May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Superethnic f-ingKim Kardashian" No Adult Rating but My 911 and CityTime Videos Adult Rating!

This YouTube no adult rating but my political YouTubes on mega corruption Bloomberg NYC Gov CityTime and 911 adult ratings.  I am wearing a shirt I wear out on the street.  No big deal.
What if I was flat chested?
Sexual discrimination and political censorship.  911 Tech system corruption hospitals closed Hurricane Sandy adult rating but the Kim Kardashian video not adult rating.






Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NYPD Sgt Besemah Rogers Alleged Punched Someone if only in the 1st Precinct U could have walked!

Sgt. Rogers:  Vergona might suggest you file a false cross complaint?
The first precinct Det John Vergona and his Sgt. Chen can give your arresting NYPD officers tips on how to make violent assaults disappear...

I am waiting on Internal Affairs to hear what they have to say.

Sgt. Chen even begrudlingly said I could report the false complaint a crime comitted right in the precinct by the woman who threatened me with bodily harm a receptionist at a medical office where I was a patient.  I was verbally berated, stalked and than violently given the finger and than she smiled so I pulled out my camera.  Watch her take off her shoes to get momentum to punch me in the eyes

Sgt. Rogers call Sgt Chen and Det Vergona the NYPD Det Squad First Precinct.  They might be able to help you.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

NYPD Monitor Activists for Mike Bloomberg Baby Putin and his mini me Christine Quinn


NEW YORK – (MONDAY, 26 November 2012) – During the early morning hours of Saturday, 24 Nov 2012, an employee of the New York Police Department visited one of the blogs authored by Louis Flores.

Site Meter Report Details :

The blog post visited by NYPD states how Christine Quinn, the Speaker of the New York City Council, would continue the controversial NYPD practise of stop and frisk on minorities if she were to be elected mayor of New York City in 2013.

Blog Post Being Monitored By NYPD :

Mr. Flores is at work on a book providing an overview of the political ethics of New York City Council SpeakerChristine Quinn.  In the past, the NYPD have used physical force against Mr. Flores whilst he was trying to take a photograph of Speaker Quinn for his upcoming book under his Constitutionally-protected First Amendment right of freedom of the press.

The Wall Street Journal Details :

Mr. Flores issued a FOIL request to NYPD following the use of physical force, which the police department has denied.

FOIL Request Denial Details :

“Are police monitoring my blogs as a cyber extension of using physical force or intimidation ?” asked Mr. Flores. “The police are specifically regulated against monitoring the peaceful political activities of citizens under theHandschu Agreement. What are the NYPD doing with information they collect from my blog ? What is the purpose of their cybermonitoring ? The police denied my FOIL request, and yet they visit my blog to collect information about my blog postings. What is going on here ?”

Mr. Flores filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) over the use of physical force by the NYPD.

Read the complaint (redacted to remove Mr. Flores’s address) :

Thus far, the CCRB has not yet responded to Mr. Flores’s complaint, but Mr. Flores was contacted by NYPD CaptainJack Jaskaran, who does not work for CCRB.

“It is suspicious for the NYPD to have so much information about me, but yet they refuse to release any information to me about what they collect.  I have to question whether political motivations are guiding the actions by the NYPD.”

NYPD have a history of violating the Handschu Agreement.  And Mr. Flores has written on his blog questions about the role of Speaker Quinn in overseeing the NYPD.  Because Speaker Quinn is one of only a few city politicians, who can give orders to NYPD, what kind of oversight, approval, or objections has she made about any illegal monitoring acts by the police department ?

Blog Post About The Handschu Agreement On The Christine Quinn Sold Out Blog

Mr. Flores is at work on finalizing the first installment of a book, tentatively titled, Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn.

For more information, please visit : 

ps from Suzannah B. Troy
NYPD Intelligence Division on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn violating NYPD protocol except for Lt. O'Sullivan super-hottie who just violates my civil rights but to his credit he is very polite.  This YouTube series has several activists footage including mine.

The Mysterious Mr. Rechnitz NY Times Suzannah B. Troy YouTube gets a mention

Above is the actual article and in today's paper it is in the same top spot as the Giuseppi Logan piece top front center NY Region section I believe!  Wow!

Giuseppi Logan Too Cold to Play the Sax

I am happy to see Giuseppi Logan.

He is shaking from the cold. Too cold to play. I will give him some money to go get some warm food .

We are going to be in a German Science magazine on lost treasures found - my photo of GL. Photo editor promised to send me 2 copies.

GL needs work.

He needs warm clothes.

