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Friday, August 3, 2012

When is NYPD heroin Rape Cop Ken Moreno Going to Jail?

When is Joe Tacopina Tacky-0 Joe's client NYPD Rape cop Moreno going to jail?

We have another NYPD officer accused of RAPE!!!!!!!!!!

Rapes are up in NYC and under reported. Any ideas why?

If we had a real DA and not "one term Cy" Moreno would be going to jail for a long time.

If you had heroin on you and you are black would Cy Vance say hey let's role the heroin in to one year!

Joe Hell Bound Taccopina and Chad Seigel were worse than Nanny Bloomberg, G-d forbid their NYPD heroin rape cop spend a night in Riker's when Judge Greg Carro had Rape cop Moreno remanded to Rikers.

Reminder Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel ask the forensic nurse if "it" referring to the NYPD's victim's bruised vagina snaps shut like a fly trap.

Moreno like NYPD rape cop Michael Pena who vaginally and anally raped a petite school teacher denied penetrating his victim. Moreno preyed on a beautiful young woman that could have been his daughter or Joe Tacopina's daughter and used her like a living blow up doll. He even admitted getting in to bed with her and singing to her as part of alcohol counseling.

You want to stop NYPD rape cops from preying on women.....than you need a powerful and successful DA to send a message and Cy Vance's handling of the heroin in NYPD rape cop Moreno's locker says it all.

The NYPD has to make a harder more complex test to weed out amoral men and women that should not have badges. Just like corruption at City Hall including NYPD PBA fixing and favors there is a lot we don't know about and I have a horrible feeling there are other women too afraid to come forward.

Any idea why Joe Tacopina. By the way -- Joe, where is Baby Lisa. Maybe you should have Lisa's parents talk to the police?

Even though Chad Seigel gave me a look that was beyond dirty -- it was murderous and I think he is digusting, evil and a sexual moron....I really loathe Joe Tacopina with his website bragging he got the NYPD crooked heroin rape cop off way more than Venus Fly Trap Seigel.

Joe Tacopina and Amanda the People's Burden are possible two of the most evil people in NYC.

Joe should ask Amanda the People's Burden, Mike Bloomberg's mega-millionaire socialite commissioner City Plannner, the woman responsible for this new hideous NY and the most mass displacement in the area since The American Indian for her plastic surgeon. They are both awful awful people and have done a lot of damage but think they are Jesus Christ. I actually almost despise her more than Joe Tacky-0 -- almost.

If Amanda the People's Burden being chauffeured around NYC happen to witness a rape do you think she would crack open her cel phone or ask her driver to call 911?

Moreno a cunning dummy silver tongued devil made a devilish pick hiring Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who treated the corrupt cop like doting mothers. Sickening.

When the hell is Moreno going to jail. He needs to be behind bars as long as possible and Robert Chambers justice should be served.

The day I made this Mike Pena NYPD rape cop raped a little school teacher decided to plead guilty after the trial admitting he actually did penetrated her vaginally and anally.

I never imagined we would have yet another NYPD rape accusation yet if Joe Tacopina crowing about Moreno was like a message rape away corrupt cops rape away.