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Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Giuseppi Logan: The Norfolk Years" Thank You Note to Suzannah B. Troy for Helping GL From Ty Brady

Robin Gustin  "Giuseppi Logan: The Norfolk Years"   Robin Gustin's photo speaks to The New York Times photo and I treasure the beautiful photo in The New York Times of Giuseppi Logan and I sitting on the bench at Tompkins, GL's favorite spot.   My YouTube documentary  series continues on.
The Signal to Noise article the only media post that truly acknowledge me so thanks for such a quality piece Pete Gershon.  Very rare to be acknowledged the way you acknowledged my work.


I wanted to thank you for the work you've done for Giuseppi Logan. I saw a few of your YouTube videos, I'll eventually watch all of them. I used to live in Norfolk from 1984 - 1990. Everyone there him as Joe. I knew Joe because a very good friend of mine, Kenny Butler, used to let Joe stay at his place, that went on for years. My friend's on Facebook from the Norfolk years only just learned about Joe being Giuseppi Logan, what a trip! We did not know that he had a prior recording history. Everyone that knew Joe liked him, though it was hard to have a conversation with him, he was gregarious person to be around. I imagine my friend Kenny though had many long conversations with him because of the time they spent together. It probably helped that Kenny had his masters in psychology. I even gave Joe my twin brothers old trumpet, I think Joe had that for some time. Kenny really liked Joe, I remember Kenny telling me that he thought Joe was an old soul that
had a lot to tell and teach. Joe mostly played trumpet during the time that I knew him. I also saw the project that Ed did in getting the CD and record made, I'll have to get one.
Thanks Suzannah,
Ty Brady

ps  If you wanted to REALLY wanted to learn about Giuseppi's Norfolk "lost years", then you should get in contact with Kenny.  (Ty I am too tired right now -- thinking can I register to run for Comptroller of NYC and get enough signatures and mula to humiliate Scott Stringer in a debate and further expose what a fraud he is but thank you.  Will forward to media and post on my blog for GL fans!

Ty thank you and all who have helped GL along the way.

I am trying to heal from a violent assault that almost blinded me in left eye at 155 Spring St. by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks who not only violated my patient rights and my body but lied about me -- flat out slandered me and filed a false cross complaint so you reminding me of all the People that have appreciated my efforts to help make a difference in my life.  Jaee Logan GL's youngest child and only child from his 2nd relationship calls me an Angel.

Thanks and gratitude....your kind thoughts a comfort.

Suzannah B. Troy 
ps amazing how I hear from People from all over the world thanking me and sending kind thoughts to GL.  A dear British friend that adopted me Nic even bought GL's music so help support GL.   Thanks to everyone that gave me clothes to help keep Giuseppi Logan warm and my family as well who share their clothing to give to homeless People as well.

"Giuseppi Logan: The Norfolk Years"  Thank You Note to Suzannah B. Troy for Helping GL From Ty Brady