I gave him the last cash and walked him to a store to get hot coffee.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ben Affleck's Argo Great Flick See it in the E. Village before Noon 6 Bucks!

So moving....WOW...see this film!!!!!!!!!!!  Based on a true story of American's taken hostage in Iran -- it is a heart stopping true story.

This film is so good --- look at the article above for a colorful photo with Ben Affleck, John Goodman and Alan Arkin to give a hint this film is entertaining, a roll coaster ride and I don't read the next sentence if you don't want the ending revealed.

It ends happy, you see photos of the real photo vs actors, and Jimmy Carter gives us a summary at the end.

I shed some tears.

This is not Petraeus and company, dumb and dumber but our hero CIA agent Tony Mendez is everything you wish Petraeus was rather than writing character references for Jill Kelley's sister and think of Benghazi, Tony Mendez was so courageous, gutsy no wonder he was given an award - a star and not on Hollywood walk of fame.  I was impressed by the story, the acting and story telling.
Did Obama's administration really sell the YouTube lie in an era when our President has his own YouTube channel and FYI, I am a subscriber but I couldn't vote for Obama who is Bush lite.  I vote for the Green Party.

I am disappointed from  The White House to Albany to City Hall and just had a shocker with the NYPD that has changed my life and perceptions completely.

This film gave me hope and makes you appreciate how lucky you are to be alive and safe if in fact you are.

I see Oscars for Affleck's Argo.

ps if you see Argo in the East Village before noon you will pay 6 dollars versus Lincoln which costs 14 dollars.

Friday, November 23, 2012

NYPD Sgt Chen Det Vergona Resign + NYPD Need A Federal Investigation Abuse of Power and Corruption OUT OF CONTROL

NYPD Sgt Chen Det Vergona Resign + NYPD Need A Federal Investigation Abuse of Power and Corruption OUT OF CONTROL
NYPD Corruption Abuse of Power Out of Control.  I was a patient and this woman had road rage over the top response because I asked nicely if she would consider paper cups instead of styrofoam.  She berated me, got out from behind the long reception counter, stalked me to the exit where she violently gave me the finger. The corrupt cops felt I deserved this. According to the 1st Precinct this never happened yet how many false arrests have they made and they wanted to add me to this list unless I dropped the assault charges Det. Vergona wanted me to wait 4 days and come in Saturday for arrest.  Why?  How many crimes to the NYPD make disappear?  Talk about stat fixings.  How many rapes do they make disappear? The NYPD are out of control and abuse their power.  A Federal Investigation is needed for the NYPD asap.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cy Vance a Pimp NYPD Cop Tax Dollars To Watch 2 Women have oral sex Soccer Mom's World

Welcome to Soccer Mom's world and learn how your tax payer's money is spent and power is abused NYC.

NYPD Det Squad Sgt. Chen Det. Vergona Violation Civil Right Bye Pal

Ask Lt.  Angelo Burgos who is retiring, Sgt. Chen supervisors of The First Precinct Det. Squad and Det. John Vergona who my opinion is anti-Semitic -- Vergona want to false arrest me after I caught on video -- Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist threatening me with bodily harm, assaulting me three times before I defend myself and my video proves she walked in to The First Precinct and she committed another crime  -- Vergona ordered me to drop the charges or be arrested.  He said he would arrest both of us.  I said I was the victim so you are going to have to false arrest me.  He said come in right away.  I believe when IA investigates this they will learn that Vergona acted with bias and today Chen went along with it telling me I had a write to come in and file a complaint and than when I got there I was turned away and he would not meet me or come to the phone so I reported him to IA.  Read in this link why I think Vergona is an anti-Semite because he laughed and wanted me to wait 4 days to be false arrested on Saturday...I said arrest the Jew on the Sabbath -- are you anti-Semite?  He did not answer.

and Lt. Angelo and Sgt. Chen for some reason seem fine with that so ask them to explain why after 25 years I can no longer donate to PAL.

I don't want anything to do with the NYPD or any programs related with the NYPD until I receive an apology and Justice is served.  Instead my civil rights violated.

Read why...

Det John Vergona Made More Money than Sgt. Richard Chen His Supervisor?

Sgt Chen who violated my civil rights along with Det. John Vergona in opinion -- who played with me and abused their power in my opinon -- if this Chen is Richard Chen than John Vergona earned more money in 2010 than his supervisor and I can't get either one to face my in person.
Today Chen toyed with me, appears to have lied to me and violated my civil rights so I want to see how much he earns to do so -- abuse his power.  I did report him to Internal affairs.

