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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Howie Wolfson Deputy Mayor Campaign Manager Bloomberg Uses Victims by Suzannah B. Troy

Howie Wolfson Resign you phony!  I created this blog demanding he resign.

 The NY post exposed how much money the Tax Payers of NY are forced to pay for his obscene large salary and he is a campaign manager/ tweeter a "twit" -- the NY Post estimated we pay millions well Mike Bloomberg should resign and re-imburse the People because he is never getting a job in The White House now.

  Now Mike is trying to spin himself and Wolfson is as well disgusting and shameful!

Note:  We pay these campaign people on average  close to *200,000 dollars a year for twit like Wolfson to tweet and spin.   Wolfson helped Mike Bloomberg steal a third term.  Wolfson did not even vote for Bloomberg and The NY Times did a piece that called him a whore that did not even like Bloomberg but money is everything to this creep.  Disgusting he uses his daughter and what values is he going to teach her.

The People of NYC pay to chauffer this guy around and judging from his twitter account he has a special relationship with the NYPD who follow him so do the NYPD and PBA do special favors for him.

Word on the street is the NYPD and PBA did fixing and not in the Bronx alone as reported but at City Hall for top officials including rumor has it at least 3 city council members.

Wolfson is a low at they come -- probably not human.    He and Amanda the People's Burden had the audacity to give a talk at The American Indian Museum despite the fact that Bloomberg and The People's Burden are the driving force behind the greatest displacement of People in the area since The American Indians!

* Mike Bloomberg creatively funnels money to people even creating fake companies not to mention these evil greed people getting ever perk and favor under the table or in a back room.  This post mentions Allison Jaffin who The NY Post exposed was one of how many that Mike funneled extra money to so she and other adminitrative assitants were making more than Commish Kelly NYPD Commissioner!

Who else is Mike making NYC Tax Payer pay their salaries and unlimited perks and funnels money and other perks too them?   Especially those who helped him steal a third term including Christine Quinn? Learn how Mike makes 4 million dollars a day.  Since this film was made his net worth went from 19 Billion dollars to 25 Billion and we still have to pay that loser phony's Wolfson and Patti Harris's salaries?