May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Monday, July 30, 2012

President Obama NYC Fund Raiser Never Here to Say Stop the Violence

Rapes are up and under reported as is spousal abuse. Last night 6 people shot including a 2 year old and a boy not much older yet President Obama as usual is going to shut down entire neighborhoods to pull up his brinks truck for more money for his campaign!

I voted for Obama and never again. I am not voting for Romney but no way Obama.

Shame on him and all his politically correct rich folk NYC that party in their expensive clothing when they should all get in a their fancy cars and visit communities decimated with violence here in NYC and Obama should speak up stop the violence, stop the spousal abuse, stop the rapes!

Grannies to Babies are being shot and it must stop now!!!!!!

SAIC CityTime Shareholder Lawsuits Ahead of Criminal Law Suit!

US Attorney CityTime City Crime case -- trial of the century --next century harder har!

Northrop Grumman Sues USPS!

My experience with the USPS is corrupt and I try never ever to use!

The USPS illegally sold the air rights over St. Ann's 120 East 12th Street from 1847 that survived everything all these years but NYU's need and greed to mega dorm the East Village to death!

The USPS sold the air rights to NYU without notifying the State of NY as legally required because NYU and the USPS want the corrupt air sale deal to go through and not be slowed down by an investigation in to if this was in the best interest of the community!

The USPS union is so corrupt that postal workers can get away with everything but murder and the union protects them. If a postal worker murders someone do they still get their pension? If it is a customer possible? USPS has the worst customer service on the planet. Most people avoid the USPS and like me prefer Federal Express, hand delivery or email.

Rudin St. Vincent's Hospital Turner Construction Removal of The Cross More Bad Karma

How would you like to be one of the workers tasked with the job of having to remove the religious cross that has stood atop of the Smith - Raskob building since the early fifties when the building was first constructed.

Word on the street.... I hear..... heart of hearts--- no good will come to anyone that arranged this deal!

No matter who they were, G-d was watching this includes the actual hospital people, the politicians (The King, Quinn and forget not Stringer) and of course the Power Hungry Greed Ridden Rudin!

The monies connected with the property will be bad luck bucks, In the long run this will be like no other deal they have brokered. Wait and see.

Rosie O'Donnell a mother with how many kids bought condos in Rudin St. Vincent's complex and there is no Trauma Level 1 Hospital, no Rape Crisis Center or AIDS care.

Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a Trauma Level 1 Hospital and they wanted protective zoning for a hospital only as Rudin and his payed hired hands all walked in.

Read the above link to learn more about corrupt Christine Quinn who thinks she can use the gay card to get away with everything including worse than betraying her own community.

By the way how is the prosecution of St. Vincent's Crooks going Cy Vance....oh you don't want to bring more attention to the Rudin family acquisition of St. Vincent's?

NYC Unemployment 17% Not 10! Henry Buhl Ace Make Veteran Vendors Homeless!

A friend told me he saw on the news unemployment actually 17 percent including those not collecting any unemployment benefits.

Note a few rich white folks lead by Henry Buhl like they r klu klux can want Veteran Vendors and artists wiped off the street Prince St so their side walks can breathe.

The illegal planters dropped by Henry Buhl of ACE a supposed group to help homeless wants them homeless of their work spaces and some troubled Vets could end up in homeless shelters or worse because of these wealthy residents.

Buhl close to stole an artists loft he brags about many rich folk brag about exploiting artists --- and is rumored to live off a 100,000 dollars Daddy left him besides being implicated in The Vesco Scandals.

ACE is rumored to do what they do to receive benifts and perks including not getting ticketed. See post below for more info.

Is that why Buhl has not received one ticket for his illegal planters. Does he have special connections Dept of Transportation?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christine Quinn Betrayal Book Contribute Kickstarter Unless U Want Mike's Mini-me for Mayor!

Very cool....when Bloomberg campaign out with his ad campaign I came out with my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Is Democracy for Sale posters. This book is a great idea and anyone who doesn't want Mike Bloomberg to have a 4 and 5th term from the golf course via his puppet Christine Quinn should make a pledge and support this book.

Christine Quinn and Bloomberg get off playing good cop bad cop but Quinn is in bed with Bloomberg. They made a back room deal to push through an illegal third term.

