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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime and 911 Mega Scandals Not News by Suzannah B. Troy

Aprox 43 People died Hurricane Sandy and so far we haven't had answers and zero accountability re: ECTP the 911 tech scandal that warrants a criminal investigation and trial.

This is beyond dirty -- also historical -- history making bigger than Koch's 3rd term scandals including involving CitiSource sounds like CityTime -- ironic huh -- and Koch's still gets a bridge named after him.

CityTime trial delayed until July 2013 -- same time as Murdoch Hacking trial in England but Mike Bloomberg hopefully will be called along with Rudy G.. his deputy mayors and Team Bloomberg.

During the Haggerty trial a sitting mayor committed perjury and Team Bloomberg who he shunted money to like he did Haggerty all suffered amnesia -- where they coached by Patti Harris's husband Judge Lebow????  Hardee har.

Maybe their son will be called as well since he head IT along with Bloomberg sister's bf and he got a soft landing and cushy exit.

Look at the above article to learn dirt on Lebow, Thompson and Vallone  -- put it this way they keep it all in the family but who doesn't in NY a corrupt State and City run by politicians that make the Mafia look down right honest and transparent!

Lebow along with Mark Page appointed to the MTA board to do what push through the corrupt SAIC MTA deal that Rudy Giuliani's guys were all lobbyists on and Mike pushed SAIC like a drug king pin pushes heroin.

He had to eat his words praising SAIC the day after Spherion consultants hired to do "quality control" and made Gartner give them kick backs according to Sally Goldenberg but no one has thought about an forensic audit of Gartner and other consultants that billed us up the whazooo.

SAIC lost to lockhead the biggest contract they had with the pentagon and you tell me the head of the CIA and Lockhead out because of sex.....I say I don't think so....

Lucky for top officials City Hall Preet Bharara has not kept his word to arrest NYC officials citytime scandal but look out as huge HUGE as CityTime is ECTP 911 way bigger corruption and ask HP and Northrop Grumman how federal contracts doing.
Oh we have Raytheon who just billed us 14 million on FDNY Wireless and hey that is fine as long as it isn't Mikes private empire -- he would be homeless poverty level if he approved a billion over-ride like he did on 911, almost a billion on CityTime all tax dollars not his own money -- and mega millions he and Christine Quinn with city council puppets pushed through on countless tech deals...

can we have a forensic audit on 311 and all the consultants on tech since Mike came to office?