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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Central Park Rapist Like Robert Chambers Returned Tacopina Seigel Defense Strategy Blame the Victim?

Central Park rapist caught near the scene of crime is no surprise to me. I had a gut feeling like Robert Chambers he would return to where he did his violent act.

I am proud of the young police officers but if I approached them and asked them the most simple questions that NYPD protocol requires would they answer honestly? I don't know anymore. The newest young NYPD I have met to NYPD Detectives Mike Blomberg's Intelligence Division and Christine Quinn don't respect NYPD protocol either.....seem to have no understanding of NYPD protocol and right or wrong --- why protocol but in place to protect against the abuse of power.....but in this case these NYPD young guys caught a criminal. Good work.

Joe Tacopina responsible for the NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno being out on the street right now so why don't newspapers ask him for a comment on the rape fiend of Central Park? Joe is an expert on rape?

Joe makes women feel raped in court and out of court? Just wondering if Joe can be a little harsh out of court since in court he describes himself as a predator, he smells blood and he decapitates. Can he turn that violent behavior off when he isn't in court? The NY Post carried this story

Sure sounds like the NYPD Moreno rape victim felt raped in court to me, what do you think?

Let's hope the newest rape victim, the 73 year old woman doesn't have a Joe Tacopina type defense attorney raping her in court all over again. She sound strong, very strong but she hasn't encountered NY defense attorneys and jurors that believe rape is the victim's fault.

Joe Tacopina any comment on 73 year old woman raped in Central Park?

JOE TACOPINA bragging about getting the NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off -- check his website -- he crows on his website-- that is what Joe Tacopina think is SUCCESS? Joe what do you have to say about why RAPES are UP IN NYC? Why is NYC rape central Joe.

Why do NYPD cops feel they can rape and get away with it? Even NYPD Mina stealing NYPD guns out of lockers at the 9th precinct where NYPD rape cop Moreno had heroin in his locker?

Joe brags he got the Rape cop off -- even tells us we can't call Moreno the rape cop anymore.

Except one thing Joe -- despite thanks to you Moreno is out on the streets he is going to jail and it could be jail by the end of this year finally? "Excuse for a man" Central Park rapist -- confident he can rape a 73 year old bird watcher woman in broad daylight beat her up rape her anally and vaginally like NYPD Rape Cop Pena?

Camel toe joe Tacky-0 defense attorney might say it is all her fault because she photographed her attacker a few days before. Joe might think he could find enough stupid jurors with college educations to let this guy walk as well blaming the 75 year old victim which is Joe Tacopina's style.

Joe Camel Toe Joe Tacky-0 might say she asked for it -- Joseph Tacopina Law school 101 where, if you cant acheive success you can bio it or pretend you have it by using your friends in the media to hide your losses? No matter what you google, Joe Tacopina successes are really losses? What does he care --- it's about money? Does he some how identify with his violent clients that hate women?

Flailing career no way, Joe knows how to rake in the money! Let's check Joe tacopina wikipedia page! Any critics or haters just jealous of the joe tacopina success? Plus we all know that joe tacopina happily married man is a truthseeker.

Neither he nor his NYDN media friends and his joe tacopina wesport connecticut reporters would want to hide the truth about Joes career or personal life which joe tacopina would say is perfect. why would Melissa Grace at the NYDN want to hide joe's embarassing loss in the trial of a one legged millionaire who slashed as woman in the face where Joe tried to blame the victim but LOST thast case.

Did Joe hell bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel have a good laugh like fraternity brothers comparing the NYPD Rape Victim's genitals to a venus fly trap?

Has anyone read that Joe tacopina has not won a single case since the in your face hate crime trial NYPD Rape cop Moreno who will go to jail -- any success Joe over 16 months ago?

Joe Tacopina success is losing cases and losing clients it seems?

Foxy brown fired joe for that same reason? According to Contact Music, Foxy fired her gabby lawyer for being a media whore Joe Tacky-0 and using her to get face time allegedly disclosing personal information to the press.

Click on that link! Prince of Monaco please beat Joe Tacopina arrogant NYPD Rape cop lawyer.