Sgt Chen did not offer me his name so could this be him?
NameRichard Chen
BranchNew York City
AgencyPolice Department
Sub AgencyPolice Department
PositionSergeant D/A Supervisor Detective Squad
Pay BasisAnnual
Pay Rate$100,054
Hire DateJuly 07, 2019
Salary Start Date01/01/10
Salary End Date12/31/10

NYPD Det John Vergona 6 figures and anti-Semite?

I do not believe in DOXING but I want you to see his supposed salary -- this Detective told me if I don't drop the charges against Dr Fagelman's receptionist Dee who I have on video -- threatening me with bodily harm, than assaulting me three times before I defended myself and besides the video I have a photo with defensive wounds from what I believe was a key around her wrist.

In my opinion Det. John Vergona is an anti-Semite.    Read why I think so....

I want to you know why I think NYPD Det John Vergona is an anti-Semitie and I mention his 6 figure salary because he repeatedly told me he would go to the office and interview everyone.  He never went.  He earns how much money and talking to Sgt. Chen it seems they found me being assaulted and my civil rights violated a big joke.  I wonder if it would be if the City of New York refuses to pay for their lawyers?   I also want to know if retired Lt. Angelo Burgos has any knowledge.

When Chen toyed with me on the phone he said he would have Vergona handle my concerns -- I said he is being investigated by Internal Affairs and will also have to go down to CCRB.

I do not want John Vergona contacting me ever.   As far as he is concerned he closed the case and I say he used coercion.  Ron Kuby's brilliant concise letter implies it.   I made it clear any detective involved in this case even a woman I referred to in my report to IA should never come near me or contact me.

I agreed to be falsely arrested Oct. 16 Tuesday but when I asked if I could come in at 3PM rather than 1:30 as I had originally agreed the corrupt Det. John Vergona laughed  and said come in Saturday and I will arrest you.

I responded Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Are you an anti-Semite?  He did not answer my question.

You can understand why I think he is an anti-Semite.  He also violated my civil rights in my opinon and he and his associates it seems are letting Dee of Dr. Fagelman's office get away with another crime committed right in the First Precinct's own building coming in and filing a false complaint.

Honest Det. would have arrested her for that.

I reported the crime to Sgt. Chen who is John Vergona's supervisor who reluctantly agreed I have the right to report a crime including a false complaint and said I could come down to report Oct. 2, according to John Vergona who said he learned Oct. 15th she had filed a cross complaint


NameJohn Vergona
BranchNew York City
AgencyPolice Department
Sub AgencyPolice Department
PositionPolice Officer D/A Detective 3Rd Grade
Pay BasisAnnual
Pay Rate$83,921
Hire DateAugust 30, 2019
Salary Start Date01/01/10
Salary End Date12/31/10

Judge Victoria Graffeo says Happy Thanksgiving To NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno!!!

Judge Victoria Graffeo Message to NYPD Rapists Rape Away?

The rapist cops East Village 9th Precinct and Moreno had heroin in his locker!!!!!

We know Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel sent a message to corrupt NYPD rapists to rape away and they did!!!!!

Only a handful so far have been caught. How many rapists NYPD have not been caught and why? 

I was threatened by a corrupt NYPD detective who more than insisted I drop the assault charges and I caught me being threatened by perp on video as well as me being assaulted 3 times before I defend myself --and perp who assaulted me  broke another law right in the First Precinct filing a false complaint!

I wrote The FBI and asked what if NYPD are raping victims and threatening them like this corrupt NYPD Det. 

I am  glad The FBI Agent responded but sad to say FBI referred me to Internal Affairs for now.

I am also concerned about favors and fixing for lawyers that get cops off.

Please tell me the NYPD and PBA don't do fixing.

Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo.
does not take preying on drunk people and using them sexually seriously or making fake 911 calls or stalking someone's apt on duty.

Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo. sent a message. May I wonder out loud if she hates women?

No wonder NYC is rape central.   No wonder rapes are up and under reported and these evil liars oops lawyers and a judge who let's the devil out on Thansgiving think it is okay as long as it is not their daughter.  These vile men can't imagine it could happen to them.  

If only and in prison. 

Is Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo message to NYPD heroin rape cop Ken Moreno, Happy Thanksgiving, Rape Away!

FYI: CCRB remains shuttered closed by Huuricane Sandy and that isn't news except for NYPD who have dates awaiting them.

NYPD Bloomberg Drone Dropping Advertisement!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FBI NYPD Tracking Vendetta Mask Sales?

Just wondering?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Google YouTube Class Action Law Suit Sexual Discrimination Political Censorship

If anyone is organizing sexual discrimination and political censorship lawsuits against Google -- please contact me. My email is up top of my SuzannahBTroy artist dot com website.