She sold-out and locked out her own district for demanding a full service trauma level one hospital.

Christine Quinn is no feminist icon. There is no rape crisis center on 12th St. in Saint Vincent's Hospital anymore because she sold out to Bill Rudin -- Rudin family greed and she had Dave Paterson who committed perjury and is guilty of witness tampering for silencing a victim of spousal abuse by best friend Dave Johnson who he kept on the payroll as the only honest workers that believe in Women's rights and are anti-violence and politicians breaking laws resigned!

Judge Judy Kaye a corrupt judge in my opinion was the political fixer judge Cuomo appointed to get Dave Perjury Paterson off the hook because of his powerful daddy Basil. Quinn's sugar daddy Mike Bloomberg and friends like Bill Rudin.

So who marries Christine Quinn but political fixer corrupt judge Judy Kaye.

I hope her other half got a pre-nup because of Quinn loses her government job her legal bills could be staggering. They already are but the tax payers have been picking up the tab!

Welcome to Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's corrupt 3 terms -- biggest corruption ever in NYC gov history CityTime with Quinn brushing aside 2 investigations in to CityTime brought by Tish James and discouraging a third and don't' forget the 911 tech system called ECTP, NYCAPS, NYWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc. All green lighted by corrupt Christine Quinn just like the reckless stupid Tsunami of Community Crushing development.

Christine Quinn Cy Vance YouTubes Banned To Dirty YouTube Land Expose to Much Dirt?

Cy Vance and Christine Quinn YouTubes banned from YouTube land -- Why? Quinn's dirty laundry banned by EMI perhaps a corrupt Christine Quinn supporter? Lets ask Paul McCartney what he thinks of EMI banning this political parody expose?

Cy Vance's banned for exposing a dirty da?

Puppet Show YouTube removed

Watch it here


watch it here

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ed Koch For Mayor T Shirt R U Kidding Me?

Lower East Side - Are you kidding me. Pleasant fellow -- clueless ---

Read this book bub!

Mike Bloomberg bought Ed Koch like a cheap piece of candy. Charlie Rose is Mike Bloomberg's ken doll!


Fran Lebowitz Gives NYU & City Council Hell!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Fran: Here I am protesting Mayor Bloomberg's 3rd term at the inauguration.

I yelled at corrupt Christine Quinn and found myself surrounded.

Photo by Richard Cohen by of Corbis Collection.

look at date...

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York

my first YouTube

he isn't going to break any laws -- he is just going to change him....

Fran: Amanda Burden a MEGA millionaire...and don't forget Christine Quinn for an open lesbian she is in bed with how many billionaires. Quinn locked out her own district to prevent them from testifying they demand a hospital in front of city council -- the fix was in...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Christine Quinn Could Eat A Live Human Baby NYTimes wouldn't Cover It!

    • Donny Moss Quinn could eat a live human baby in front of a live audience, and the NY Times wouldn't cover it. They want her in....

From Suzannah B. Troy: Just like The NY Times silenced all voices in opposition of Mike Bloomberg -- here we go again with Carolyn Ryan refusing to report Christine Quinn's very own district outraged with her and that fact there is no Trauma Level 1 Hospital, No Rape Crisis Center (some feminist icon), No AIDS care..... The community is outraged by what is going on with Rudin Construction and all the most businesses dying. I handed out flyers with Carolyn Ryan's tele no at The NY Times and said tell her your story. Did she publish one! Shame on Carolyn Ryan and The New York Times!!!

Watch this and listen to the lawyer for Greenwich Village Society!!!!!!!!!!!

Visit 120 East 12th St. USPS illegal air sale to NYU tear down of St. Ann's 1847 survived everything but NYU's need and greed to mega dorm east village to death!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Pushed Bars and Mega Dorms Now booze survey Start with mega dorms, under age drinking, raise and murders u may find abuses of booze and drugs. Start with Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn - forget a survey and drug test them. Is greed, stupidity and arrogance - any drugs because they r high on something. Oh yeah power. Power addicts destroying NYC. ps Mike pushed more mega dorms and bars so guilty such a phony hypocrite.

Mayor Bloomberg Demented Suggests Cop Strike! 911 Tech Tsunami of Corrup...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christine Quinn Mogul Mike NYU Evil Empire Beast Throws Democracy and Community to the Wind AGAIN!

