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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Det John Vergona Made More Money than Sgt. Richard Chen His Supervisor?

Sgt Chen who violated my civil rights along with Det. John Vergona in opinion -- who played with me and abused their power in my opinon -- if this Chen is Richard Chen than John Vergona earned more money in 2010 than his supervisor and I can't get either one to face my in person.
Today Chen toyed with me, appears to have lied to me and violated my civil rights so I want to see how much he earns to do so -- abuse his power.  I did report him to Internal affairs.

Sgt Chen did not offer me his name so could this be him?
NameRichard Chen
BranchNew York City
AgencyPolice Department
Sub AgencyPolice Department
PositionSergeant D/A Supervisor Detective Squad
Pay BasisAnnual
Pay Rate$100,054
Hire DateJuly 07, 2019
Salary Start Date01/01/10
Salary End Date12/31/10