Joseph Tacopina stop bragging about getting NYPD rape cop off, because in my opinion our skills had nothing to do with it.

Rapes are up and under reported....corrupt cops felt emboldened perhaps and set an example for other new Yorkers to rape, rape, rape away? Message do not go to the NYPD if you are raped because NYPD rapists themselves and get lawyers to get them off?

Supersized Ego Joe would say prince of Monaco is jealous of him too. Is Joe Tacopina successful? Not unless Joe Tacopina success is losing cases and getting fired by clients.

Melanie McGuire this huge loss was not a Joe Tacopina Success? Watch this YouTube video as the jury convicts camel-toe-joe tacopina wiki client, the suitcase packing wife of Murder! Melanie McGuire found guilty of first degree murder!!! Joseph Tacopina Wikipedia might have you believe that loss was a joe Tacopina success, if you are a stupid amoral juror, you may believe him. Joe Tacopina Roma does not lie! Rock the Red says Joe is a liar! Joe Tacopina a liar? Say it ain’t so! Joe Tacopina is a truthseeker. he wants everyone to know the truth. Do you consider Eric Belanger Joe Tacopina Success? Seems like another joe Tacopina loss to me. Some call it malpractice. Wow lucky for Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus fly trap Seigel not one news paper reporter will ask them if they have any ideas why rapes are up in NYC and under reported? Joe Tacopina crows from his website about getting NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off but guess what Moreno is going to jail! Essig not qualified on rape but hey who cares -- he was their to say one thing -- the NYPD rape victim was not raped and maybe her cervix red from stds not NYPD rape cop moreno sexually exploiting a drunk vomiting victim of his sex predator lonlieness? Tacopina Seigel hired Dr. Essig who handed over the original Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg who beat her to death age 6.

Read the NY Post article on Essig if you want to be nauseous and learn how low Tacopina Seigel devil's advocate hired vile MD that should have been punished with his partner for handing over Baby Lisa without paper work.

Where are Baby Lisas joe Tacopina lawyer and essig doctor ? Are both baby lisa's dead joe tacopina roma truth seeker?

I pray Baby Lisa is alive. It is just silence for so long.

Not a Joe Tacopina success for sure. More joe Tacopina losses he paints as wins?

Very sad ---

Why was my 2 Baby Lisa YouTube removed?

Even more women will be raped like the 73 year old rape victim. In NYC we have babies and grannies raped and I think of Tacopina Seigel hate crime in court -- their treatment a gang bang of the rape victim in court!

Joe Tacopina’s unforgivable actions in court repeatedly blaming the women victims. How would you like it if she was your mother joe Tacopina? would you give her the joe Tacopina rape treatment in coHurt? What if she was Loredana would you give loredana the Tacopina seigel rape treatment in court? Who is Loredana Joe Tacocheater…um I mean pina Westport? Joe Tacopina my followers want to know who is loredana? Who is loredana joe Tacopina Westport? Can you tell me? Is she a joe Tacopina success? maybe she LOVES you Tacky-0? Joe Tacopina socceer fans who hate his guts more than me slur Joe’s good name going on about hookers, sex toys and a mistress in Italy (according to Joe Tacopina Roma fans) Joe Tacopina soccer fans for joe Tacopina roma own team don’t seem too fond of him folks and talk about how he cheats on his wife with hookers and his mistress in italy. Joe Tacopina is happy married for twenty something years you jealous mean spirited soccer fans jealous of Joe's great soccer team. according to Scribe he gets paid $20G from a client and then beds the client’s wife but reminder Joe sex oops sez not true....

Can't be true.... Not true. Joe Tacopina denies all things like having a mistress and bedding a client’s wife. Joe Tacopina Success … Maybe because Joe didn’t get debarred for this? Must be false … can’t be true.

This can't be true but it is fascinating the amount of hate Joe Tacopina evokes.

I am guessing he won't represent the Central Park rapist but if he did we know his strategy. Blame the victim and rape her again in court.

That way even more women and girls -- even boys won't come forward?

In part isn't that why rapes are up and under reported?

Why won't women come forward and go to the NYPD when they are raped? Any ideas?