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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

American Registry Says Dr. Fagelman Compassionate? RU Joking?

Note American Registry wrote me back and told me is responsible for what in my opinion is disgusting since I am a victim that can prove Dr. Fagelman had zero compassion for me a victim of his violent receptionist office manager violently assaulting me but first she menaced me and gave me the finger as I exited.  Delita Hooks not fired or arrested only in NYC.
A manager at Starbucks would have fired her but not Dr Fagelman who had zero compassion for me and he won't take responsibility for the harm she caused me besides neck damage and a hole in my retina from being her human pinata.

In my opinion Dr. Andrew Fagelman of 155 Spring St along with Delita Hooks are evil and I was violently assaulted.  Not only did I receive zero compassion from Fagelman but his staff lied despite video proof she is a violent person way out of control.

I guess American Registry did not read the reviews carefully including some by patients warning all to stay away.

It makes me wonder who does Dr. Fagelman know?

Dr. Fagelman's violent receptionist attacked me -- you can see her remove her shoes first -- crazy huh?

She ran and punched me in the eye causing bleeding in my eye and around my eye and a hole in my retina.

Dr. Andrew Fagelman compassionate?  I do not think so.

American Registry Says Dr. Fagelman Compassionate? RU Joking?