What can I do to bring attention to the 2 largest Corruption Scams ever in NYC Gov.
Two videos given Age Restriction:

Suzannah B. Troy Only One to Report Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won & More Blacked Out News!

Although we think this is a very "lonely" guy that emails me for years now like we have a relationship and after the last 2 emails on his concerns for my exposure I find myself flagged and I do not answer him Google is age restricting my work which is a form of censorship as well as sexual discrimination.

Class Action Law Suit Google YouTube -- Sexual Discrimation -- Gender and Political Censorship
Even it it takes years please include me if anyone is organizing a class action law suit against Google YouTube because Google allows men to be topless but not women but I am not even topless and there are men and women showing a lot more than me that are not age restricted including full frontal male nudity I am told in OZ -- Chris what's his name.

Unless they stop age restricting me I want to join forces to sue and there is a massive amount of graphic sexually YouTubes with no age restriction to easily prove my case and yours.

Please write

Ask them to stop the sexual discrimination and political censorship of my work. 
Thanks and gratitude. 
Subject: Fwd: Notification of action taken on your YouTube video 911 Bloomberg
When are you going to stop the attempted efforts to violate my Freedom of speech, limit me in a on going blatant cyberharassment.  

The Bloomberg SAIC CityTime, ECTP 911 video age restricted and you have not removed that. 

These are huge stories and Google continues to empower lonely stalkers bent on toying with me. 

You have full frontal make nudity Oz, massive cleavage that makes me look flat as an artist I am always talking about the male gaze and power grabs do if u support this sexual and political discrimation this is part 2 and I hope to be part of a class action law suit down the road. 

This is political interference and harassment.

With anger and disgust,
Suzannah B. Troy

Begin forwarded message:
From: YouTube Service <>
Date: November 17, 2012, 3:07:40 PM EST
To: Suzannah\
Subject: Notification of action taken on your YouTube video

Regarding your account:Suzannahartist
The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content that may not be suitable for all viewers:
Mayor Bloomberg Hurricane Corruption 911
As a result, we have age-restricted this content.
For more information on YouTube's Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center
The YouTube Team
The above link is Louis Flores post and he created the term "E-Burka" for the first video below that was age restricted wrongly as a form of political and sexual harassment, censorship and discrimination.

Suzannah B. Troy Only One to Report Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won & More Blacked Out News!

Note:  I consider myself like a mix of Joan Rivers and Mike Wallace but more a lot more Mae West than Joan as you can tell from my cleavage.

Class Action Law Suit Google AdSense

If anyone gets it together to  sue Google Ad Sense please include me.

I have asked them for help and they won't help but worse I feel they are more than taking advantage.

I know this could take years but if anyone organizes this down the road count me in.

If anyone gets it together please contact me.
My email at the top of my website .


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christine Quinn and deputy Goldsmith Jane Jacobs Turning in her grave

ps Here I am with Coney Island Jane Jacobs yelling down Christine Quinn at Jane Jacobs Street naming and Jane is turning over in her grave.  At Crain's breakfast they even called deputy Goldsmith Jane Jacobs.  NYC gov so phony and delusional as they destroy our great city.

Zipper Superb Film by Amy Nicholson 9:30 IFC tonight!

Zipper Superb Film by Amy Nicholson 9:30 PM tonight IFC W. Village

Zipper Superb Film by Amy Nicholson 9:30 PM tonight IFC W. Village

Tonight be there -- if you can't restrain yourself boo Mike Bloomberg and Amanda The People's Burden -- the worse most evil city planner commissioner in NYC's history.

Where ever you live in NYC she has aided and abetted her greedy pals in busting through zoning to destroy our community so you can see her -- a mega-millionaire socialite looking ghoulish from too much plastic surgery and injections in her face making her look like a Coney Island Freak except she has no soul.

This is a film about fighting for the SOUL of NYC and how the Bloomberg administration talks out one side of their mouth but their actions are evil.

Watch this film about a historic amusement ride "Zipper" - you will be laugh and love the People of Coney Island -- laugh with them and cry too but you will never be board and yawn like one of the NYC gov representatives as a Coney Island Native fights for the heart and soul of the community.

Amy Nicholson captures the texture and beauty of the People their soul as Bloomberg's battalion of zombies with their black berries are interviewed and lie in your face lie they get in bed with Thor and you learn what a creep "Joey Coney Island" is what he calls himself but a sign posted where an amusement rides is tells him to drop dead or something like that.

