May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Joe Tacopina and Amanda the People's Burden Hated

Mike Bloomberg is like the smart version of Peter Sellars in the film "Being There" but a horror movie literally unfolding -- not a comedy.....but Mike is so bland it is hard to hate him....

I truly hate Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Amanda the People's Burden -- the most evil city planner ever in NYC gov history responsible with the little emperor Mike Bloomberg for the most mass displacement ever in the area since The American Indians!

She was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth and married and divorced big bucks so her kids have a 40 million dollar trust fund.

She looks starved and like she is getting close too the line of too much done on her face which is tighter than a drum....She was born with a Maria Antoinette complex while most people at City Hall develop it within minutes of getting an NYC gov job!

I truly hate Joe Tacky-0 -- not sure about I may have gotten a threatening email made by a newly created account the day after I made my new tube on him that was illegally wrongly removed --- such is the way in YouTubeland. Do you think YouTube Google suspended that account? Anyway I shared the threat?

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel the NYPD heroin Rape Cop Moreno bragging lawyers bragging they got the rape heroin cop off and back out on the streets -- yippee!

And than their is Joe's lawyer associate "Vomit" inspired by Howard Stern's name "Pig Vomit" ---

I got rid of the pig part -- not necessary!!!!!!

Hey Joe Hell Bound Tacopina, Chad Venus Fly Trap and Vomit (Vomit worked for the DA once upon a time) any ideas why rapes are up in NYC and under-reported?

How the hell could Joe Tacky-0 crow on his website that he got NYPD heroin Rape Cop Moreno off?

Where is Baby Lisa?