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Friday, August 3, 2012

NYPD Roldan Alleged Rape Why Isn't Rape Cop Moreno in Jail Yet?

Why are Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel client NYPD heroin Rape Cop Moreno still walking free on NYC pavement?


Shame on Cy Vance for saying oh we will roll the heroin in to a year sentence.

Ken Moreno is a silver tongued lucky devil that belong in hell as well as jail. It is just a matter of time but the question is when is the infamous NYPD Heroin Rape Cop going?

Joe Tacopina a smug arrogant momzer bragged he got the rape cop off---it's on his website -- if he had a wiki page it would be up there as well but he isn't a success and didn't really get him off because NYPD Rape cop Moreno is going to jail.

If Cy Vance had done the job correctly Moreno would have been behind bars already.