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Sunday, December 2, 2012

NYPD Faux Parking Tickets Activists
excerpts from article:

"Activists working under the name Concerned New Yorkers have turned many drivers into concerned New Yorkers by placing questionnaires that look like parking tickets underneath wiper blades across the borough.

The fake citations ask Brooklynites to draw faces that show their feelings about police policies including stop-and-frisk, subway bag searches, and the controversial surveillance initiative monitoring Muslims."
"Drivers lucky enough to receive a mock ticket even get to write a haiku to the NYPD, and complete the following sentence: “If I was appointed Police Commissioner, the first thing I’d do is …”
Motorist Jerry Blackman was shocked to receive what he believed to be a parking ticket — then relieved that the familiar orange envelope on the windshield of his SUV actually contained a survey on the NYPD.
“I was pretty tame in my responses, but I did suggest that some public drinking should be allowed,” said Blackman.
The Brooklyn-based collective behind the fake tickets has already put them under the wipers in Williamsburg, Flatbush, and Sunset Park — gathering more than 100 responses in the process andposting many of them online.
But the internet isn’t the final stop for these petitions, according to Rasin.
“We’re going to take them to City Hall and find the most appropriate person and dump all the responses on their desk,” he said."

Note from Suzannah:
I call for a Federal Investigation in to the NYPD.  I was violently assaulted first menaced at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's medical offices by his receptionist/office manager and the NYPD Det Squad got creative using a false complaint yet another crime by the woman who assaulted me to make it all dissapear.  I reported to Internal Affairs who has 90 days to respond and you can call and do status checks on your complaints...
and CCRB. 
I created this petition.