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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oligarch Mike Bloomberg No King Solomon UFT

Well Mike Bloomberg who wanted to be king of New York is not king Solomon -- willing to toss NYC kids and 500 million bucks out the door because he is not diplomat --- his not a wise man but the little emperor of NYC and he made a back room deal with his mini-me Christine Quinn to put her in office so he can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course.

I can't tell you to who to vote for because they are all gonifs.

I would vote for John Liu although the childhood story really bothers me his CityTime and ECTP 911 work calling for a criminal investigation heroic when I can't get anyone from The New York Times or The NY Post to cover that story which The NYDN I believe Juan Gonzalez reported almost a year ago....

John Liu did an audit of ECTP 911  Tech system and called for a criminal investigation.

Mike Bloomberg's tech dreams our the tax payers' Titanics from CityTime, ECTP 911, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, 311, countless board of education deals, Board of Election tech nightmares, NYCHA "NICE" tech program not nice, Seedco not tech his favorite non-profit only ripped us off of 1,7+ dollars....believe me there is more....

wait until you hear about the consultants we over paid a mega fortune and real estate deals including one so shocking for ECTP 911 2nd back-up location in the Bronx where we the tax payers paid a Mafia connected family 40+ million dollars for a property they paid 4 million dollars for.

See link below for that and more.
the above link should take you to NYDN news with article on Mafia connected real estate deal tax payers paid a bargin 40 million $ for ECTP back up Emergency Command Center in Bronx!

Mike Bloomberg and Mark Page, City Council, Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson (CityTime) all could spend time with 4th graders to learn enough math to do the math we were robbed BILLIONS of tax payer dollars mostly tech and Mike is not great biz man, no great tech whiz when it comes to NYC and no King of New York when it comes to wisdom and diplomacy either.
Oligarch Mike Bloomberg No King Solomon UFT