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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CityTime Crime Ho Hum SAIC Fat Boy Salaries+Bonus Continue > $1,000,000!!!!

CityTime Crime Ho Hum SAIC Fat Boy Salaries+Bonus Continue >  $1,000,000!!!!

Show me the Money! Bizjournals reports SAIC new planned CEO Maraco rakes in the pay for 2013 up to a million! For you new readers SAIC is to the CITYTIME Crime Company where right under all tops executives noses, the biggest tech scandal in the CITY OF NEW YORK (actually ECTP 911 bigger but covered up for now called CityTime 2) riddled with unprecedented fraud took place. SAIC received a get out of jail free card to continue business under a DPA (deferred prosecution agreement) and only two employees of SAIC  project manager Gerard Denault and lead engineer Carl Bell got indicted. No other executives have faced criminal charges. 

There are those two civil lawsuits hanging over top executives heads, maybe some justice there this month. Top execs have profited from CityTime Crime yet paid  no price although they are named in SAIC shareholders' law suits so someone other than our US Attorney Preet Bharara is trying to hold them accountable.  If only we could hold top NYC gov officials accountable as well.  Cane we sue all of them involved in green lighting corruption City Hall history billions of dollars over-running budgets mainly tech and high priced consultants and "quality control" hardee har!  

and FYI:  CityTime Crime --- Agostino Cangemi and pal DOITT boss Gino Menchini were lobbyists for SAIC's auditors while SAIC was stealing from us and they were lobbyists on 911 for HP while HP stealing from get a theme here and way more to this and more players profiting from revolving door corruption and still no arrests of NYC gov officials CityTime as Preet promised....  The Allens the technodyne crooks coming back to the USA NYC anytime soon to face the music.  Also did Ariel play a roll in over billing?

Deb Alderson and Mike Bloomberg never go down!!!!!