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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy Artist With Derek Goodwin Photo Miss Piggy Animal Sanctuary!!!!

Remember I showed you Derek Goodwin's Photo Exhibit East Village -- see link below....

Miss Piggy in a mud bath --- she knew it was chic before Yuppies did!

Above link shows Ms Piggy as baby.....soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Derek Goodwin very talented and photographs diverse aspects of live for two legged and 4 I am with my new acquisition!!!!!!!

This macbook photo does not do justice to Derek Goodwin's photo I now own with stunning color and details.
I love it so much I have the photo in bed with me  like a doll propped up...
Just make me smile and I love the details....imagine being in nature....

I love my photo and bought the indestructible version so I carry Ms Piggy with me -- just love her and the photo!!

Remember I saw the photos at Sustainable NYC?

Beautiful Photo by Derek Goodiwn!!!!!!!!!!

Bravo to The Animal Sanctuary..... maybe one day I may visit Miss Piggy but might get teary eyed.

xoxoxoxo Not Veg yet but I try to be and I do not eat anything that goes oink.  Try to be veg and dream to be vegan one day.