This movie will be a cult classic with great music and film montage cross cuts showing the two sides dark and evil -- so mid night showing dress up like a Coney Island Freak and scream at the evil characters boo your heart out at Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn who looks EXTRA HIDEOUS -- really frightening but truly Amanda the People's Burden looks like she is like a soulless living dead zombie and she delights in bringing a Duane Reade to Coney Island!  She has a 40 million dollar trust for her kids.

Reminder Coney Island was RAVAGED by Hurricane Sandy and so was Coney Island's Hospital but greed and stupidity rule.  What is Joey of  Thor going to do if there is a Tsunami besides Bloomberg's corrupt Tsunami of Community Crushing development on old NY"s infrastructure.

The same story with the same characters starring Bloomberg, Amanda The People's Burden, Christine Quinn, all of City Council except Charles Barron and at the time Tony Avella as usual selling us out...

No St. Vincent's Hospital 120 W. 12th St
No St. Ann's Church 120 W E 12 We asked for protective zoning but as usual Bloomberg and The People' s Burden with NYU pushed through an illegal air sale by the corrupt mega-billion dollar loser The USPS to NYU and St. Ann's from 1847 destroyed.  Visit the location see the facade there like an Albatross around the NYU's mega dorm -- NYU mega dormed the East Village to death along with The New School, Cooper Union, NY Law, SVA.

See this excellent film because if you live in NYC these people -- the soulless army of Bloomberg's administration destroyed your community and the soul -- see this smart soulful entertaining film that will make you laugh and cry.

ps Here I am with Coney Island Jane Jacobs yelling down Christine Quinn at Jane Jacobs Street naming and Jane is turning over in her grave.  At Crain's breakfast they even called deputy Goldsmith Jane Jacobs.  NYC gov so phony and delusional as they destroy our great city.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Where is UR Jill Kelley? by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Jill Kelley suddenly realized she dropped a drone on Petraeus's career -- a Pet killer?
The ugly truths behind closed doors we are not privy too involving The White House, the Pentagon, CIA, military and military contracts etc far filthier not news.

By the way rumor is Jill Kelley hugely in debt living her fantasy live like she was auditioning for housewives of miami and not making us all live her bad reality show auction?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sarah Colt Murderer 25 Years to Life

If only he was treated in jail the wait he treated her...instead life no parole let's hope.

NYPD Hero David Durk Fought Corruption Dies by Suzannah B. Troy

I have chills. I screamed and gasped Oh My G-d!

I had just written him a short SOS on a scrap of paper from NY Bronx Botanical as his telephone no unlisted!!!!

I treasure the bio on him.

Just honored him and Lt Petrosino with short YouTube at Italian Anerican museum.

Durk way better man than Serpico.
Rest in Peace. I love you!!!

I think David Durk and I had a lot in common in that we fought every battle -- we didn't chose and pick them.

I wanted to talk to David about this

Rest in Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad note also I returned my Lt. Petrosino NYPD pin with his badge number because a corrupt NYPD Det threatened me with false arrest so devastating.....I loved that pn.  I handed in to the first for DI Ed Winksi to give to Commish Kelly.  The NY Police Museum gave it to me because I am so passionate about Lt. Petrosino.

Mike Bloomberg's NYPD smallest NYPD force number of corrupt cops getting caught growing by Suzannah B. Troy

Great work as usual Murray -- but you left out one small aspect of the shrinking NYPD force and that is the growing number of corrupt cops that are exposed and more frightening almost is the ones that have not been caught and how did they get hired?

 This is the smallest NYPD work force ever policing the largest amount of people in NYC from legal to illegal residents, tourists, etc. but there is huge problem and that is the level of corruption.  Way too many high profile cases from NYPD rape cops to the NYPD officer who with his wife got busted trying to hire a hit man to kill a key witness in the NYPD ticket fixing case where he was busted for drugs -- his case comes up in December in the Bronx
Sure glad Joe Tacopina does not have any special favors from the NYPD and PBA.
Reminder NYPD rape cop Moreno had heroin in his locker and preyed on a drunk woman with his partner to keep him company and cover for him.  
This link will take you to docket of legal cases Bronx with NYPD cops listed!
The list --  the last one is a shocker the NYPD cop accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill witness -- one case in a series of  nypd fixes and favors scandals that involve PBA -- my point is the corrupt NYPD are not effectively being weeded out and something is really really wrong.  

