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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ron Kuby Attacker Cowardly Lashes Out at Kuby 
Ron Kuby's' attacker wronged Ron Kuby again but too ignorant, weak  and cowardly to own up. 
Let's say I can more than empathize.

Hey Ron you and I similar experiences except you did not have in my opinion have a corrupt Det like mine trying to beat me - he didnt use fist just threat false arrest --in to dropping assault charges using a in my opinion false counter complaint which is a criminal act just like assault!!!

Both Ron's attacker and mine in my opinion lied about us falsely blaming us ---another type of assault.

They don't have an inkling of taking responsibility for their violent actions which started with aggressive inappropriate verbal attacks. 

Cowardly to blame the victim. 

My video of attack shows her threatening me bodily harm at md office than attacking me key on wrist a weapon? Shoes thrown r they a weapon?

Well if the powder keg goes off on someone else blame the Det.    Thanks to in my opinion a corrupt detective the Dr. Fagelman's violent receptionist won't be getting anger management....

quote from Kuby, The NY Post....

"The sad thing is young men like this kill somebody or get killed every day over stupid stuff," he said. "So I think that anger management is a good thing and I think he should start soon," he said, adding,

Everyone I know is stunned by how I was assaulted. Today teased about being eaten by alleged corrupt Det. Not funny. 

Ron helped me with the Det. 

Believe this guy wronged Kuby yet again.

You might not agree with Kuby but he did not deserve this.   

If anything Kuby compassionate.   This guy wronged Kuby.