So corrupt just like USPS illegal air sale to NYU over St. Ann's from 1847. NYU green with greed -- more concrete less sun, tear -up trees, up root people. when Mike bloomberg, Christine Quinn, Amanda the People's Burden say progress they mean get your moving van. They are robbing the heart and soul of this city mega dorming the E. Village to death, corrupt Columbia U expansion abuse eminent domain, NY Law Dorm broke zoning laws next to Hells Angels. Higher Greed Sexton should be fired.

In bed with Bill Rudin Rudin Family Greed as well killing our communities with greed and stupidity

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Juice Press New "Queen Wah Arame" Thumbs Up!!!

Juice Press has a new chef on board and his first contribution is Queen Wah Arame" which is a rocking quinoa, watering arame, avocado and some out of this word creamy dressing.

When I followed Fred Bisci's directions on eating close to the letter I noticed one amazing positive change that has to do with visits to the bathroom....a place of great concern for me.

My 50th birthday week with the heat wave, fighting 2 Google battles with YouTube and Ad Sense and coming out on top, the protest down in Soho over the illegal planters evicting Veteran Vendors and Artists and 10 percent unemployment and straining my achilles tendons and calves led me to imbibe in beer, popcorn, lots and lots of Italian food which for right now is my favorite food on the planet along with fresh bread and butter and now I feel just a little to run and curvy and acid reflux and tummy troubles are back so time to get back to Juice Press!!!!!!

Juice Press rocks!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Christine Quinn Book The Dirt Donate KickStarters Pub Date Same as Her Book Release!

Make a Donation: I did! Thank you, Suzannah B. TroyHi,

This week, I launched my Kickstarter book project. I am raising money to self-publish my book about the corruption that has taken place in New York City under the Christine Quinn administration.

My book is entitled, “Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn,” and I will take a ''behind the scenes'' look at New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's politics and ethics. I aim to show you how a politician, who claims to be transparent and ethical, has demonstrated herself to be just the opposite.

But I need your help to publish this book. My goal is to raise $6,000, and I am trying to do it by inviting my activist friends to pledge $55. But it is up to you how much you want to pledge. You are free to pledge as low at $1, or you can pledge more. If you go to the Kickstarter pledge, you will see the rewards that I am offering in exchange for your support. Further below, I provide an itemization of how the money will be spent.

Next year, Speaker Quinn is expected to publish her memoirs as a slick public relations stunt during the race for mayor of New York City in 2013. Her critics allege that the press does not hold Speaker Quinn accountable for her record of undermining democracy. In 2008 and 2009, Speaker Quinn worked hand-in-hand with Mayor Michael Bloomberg to purposely deny voters a referendum when they overturned term limits. Just the way that term limits were overturned -- a series of back room meetings (and some say, deals), all away from public participation and scrutiny -- still draws much heated discussion in New York. For years now, Speaker Quinn has been using discretionary funds to thwart the full participation of other City Councilmembers in the city's legislative agenda. Speaker Quinn has even gone along with Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts to the office of the Public Advocate, at each turn choosing to go along with what is not right in order to get along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Speaker Quinn is undermining any oversight and accountability in public office. The story of the relentless hospital closings will also be featured in my book.

This Kickstarter project will help me to raise money in order to self-publish this book -- in order to to tell the whole story. This is how the money will be used :

- I need to pay $2,300 so that my manuscript can be transformed into a book by a self-publishing company.
- I am also raising the modest amount of $3,100 to pay for marketing materials and to promote my book on the Internet.
- Kickstarter will keep $300 for hosting my fundraising campaign.
- Amazon will keep $300 for processing all of the secure payments made to support this Kickstarter project.

Please pledge what you can, and then help me to spread the word about my book by forwarding this e-mail to your network of friends and activists and by posting a link to this KickStarter project on your Facebook page.

The way that Kickstarter works is that the only way that my project will be funded is if I can raise at least a minimum of my fundraising goal. The amounts that are pledge are not processed on your credit card until my project is fully-funded. So, I would be very grateful if you could make an effort to help me spread the word about this project.

I attach a flyer that I will be passing out this week-end. Thank you for everything you do.