It is scary NYPD do not know the law or ignore.   Worse if their criminal actions and how many more NYPD rape cops are out there that have silenced their victims?

and I new there were bad cops but I always believed in the good ones.. until I was assaulted and a corrupt cop  forced  me against my will to drop an assault charge --- Dr. Fagelman's receptionist violently assaulted me hitting me 3 times before I fought back and than she went and filed a cross complaint which is false stating I assaulted her which my video proves is not true and therefore proves she committed another crime besides threatening me with bodily harm, running at me punching me in the eye, pulling my hair and kicking me in the groin. 

 The corrupt det from the first precinct decided it was equal and he yelled at me to drop the charges.  He said once he would arrest both of us but he focused on arresting me only.  Tuesday Oct. 16 he broke the news about her counter complaint he told he me had just learned about 2 weeks later and drop it or be arrested.  I said arrest me.  He said come in right now!  I said ok.  I called back 10 minutes later and said I have a dentist appt. can I the victim come in to be falsely arrested at 3PM he laughed with delight and said come Saturday.  I asked arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Are you anti-Semitic?  He did not answer.

I feel very differently about the NYPD now.  I believe this corrupt cop felt I deserved what I got.  He was possibly anti-Semitic, prejudice against me because I am a blogger and I was blogging about wanting to know when the NYPD rape cops were finally going to jail and this corrupt cop is coercing me in to dropping charges or spending a weekend at the First Precinct....amazing.  I looked beautiful that day before I was assaulted and I happen to be wearing a protest sign which he may have associated with OWS.  It was awful to be violently assaulted in a medical office and than have a corrupt cop pistol whip me emotionally.  Disgusting.   NYPD needs to weed out the bad apples and they have done a lousy job.  think how many bad corrupt cops are still carrying on biz as usual and what about retired cops on billionaire's pay rolls or thug lawyers doing all kinds of fixing and favors?
This is quite a story Mike Bloomberg's NYPD security division which is part of the NYPD Intelligence division and Leopold McClean had a lot of years with NYPD and still shot an innocent man off duty and violated NYPD protocol not calling it in as opposed to NYPD Mina not so many years stealing guns out of the 9th Precinct gun running for drugs.

Add me to the list of people threatened with false arrest and far worse the People who have been false arrested in record number under mayor Bloomberg for political reasons from The Republican Convention to Occupy Wall St.
I just called New York City Commission and left detailed info to contact me and why because the NYPD most do a more effective job to weed out corrupt cops.   I told them Norman Siegel is my lawyer.

You may contact the New York City Commission to Combat Police corruption by calling (212) 487-7350 during regular business hours or you may write to us at:
New York City Commission to Combat Police Corruption
17 Battery Place, Suite 327

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mayor Mike Bloomberg DOITT Cover-ups Cleaner Rahul Merchant "Political P...

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime and 911 Mega Scandals Not News by Suzannah B. Troy

Aprox 43 People died Hurricane Sandy and so far we haven't had answers and zero accountability re: ECTP the 911 tech scandal that warrants a criminal investigation and trial.

This is beyond dirty -- also historical -- history making bigger than Koch's 3rd term scandals including involving CitiSource sounds like CityTime -- ironic huh -- and Koch's still gets a bridge named after him.

CityTime trial delayed until July 2013 -- same time as Murdoch Hacking trial in England but Mike Bloomberg hopefully will be called along with Rudy G.. his deputy mayors and Team Bloomberg.

During the Haggerty trial a sitting mayor committed perjury and Team Bloomberg who he shunted money to like he did Haggerty all suffered amnesia -- where they coached by Patti Harris's husband Judge Lebow????  Hardee har.

Maybe their son will be called as well since he head IT along with Bloomberg sister's bf and he got a soft landing and cushy exit.

Look at the above article to learn dirt on Lebow, Thompson and Vallone  -- put it this way they keep it all in the family but who doesn't in NY a corrupt State and City run by politicians that make the Mafia look down right honest and transparent!

Lebow along with Mark Page appointed to the MTA board to do what push through the corrupt SAIC MTA deal that Rudy Giuliani's guys were all lobbyists on and Mike pushed SAIC like a drug king pin pushes heroin.

He had to eat his words praising SAIC the day after Spherion consultants hired to do "quality control" and made Gartner give them kick backs according to Sally Goldenberg but no one has thought about an forensic audit of Gartner and other consultants that billed us up the whazooo.

SAIC lost to lockhead the biggest contract they had with the pentagon and you tell me the head of the CIA and Lockhead out because of sex.....I say I don't think so....

