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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Henry Buhl Illegal Planters Displacing Vet Vendors Get DOT Violations and Removal is Eminent!

Word is on the street Henry Buhl convinced a guy across the street from where he lives to put his company name on the planters on the north side of the street and this guy had no idea he could get fined.....


I got the illegal planters being dropped with my Iphone and word is Henry Buhl is the real culprit behind this and has everyone business receiving fines from DOT very angry with him!

The notice states they must remove planters within 30 days and it is dated July 30th.

Stay tuned....

Let's see what happens next but those illegal planters dropped down behind the scenes by Henry Buhl of Ace -- and of the his name is attached to the infamous Vesco Scandals ---

goal to displace long term Veteran Vendors and artists because the NYPD weren't ticketing, harassing and arresting them enough.

Employment up over 10 percent in NYC and could be as high as 17 percent.

Greg Mocker did an amazing piece on these planters.

Hey I did not embed this youtube....

click here to see the Henry Buhl Ace -- Illegal drop of the planters with no permit and I caught them...

the woman in the video before I turn on the camera tells me what the work men tell me Henry Buhl Ace arranged the planters.

On camera she denies it. Ace is suppose to help homeless but Henry Buhl the Bernie Maddoff of sidewalks making off with Veteran Vendors and artists livelihoods.

Click the above link -- I embedded below and it's not the video so click the link above.

Why is google blogger Youtube replacing my videos?

Here is the video below that captures the drop of illegal planters.

Here is Henry Buhl and the gentleman with him is now a huge supporter of mine and stopped to shake my hand and apologize to me.

In the moment here he had no idea Henry Buhl was behind the displacement of Veteran and artists Vendors. By the way I am an not sure Henry Buhl is correct that the Vesco money he said was returned was in fact


He seems to be challenged when it comes to telling the truth and he is behind these illegal planters.