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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christine Quinn Chick-fil-A Lies Again Quinn Constantly Misuses her Office

“I don’t want businesses that hold discriminatory views and feelings, but I don’t have any legal recourse or reason to block this company,” she continued. “I’m raising my voice, which can be loud at times, but I’m never going to misuse this office in any way at all.”

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Hey Christine Quinn the ways you abuse and misuse your office and abuse is staggering and I am not referring to giving Emily Giske your mega-millionaire lobbyist pal aka as your consigliere

rides in your NYC gov SUV.

Your countless back room deals, kick backs, abuse of slush money and lulus to buy favor and now the job as mayor, term limits pushing through an illegal third term, pushing through billions in over-rides and outsourcing as honest City Workers lost their jobs, you and Emily Giske and your other lobbyist pals shutting down the pedi-cab industry and keeping horse drawn carriages animal cruelty alive, and most of all your are confident you are above the and your closest pals have profited big were sued 4 times for back rent and now you own property in NYC and NJ?

You are such a liar about misuse of your position of power at City Hall. How large is your staff and how many did you approve using Sullivan and Cromwell (Goldman Sach's choice) for defense attorneys.

Quinn we are still waiting for an investigation in to why and how you locked out your own district from testifying they demand a trauma level 1 hospital and also why an ambulance took a half hour to take a 75 year old from your district who wants a full service hospital but you and Chuck Meara don't want investigations. Total abuse of power and how do you and Chuck Meara get up in the morning and look in the mirror? No investigations just like no real watch dog for slush abuse city hall. You appointed a pal to green light you City Hall slush abuse.

Dear NY Post:

Thanks for letting me post. Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler do not believe in the first amendment rights of NYers and have me locked out.