May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

CityTime SAIC NYC Gov Mega News Blacked Out by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

1) true or false Denault never signed contracts so why isn't the person that did being held accountable oh and on the NYC gov side Mike Bloomberg and Mark Page pushed for a full renewal. I fought for no renewal and demanded a full investigation and I have the YouTube to prove it.

2) Gerard Denault sued SAIC and won!!!! They have to pay his legal bills - news broke Valentine's day. Denault beats SAIC not news. He can expose SAIC and NYC gov. In my opinion he is guilty -- they are guiltier and the over billing and dishonest dealing on a system like Trilogy (SAIC FBI disaster) destined for dumpster. This is a key point because CityTime like Rudy's Maximus is also destined for the dumpster yet we had mayor Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn doing informercials stating CityTime works. Before Denault is even hired it was clear CityTime was and is a flawed and inflexible system that doesn't recognize anomalies and that was evident from the get go. SAIC should have advised us from the get go to file in the dumpster but instead billed us up the whazoo just like HP and other contractors on ECTP. They did it because every body does and they usually get away with it.

3) Westlane Police and Fire hold top SAIC official accountable unlike the US Attorney and Mike Bloomberg - and throw in insider trading. Why aren't we? 4) 455 million cash back SAIC too little 5)Shareholder law suits coming up before criminal case not good for corrupt dirt bags but good for The People of NY. We were screwed even with a settlement that was too low and protected top officials SAIC and NYC Gov.

6) Hey Preet where r the arrests of NYC gov officials? Why won't u go back in time Giuliani Time and Valcich letter? Preet would have to break with Rose Gill Hearn because of the Valcich letter and her infomercial on NY1 CityTime works. Preet redo the indictment.

8) Rudy through out AutoTime which worked and could have been expanded. He brings in CityTime and eventually a deal is made with SAIC that once we get this up and running the system will be sold to other government agencies and NYC gov will get a percentage of each sale....

nice but how ethical and if it is ethical than why not with AutoTime created and run by City workers while SAIC milked CityTime in to a life time maintenance and it was and is high maintenance....

How often is CityTime taken down to be worked on?

Wake-up New Yorkers.

Why was I the only one to report Denault beat SAIC.

They wanted him to be the fall guy and SAIC wanted to walk away with no dirt on their hands but SAIC is dirty and now Denault has the money to pay the legal fees to expose that and NYC government's role.

Bloomberg pushed SAIC like a drug king pin and even bragged that SAIC was doing a great job right after the Spherion thefts were revealed.

Note: I am very worried about our 911 Tech System ECTP dubbed CityTime 2 by John Liu but it is clearly in my opinion far greater disaster and problem that needs urgent address now!