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Monday, October 8, 2012

NYU John Sexton The Destroy BFF Jon Corzine

Jon Corzine and the Rest of the Wall Street Crook Go Free When A Street Vender Gets Big Fines for Being One Inch To Close to A Store
DN: Schneiderman's JPMorgan suit "must not descend into a politically pleasing extraction of rough justice" Does the Daily News Consider a $2,250 fine to a street vendor rough justice?
Street vendor selling cellphone cases fined 2G fine for inches  (NYP) The priciest real estate in New York is just a few inches of SoHo.  A street vendor hawking cellphone cases was slapped with $2,250 in fines for selling from a table that stood 1 inch too high and 2 inches too close to the nearest store entrance.. * The News warns that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman must tread carefully and not use his lawsuit against banking colossus JPMorgan Chase as a political weapon

Above True News:

Reminder from Suzannah  -- Jon Corzine best friends with John Sexton who ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term!   Team Bloomberg and Christine Quinn were going to green light community crushing development.

NYU runs their University like an evil real estate magnate -- NYU's Purple Reign of Terror is Goldman Sach like and no surprise John Sexton Jon Corzine BFF.

 Typical Christine Quinn the Evader of Tough Questions!

"The bills have not moved out of the Council’s Consumer Affairs Committee since April and Speaker Christine Quinn evaded when asked about it last week."\
quote from the NY Post