Lucky for top officials City Hall Preet Bharara has not kept his word to arrest NYC officials citytime scandal but look out as huge HUGE as CityTime is ECTP 911 way bigger corruption and ask HP and Northrop Grumman how federal contracts doing.
Oh we have Raytheon who just billed us 14 million on FDNY Wireless and hey that is fine as long as it isn't Mikes private empire -- he would be homeless poverty level if he approved a billion over-ride like he did on 911, almost a billion on CityTime all tax dollars not his own money -- and mega millions he and Christine Quinn with city council puppets pushed through on countless tech deals...

can we have a forensic audit on 311 and all the consultants on tech since Mike came to office?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joe Tacopina Client NYPD Heroin rape cop Moreno Jail Date soon!!!

Amazing NYPD Heroin RAPE cop Ken Moreno still is not in jail but he is going and hopefully for a year and while he is there I hope he gets Robert Chambers justice where he is given a longer stay.

NYPD Heroin Rape was suppose to protect and serve and instead he was a sex predator -- a sex addict -- big difference between having a high sex drive and a sex addict -- a sex addict does not police his impulses and is willing to harm his loved ones, his job just for the next thrill.

They sex partners are barely human to them.....  sad stuff.

Well Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel dehumanized the NYPD rape victim -- compared her genitals to a venus fly trap...

hired Dr. Essig who handed over the original Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death at age 6 with no paper work and did not go to jail but has a cush job at NYU

The juries believed the evil MD who should have been in jail over honest forensic nurse!
Juries believe lying evil piece of crap men over women?

so the question is is Joe Tacopina going to change that tacky website of his where he brags and paints everything like he is a winner but he appears in my opinion to be a loser and his client is going to jail.   Justice is pathetic but G-d works in mysterious ways and patience is required.  Video from The NY Post -- I am interviewed and I ask how investigators found DNA from everyone on the planet but the 2 cops who admitted being in her bed and her her couch -- an NYPD DNA fix?

The NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno lied and lied and his lies finally caught up with him.

Hey Cy one term Cy Vance great job addressing the heroin in Moreno's locker at the 9th precinct....
ruling the heroin in to a year.
Scroll down to learn about NYPD cop Pena and the 9th Precinct lockers.

Joe Tacopina's message to corrupt cops was rape away and they did.

Don't forget NYPD Rape Cop Pena raped a school teacher anally and vaginally threatening to blow her face off....these are the kind of corrupt cops Joe Tacopina has empowered.  The jury for some reason did not believe the school teacher that she was raped in the first degree?   She cried in court and said it hurt.  What is it with these juries?

Ask Joe and Chad why there have been so many NYPD rape cops caught of late and why RAPES are UP and under reported.

Dirty cops that think they work for the NYPD and not the People of NYC have sent a message to their victim to shut up or they will harm them?

Why don't rape victims come forward?  They don't want to be treated like crap by corrupt cops and than raped in court by lawyers as predators and soulless as Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel!

Based on new insight in to dirty cops my guess is dirty cops are quite creative when it comes to rape and making sure their rapes do not come forward.  Dirty cops are very creative aren't they but still look how many NYPD Rape cops were caught perhaps inspired by Joe Tacopina bragging he got the rape cop off and even being arrogant enough to tell us "little People" to not call his client the rape cop!

By the way Joe you celebrity ambulance chaser face time addict how is search for the other Baby Lisa?

Joe Tacopina will do anything to manipulate people and the only thing he hasn't done YET is sell himself as Mother Teresa.

Great to hear the rapes cops are going to jail but when?  Too long out on the street.

NYPD Rape Cop Ken Moreno hid heroin in his locker although he has every excuse for it being there all not his fault I thought he was batering for oral sex or to plant on someone.  Same precinct -- different lockers NYPD Mina inspired by Moreno's depravity perhaps stole NYPD officers guns and bullet proof vests to feed his drug addiction.

We have to take more actions against lawyers like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel every time they put innocent women victims on trial...

I had the most wonderful Veterans including a World War 2 Vet and male LGBT activists join me outside Tacopina Seigel protesting their treatment of the rape victim.

Joe said don't call his client --- rape cop so I dressed as joe and use the word rape cop over and over and I say the NYPD Rape cop is going to jail.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy White Fury by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

I have to shut off computer....ate lunch of my dreams but feel very ill -- have Hurricane Sandy stomach flu not recovered....also PTSing and insomnia neck ache....

Heart goes out to all still in the dark now so many homeless those greiving loved ones.

I have to rest now -- I don't feel well.  Finished this post and will have storm news and events NYC to look forward to including Zipper which I will be attending.

snow coming down hard wind gusts stay safe stay strong....

Safe passage to all especially everyone who has to be out there like our Rescue Workers.

