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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Larry Seabrook Jail like Martinez Helped Push Through Illegal Third Term

From Albany to City Hall our politicos are creatively stealing our money and abusing every priviledge possible -- they are all confident they are above the law starting with Mike Bloomberg who gave billions of tax payer money away to thieving military contractors and fortune 500 companies as well as consultants over billing us -- because it is about greed and stupidity and screw the People of NYC.
Is that why Mike gives away free NYC condoms probably made in a sweat shop in Malaysia?
(Excuse my inner Mae West but male friends have complained about them being too small. Oh dear.)

"Bagel-loving, ex-pol Larry Seabrook got lightly toasted today by a judge who cut him a break for a brazen fraud scheme involving more than $1 million in taxpayer money.
Manhattan federal Judge Deborah Batts ordered the Bronx Democrat to serve five years in the slammer, rejecting recommendations from the feds that Seabrook get locked up for at least seven-plus years.
Batts said Seabrook — who got booted from the City Council after his conviction last year — deserved "some consideration" for his history of public service, which also includes stints in the state Assembly and Senate."

Only I reported Christine Quinn never filled the slush watch dog position.
I spoke to a news reporter -- I said give me the name of the person that Quinn gave the job to.  He never got back to me.

I heard she filled the job a promotion from the inside MEANING SHE NEVER REALLY FILLED THE SLUSH WATCH DOG POSITION.

Why should she?  She is using the slush aka tax payer money to buy votes to try and steal the job as mayor so Mike can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course via her.  

I was the only one to point out that those who voted to extend term limits were being investigated and Miguel Martinez was going to jail so the term limits vote by  City Council must be considered Null and Void!   But the powers that be pushed through the illegal third term and how many of those that did profited through a million plus slush money funneled to them by Bloomberg including Vallone, Simcha Show me the money Felder and so many others but there was Martinez who admitted he was stealing since the get go and Arroyo mother and daughter do not have the courage to admit their stealing and remain on the Public Advocate slum lord watch list.

  1. Miguel Martinez, Ex-Councilman in New York, Gets 5 Years in Theft ...
    Dec 15, 2009 – Miguel Martinez, a former city councilman from Upper Manhattan, was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday on three felony counts ...

    2. Carmen Arroyo Years on Public Advocate Slum Lord Watch List
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Welcome to NYC I call Corrupt Co from Albany to City Hall throw in The White House NY is run like a Corrupt Corporation!

  1. Explain how Mike gave billions of tax payer $ to crooks like it was his private charity? 
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    Jan 21, 2012 – Quinn never filled slush watch dog position -- gee and US Attorney gives her ... She did not fight for hospital and there is none in her own district ...

Do not forget Christine Quinn is the Pedro Espada of the High Line.

Do not forget Vito Lopez is protected by everyone like he is black mailing them all Bloomberg, Cuomo and the Brooklyn DA praise Lopez also a Pedro Espada but smarter.  Lopez could run Brooklyn from jail.

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Seabrook along with Miguel Martinez, Arroyo and so many other crooks pushed through a third term along with Jon Corzine's best friend John Sexton who testified Mike Bloomberg (and Mike's Mini-me Christine Quinn) must have an illegal third term t push through NYU's evil community crushing development along with how many other mega deals all putting greed and stupidity first - remember Wall St. Implosion?