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Friday, September 14, 2012

Ron Kuby Famed Lawyer Bloodied Fighting Gay Bashers Chelsea!

Ron Kuby may resemble his bad assed clients The Hells Angels with his long grey pony tail but not when it comes to fighting although he was fighting for a noble cause according to The NY Daily News, this powerful "movement lawyer" was left bloodied and wrenched his back and brusied his knuckles trying to fight back against homophobe gay bashers in Chelsea!

Ron could not ignore their homophic trash mouths shouting slurs out to the general public and stepped forward like a super hero without the super hero ending.

New York is never dull.

I have come to profoundly dislike the NYDN but I paid full price to read this article and no surprise I can't find it on line. It has funny Kuby giving Howard Cossell blow by blow details on his lousy but noble fight which he lost but often in court he wins.

(NYDN that lousy paper that won't let me post comments -- thanks Mort Zuckerman and Murdoch's Colin Myler editor who may ended up in jail for his role in hacking scandal --thanks for violating my 1st amendment rights and allowing racists homophobes to comment but not me!)