Love, Blessings....


Bloomberg CityTime Scandal 911 Murdering Tax Payers

 911 ECTP mega-scandal bigger than CityTime  NY Post Son of Sam oops Son of CityTime!

Look to CityTime law suit happening right now to learn a hell of a lot more....
Civil derivative suit dismissal request looms on Citytime

Shame on SAIC for trying to use a deferred prosecution agreement DFA to slimly scurry out of law suit by shareholders -- are you kidding....?

Essentially SAIC is agreeing SAIC is guilty and Dept of Justice is not prosecuting if they are well behaved for 5 years?

Are you kidding and to throw insult injury SAIC is saying you can't sue without permission of SAIC top brass and top brass saying  we aren't going to give you permission to sue us..... Are you kidding me?

Meanwhile Preet Bharara is NOT holding any top officials SAIC or NYC accountable so there is a huge blush here....worse than blush -- shame on SAIC and Bloomberg Team Bloomberg and his political arm Dept of Investigation Rose Gill Hearn who went on NY1 did an informerical stating CityTime works when it doesn't work well just mayor lied to the press after Hurricane Sandy claiming our 2 billion 14 million dollar 911 Tech works when it is as hugely flawed as CityTime or more so because of deaths....and both CityTime and ECTP 911 are about mega - theft with NYC Gov from the mayor to Mark Page to Christine Quinn to City Council to OPA to DOITT to FISA?  The list of who isn't guilty is far smaller and no one held accountable yet....

The street is screaming "Not Fair" !!!!   If this was a political sex scandal, the politicians would be tarred, feathered, ousted,  and shamed. What is wrong with our justice system? 

It would be unconscionable if  court approves  a dismissal of SAIC top officials in the derivative law suit!   

Why? While the US Attorney has failed us, the shareholders are closest we come to possible JUSTICE like the OJ Trial in reverse.

The Puublic  has a right to know yet the media is not covering this huge story.

SAIC CityTime scandal with sub-contractors also stealing is like the 911 Tech Scam NYC gov which is even bigger and now that the NY Post editors came-out with "911 Son of CityTime" a reference to the Son of a Sam -- a serial killer and that is they way corrupt players treated NYC tax money -- like serial killers that imagined they would never get caught.

That is why this SAIC shareholder derivative law suit is so key.

The derivative law suit is it fair!     Allowing dismissal is worse than pure crap -- it is pure INJUSTICE ---  a request for dismissal  in a catch-all deferred prosecution agreement or a catch 22 where you need the approval of the persons your suing (SAIC Top Officials) to approve being sued? Fart.

 There is no justice, if for procedural reasons alone,  SAIC -- arrogant --- "have your cake and eat it too"  attitude is swallowed by the Judge presiding on this case?

 It's sickening to think a huge defense contractor repeatedly continues to conduct business and then tries to use the very same DPA do dismiss  civil suits? 

CITYTIME corrupt dealings made money  in part  for  the  sued  trusted board members.....hardee har -- that SAIC shareholder want the money back on the SAIC stocks top officials with a happy face and profited before SAIC stocks and tanked and Walt Haverstein's retirement money back?

Will we see stock activities addressed in legals actions regarding the 911 Tech Scandal which has so many haunting parallels including in my opinions lobbyist all alumists from City Hall either Rudy or Mike -- deputy mayors, DOITT heads, etc.???

  SAIC in their DPA is basically saying we plead guilty on at least one count and if we are "we are good via monitoring" we are all set on this Civil too?  Someone besides Denault in SAIC made bucks directly from this, also he was not even a member of the board of directors, nor signed a signal contract according to a YouTube comment on one of my videos, nor on any high level executive panel. 

This crap has too stop, if your guilty on a DPA your most probably guilty on the civil. 

Deb Alderson, Mark Sopp, John Jumper, etc + others  -- will they be held accoutable as well as be forced to pay the company shareholders back? 

Preet Bharara!   Rewrite the indictment to include SAIC executives and politicians that  condoned, approved and made their chunk of money on it too over and under the table -- via stocks or back room or via lobbyist buddies?????

Preet Bharara needs to go back in Time CityTime as requested a record amount of time from my blogs and YouTubes.
 Pay attention because the 911 Tech has huge parallels to this scandal and is even bigger!!!!!

Read this post Mark Sopp SEC still a coma re; SAIC despite email to Mark Sopp?
Is this like SEC and Bernie Maddoff?

Watch this video -- if you see another one click on link below 

Mayor Bloomberg Suzannah Troy Reads Valcich Letter SAIC Preet Redo Indictment!