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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NYPD Det John Vergona 6 figures and anti-Semite?

I do not believe in DOXING but I want you to see his supposed salary -- this Detective told me if I don't drop the charges against Dr Fagelman's receptionist Dee who I have on video -- threatening me with bodily harm, than assaulting me three times before I defended myself and besides the video I have a photo with defensive wounds from what I believe was a key around her wrist.

In my opinion Det. John Vergona is an anti-Semite.    Read why I think so....

I want to you know why I think NYPD Det John Vergona is an anti-Semitie and I mention his 6 figure salary because he repeatedly told me he would go to the office and interview everyone.  He never went.  He earns how much money and talking to Sgt. Chen it seems they found me being assaulted and my civil rights violated a big joke.  I wonder if it would be if the City of New York refuses to pay for their lawyers?   I also want to know if retired Lt. Angelo Burgos has any knowledge.

When Chen toyed with me on the phone he said he would have Vergona handle my concerns -- I said he is being investigated by Internal Affairs and will also have to go down to CCRB.

I do not want John Vergona contacting me ever.   As far as he is concerned he closed the case and I say he used coercion.  Ron Kuby's brilliant concise letter implies it.   I made it clear any detective involved in this case even a woman I referred to in my report to IA should never come near me or contact me.

I agreed to be falsely arrested Oct. 16 Tuesday but when I asked if I could come in at 3PM rather than 1:30 as I had originally agreed the corrupt Det. John Vergona laughed  and said come in Saturday and I will arrest you.

I responded Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Are you an anti-Semite?  He did not answer my question.

You can understand why I think he is an anti-Semite.  He also violated my civil rights in my opinon and he and his associates it seems are letting Dee of Dr. Fagelman's office get away with another crime committed right in the First Precinct's own building coming in and filing a false complaint.

Honest Det. would have arrested her for that.

I reported the crime to Sgt. Chen who is John Vergona's supervisor who reluctantly agreed I have the right to report a crime including a false complaint and said I could come down to report Oct. 2, according to John Vergona who said he learned Oct. 15th she had filed a cross complaint


NameJohn Vergona
BranchNew York City
AgencyPolice Department
Sub AgencyPolice Department
PositionPolice Officer D/A Detective 3Rd Grade
Pay BasisAnnual
Pay Rate$83,921
Hire DateAugust 30, 2019
Salary Start Date01/01/10
Salary End Date12/31/10