mike
Bloomberg and Mike's mini-me Christine Quinn --- since The American Indians.

City Records Acknowledge Trump SoHo Violates Zoning, But No Enforcement Action Taken:

GVSHP has uncovered yet another example of City records and data acknowledging that the Trump SoHo'Condo-Hotel' violates the very zoning regulations which allowed it to be built, as GVSHP and many others long contended it did. 

In 2006, GVSHP urged the City not to approve permits for the Trump SoHo's construction, based upon the fact that as a condo-hotel, it should be categorized as a "residence" or a "residential-hotel," which was not permitted under the zoning for its site.  But the City, along with Speaker Quinn and Borough President Stringer, asserted that it was legal -- that it was a "transient hotel," which was permitted under the zoning. The City then spent taxpayer dollars to defend their decision in court against a legal challenge.

Friday Night 7pm - 11pm Theatre 80 St Marks Place Event Police Brutality and Political Prisoners

Friday Night 7pm - 11pm  Theatre 80 St Marks Place Event Police Brutality and Political Prisoners

Christine Quinn as Adolf Hitler Stop Stop and Frisk Posters

This is whats geting posted around 14street   --- someone was inspired by Louis Flores' Flyer  and added the Hitler analogy. 
It wasn't Louis Flores and the anti- stop and frisk poster is getting attention.

Christine Quinn as Adolf Hitler Stop Stop and Frisk Posters

Occupy Wall Street May Day Schedule
Occupy Wall St. May Day the 99% Need A Break

Well do not expect one under Mike Bloomberg, his mini-me Christine Quinn who wants to replace Mike Bloomberg as the next little emperor of NYC and Cy Vance a dirty DA who has no one running against him.

Cy Vance refused to prosecute Deputy Inspector Bologna, a misogynist creep who runs up to Peaceful women standing behind an NYPD orange net and pepper sprayed their eyes.

Cy Vance also refuses to go after NYPD that committed perjury in Michael Premo false arrest and false trial and Cy Vance DA tried to sell lie TARU NYPD on a secret mission.

The NYPD want to add a 30 million dollar Domain System when the OWS Michael Premo trial proved the NYPD can't be trusted to be honest and have an ounce of integrity with video they film if it proves the NYPD are lying and or the guilty party.

ABQ Anybody but Quinn New Yorkers New Mantra for Mayoral Race

ABQ Anybody but Quinn New Yorkers New Mantra for Mayoral Race
QUINN IS TOO CORRUPT. It is not just her abandonment of progressive values but her abandonment of reason, principle and the Constitutional Rights of New Yorkers that make Christine Quinn unpalatable to a wide swath of Democratic voters. ABQ For Mayor of NYC in 2013; Anybody But Quinn is how the Democrats can win.