May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Judge Tingling Can U Stop the Supersized Corruption 911 Tech System City Hall?

NYC I Love U Wake-Up Supersized Corruption City Hall Starting with ECTP 911 Tech System and CityTime!!!!!!!!!!!!  read the 911 posts in this plus exclusive Agostino Cangemi and Gino Menchini lobbyist for Deloitte SAIC's auditor as SAIC robbed us plus lobbyists for HP  oops error realized March 13, sorry lobbyist  NG while HP robbed us plus lobbyists TechnoDyne as TechnoDyne robbed us and these guys ex DOITT heads Dept of Information Technology and Agostino Rudy's lawyer on NY Pensions.   In my opinion NG was not alone robbing us on 911 tech system.  I just don't think one contractor and the lead could bilk us without the other contractors not noticing and doing more of the same.  Sorry folks I do get very tired and wrote HP instead of NG.

 Rudy's deputy mayors all lobbyists on SAIC who was robbing us and Rudy gave us CityTime the tax payer's Titanic and SAIC super sized robbers and Mike and pals pushed SAIC and HP all the crooks pushed them like a drug pusher pushes heroin biggest super sized robbery of tax payer dollars every and mostly tech with Rudy roots!

Read this an in my opinion this is an intelligent and carefully understated press release like John Liu's press releases on CityTime.   Read CityTime 2 the press release that hints that HP was not alone in over billing us on ECTP aka 911 Tech System!!

Where is criminal investigation 911 John Liu called for May 2012.

911 bigger than CityTime crime where Mayor Bloomberg and puppet Quinn green lighted all this corruption and over billing while John Liu made history as comptroller fighting to stop the theft in my opinion a hero.

Quinn also did nothing to pressure Cy Vance to prosecute St Vincent's crooks because the Bloomberg administration did not want attention brought to Rudin acquisition.
Rudin big donor pushing Quinn as mayor!!!!

Just like St Vincent's Hospital Cy Vance did nothing and no politicians starting with Bloomberg and Christine Quinn who are given extra special treatment and protection by The New York Times who acts like Christine Quinn's campaign manager killing all damaging news so get ready for Voters statements when it comes to voting for mayor.  If you think Mike Bloomberg and the press
doing major spin got a major shock when Mike barely won I had predicted it almost 6 months before
and despite the fake press now on Quinn I am telling you she may barely win or not win at all
because either people do not know her or they are furious -- more angry at her than Mike Bloomberg and St. Vincent's is just one reason why.  She could have fought for protective zoning and St. did not.
We have no Trauma Level 1 Hospital, with AIDS are and a Rape crisis center but Rudin luxury condos and a Pipeline.

No investigation in to 911 which believe is bigger than CityTime crime.

Google Mayor Bloomberg yelled down CityTime and 911.

After I hung up with an FBI agent Aug 20th asking for help re: ECTP 911 and a criminal investigation I stumbled upon Mike Bloomberg at press conference.  The NYPD/NYC gov/ ? tried to remove my YouTubes based on NYPD's badge numbers and fyi they are public domain as if filming in the open streets of NYC.
Google YouTube sided with me.

Assault 155 spring st dr Fagelman receptionist