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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mike Bloomberg's NYPD smallest NYPD force number of corrupt cops getting caught growing by Suzannah B. Troy

Great work as usual Murray -- but you left out one small aspect of the shrinking NYPD force and that is the growing number of corrupt cops that are exposed and more frightening almost is the ones that have not been caught and how did they get hired?

 This is the smallest NYPD work force ever policing the largest amount of people in NYC from legal to illegal residents, tourists, etc. but there is huge problem and that is the level of corruption.  Way too many high profile cases from NYPD rape cops to the NYPD officer who with his wife got busted trying to hire a hit man to kill a key witness in the NYPD ticket fixing case where he was busted for drugs -- his case comes up in December in the Bronx
Sure glad Joe Tacopina does not have any special favors from the NYPD and PBA.
Reminder NYPD rape cop Moreno had heroin in his locker and preyed on a drunk woman with his partner to keep him company and cover for him.  
This link will take you to docket of legal cases Bronx with NYPD cops listed!
The list --  the last one is a shocker the NYPD cop accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill witness -- one case in a series of  nypd fixes and favors scandals that involve PBA -- my point is the corrupt NYPD are not effectively being weeded out and something is really really wrong.  

It is scary NYPD do not know the law or ignore.   Worse if their criminal actions and how many more NYPD rape cops are out there that have silenced their victims?

and I new there were bad cops but I always believed in the good ones.. until I was assaulted and a corrupt cop  forced  me against my will to drop an assault charge --- Dr. Fagelman's receptionist violently assaulted me hitting me 3 times before I fought back and than she went and filed a cross complaint which is false stating I assaulted her which my video proves is not true and therefore proves she committed another crime besides threatening me with bodily harm, running at me punching me in the eye, pulling my hair and kicking me in the groin. 

 The corrupt det from the first precinct decided it was equal and he yelled at me to drop the charges.  He said once he would arrest both of us but he focused on arresting me only.  Tuesday Oct. 16 he broke the news about her counter complaint he told he me had just learned about 2 weeks later and drop it or be arrested.  I said arrest me.  He said come in right now!  I said ok.  I called back 10 minutes later and said I have a dentist appt. can I the victim come in to be falsely arrested at 3PM he laughed with delight and said come Saturday.  I asked arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Are you anti-Semitic?  He did not answer.

I feel very differently about the NYPD now.  I believe this corrupt cop felt I deserved what I got.  He was possibly anti-Semitic, prejudice against me because I am a blogger and I was blogging about wanting to know when the NYPD rape cops were finally going to jail and this corrupt cop is coercing me in to dropping charges or spending a weekend at the First Precinct....amazing.  I looked beautiful that day before I was assaulted and I happen to be wearing a protest sign which he may have associated with OWS.  It was awful to be violently assaulted in a medical office and than have a corrupt cop pistol whip me emotionally.  Disgusting.   NYPD needs to weed out the bad apples and they have done a lousy job.  think how many bad corrupt cops are still carrying on biz as usual and what about retired cops on billionaire's pay rolls or thug lawyers doing all kinds of fixing and favors?
This is quite a story Mike Bloomberg's NYPD security division which is part of the NYPD Intelligence division and Leopold McClean had a lot of years with NYPD and still shot an innocent man off duty and violated NYPD protocol not calling it in as opposed to NYPD Mina not so many years stealing guns out of the 9th Precinct gun running for drugs.

Add me to the list of people threatened with false arrest and far worse the People who have been false arrested in record number under mayor Bloomberg for political reasons from The Republican Convention to Occupy Wall St.
I just called New York City Commission and left detailed info to contact me and why because the NYPD most do a more effective job to weed out corrupt cops.   I told them Norman Siegel is my lawyer.

You may contact the New York City Commission to Combat Police corruption by calling (212) 487-7350 during regular business hours or you may write to us at:
New York City Commission to Combat Police Corruption
17 Battery Place, Suite 327