Louis Flores

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Martina Navratilova Writes Christine Quinn Gay Bashing Horse Drawn Carriage Driver Rant’s-horsedrawn-carriage-industry

Wow Christine Quinn is going to have a hard time using the gay gay gay pink card to get out of this.

Up until now there are a select group of gay folks that will vote for her no matter what unless she commits murder.

There are gay people that support Rudin Luxury condos instead of a full service trauma level 1 hospital with AIDS care and a rape crisis center.

Ask Chuck Meara and Christine Quinn about Quinn locking out her own district from testifying and not one staff member and she has a huge staff showed up to greet the community because um er gee whiz they want a full service hospital. Dogs and Cats have a better hospital than humans in Quinn's district and you see where she stands on horses.

Christine Quinn sold our her own district and there is no hospital!

The New York Time April 1, 2008 nytimes Bill Rudin quoted...." the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.

Hey Martina: If you bump in to this guy Wayne don't ask him what is last name is. On NYC gov property in City Hall he refused to tell me... Christine Quinn's special assistant.....why?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SAIC CityTime Scandal US Air Force Sexual Assault Scandal John Jumper Mr. Cleaner and Restorer of Character?

NYC City Council LULUS Citizen Union

Take a look at which city council members took lulus!

They always seem to vote in favor of the rich developers crushing our communities and why is that?

They also think they are royalty and this is not a democracy.....

as if they are above the law and accountability!

Mike Bloomberg juniors....Christine Quinn the worst of them but they pretty much have all let us down...look at what a mess NYC is and The People of NYC are going from a recession to a depression except for the 1 percenters and politicians including city council although maybe we will have a few surprises and some will go to jail?

Mentally Ill Man stabs Young Beautiful Woman No Reason

He is like this guy I saw last week East Village acting some what violent but thankfully no knife but he was causing chaos and upset.

I vote him most likely to stab someone.....resembles him but not him. East Village guy much darker.

Jake Dobkin Did Jen Chung Editor Gothamist Kill Vendor Prince St. Protest Story?

Jake Dobkin
Gothamist LLC
Prince Street Station
P.O. Box 510
NY NY 10012

If true why would Jen Chung kill a story on about Veteran Vendors and Artist protest illegal planters dropped by Henry Buhl Ace Founder to help homeless? Buhl is the Bernie Madoff of Prince St. sidewalks and made-off with Veteran Vendors and Artist's livelihoods --- Buhl's goal to make them homeless!

A few rich white folks don't want their sidewalks cluttered and don't care unemployment is 10 percent in NY higher than the entire country and that Veterans are homeless at least 1 out of 7 Veterans -- they want to increase the number of unemployed and homeless New Yorkers so their sidewalks in trendy touristy Soho resemble Beverly Hills!

A young man filmed our protest and I asked him where he was from. He said The Gothamist.

Well Jake Dobkin: Besides your dad being in possession of my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York poster which he really liked I want you to know that Jen and I had words a bunch of years ago when Jeremiah of Vanishing NY who used to walk up to the subjects of my blog posts and tell them he was my friend stole my work on a Veteran Vendor Karen a tranny who used to set up in front of Love Saves the Day.

When I confronted every news agency that picked up his link with my work only Jen responded contact him not me...not her exact words.

I responded something to the effect of Jen if your pocket book gets stolen I hope the police tell you go tell the thief not me!

Would Jen stoop that low to not report this important news story I believe is economic racism?

Hey Jake would Jen stoop so low. Your dad struck me as someone who really really cares about People being oppressed. Pretty shocking the Gothamist will kill a story about People being evicted by illegal planters and Jake they are mostly People of Color except my friend Eric who is 81 and poverty level.

Thanks a lot Jake!

If you did kill the story could your dad return my poster? No that would be silly, how could I hold your dad accountable for his son and co-editor killing a story about long term Veteran Vendors like Eric 81 on the verge of homelessness, fighting prostrate cancer and so handicapped he walks like Frankenstein being evicted.

Google Greg Mocker WPIX illegal planters.

Funny because the story is right up The Gothamist's alley -- odd Jen isn't it?

Note: Staggering number of Veterans homeless in NY and struggling with all kinds of backlash from their service...

