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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Andrew Cuomo Makes Mike Bloomberg Look Like A Loser Hurricane Irene

Now Bloomberg closes public schools way after the fact that Gov Cuomo is calling for a 7pm shut down of public transportation.

Bloomberg has really failed -- and is not giving New Yorkers enough time even calling as late noon for evacuation Zone A that must be completed this afternoon.   Are you kidding me?

Gov Cuomo showed strong leadership as Mike appears to be suffering from dementia or living in a fantasy land or maybe he is in Bermuda.  Mike and his deputies too busy with Super Pacs?
Stay safe.
Maybe now we will get the criminal investigation into the 911 Tech system ECTP that John Liu called for when he handed in 20 page audit.

What the video -- a New Yorker from Coney Island writes me and tells it  like it is....