The illegal Prince Street planters dropped by Henry Buhl of Ace Foundation who claims they help homeless is bent on making even more Veteran Vendors homeless.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg 2 Vets Lunch Times Sq. Bomb Soho Ticketed Replaced w/ Il...

Prince Pierre Casiraghi Suing Joe Tacopina & Client! Joe Bragged about getting 9th Precinct Heroin Rape Cop Moreno Off! Remember?

Joe Tacopina Wiki, Big Bulges big ego gets sued over big mouth!!!!!!!! Prince Pierre Casiraghi is suing Joe for opening his big mouth wow!

Prince Pierre -- You should watch Joe Tacky-0's demo tape -- Joe says he is a predator in court Joe looks for blood and to decapitate ! (Tacopina doesn't have the Kunstler Kuby way with words. Joe says he admires Gerald Shargel. Hey Gerald -- Would you do a video promo hoping for a tv gig describing yourself as a predator decapitating in court?

Melissa Grace removed Joe literally from the big loss representing the 1 legged billionaire

that gashed a women's face. Joe blamed the woman and the jury didn't agree.

Joe tried to say she was worth naught because of her less than Nun like past.

Joe Tacky-0 Big Ego, Big Loser gets sued over Big Mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting how this story is reported by ABC News and Wall Street Journal, but this embarrassing suit against big bully Joseph Tacopina is erased by the Daily News who have covered your butt and this story so many times in my humble opinion!

Explain that! And Tacky-O's brilliant comment to the media "If they don't like the truth, that's their problem." Very intellectual Joe Tacopina you truth seeker!

Joe has his pals like Melissa Grace and Bendici --- not just in the PBA hardee har.....

Joe's slant on his murderous ex-client van der sloot -- Natalee Holloway's (rapist) murderer and Stephany Flore's unusual and I thought shocking if Joe thinks anyone would believe his answer except van der Sloot.

You love the truth don’t you Joe Tacopina Baby Lisa’s Lawyer. Where is baby Lisa Joe? WHAT’S THE TRUTH? Is it that you used baby Lisa’s parent’s and that baby’s disappearance to get media attention? No Joe wouldn't stoop that low. This YouTube on Joe Tacopina 2 baby Lisa's was illegally wrongly removed from YouTube.....Why? I tell you about Baby Lisa who was murdered and Tacopina Seigel's forensic expert handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work . Steinberg would murder her age 6. That's Joe's medical expert?

It's a wonder there are no news reports that you have won any case in over a year since you and your partner Venus Fly Trap Seigel compared a woman’s genitals to a venus fly trap when putting the rape victim on trial.

Do you wonder why rapes are under reported?

Maybe rape victims don't want the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment in court?

Joe Tacopina ... Does your camel-toe snap shut like a venus fly trap?

Joe have you and Chad Seigel ever seen a vagina snap shut like a venus fly trap? Is that what the vaginas do when Tacopina Seigel come near or was that a set-up -- the imagery -- misogynist to blame the victim in the most hateful cruel way possible?

Maybe you wish you kept your trap shut or chose your words just a little better because now you are being sued?

Joe Tacopina fans go for Joe's crotch hitting below the belt accusing him of

adultery which is really odd because I didn't think they would care? Why do they do that?

AS Roma fan seem to think you do.

Did you bed your client's wife then return 20 Grand he paid you to represent him? How could I ask such a stupid question. Joe says he did not bed his client's wife. If he did why wasn't he debarred, must not be true.

Ironic how it seems your bully mouth got you sued for slander when you and your Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel partner threaten to sue me and Leonard Levitt. My response was just a little more intense than Levitt's but neither of us heard back from your lawyers.

Note I get missive sent to me re: Joe Tacopina and I just got a blatantly false one -- outlandish that Joe Tacopina allegedly slept with a juror during the NYPD rape trail and that is how he won.

That is so blatantly false and I tell you why I think so. Joe Tacopina is a (rhymes with rick) in court and I am guessing he is in bed. If he did that I am sure he would have lost! If I do a stand-up comedy routine on Joe Tacky-0 I will include this.

Where is Baby Lisa? Kelly and Furman quietly shred Joe Tacopina in the video you can find in the above post.

What lawyer would crow from his website that he got NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno off?

Joe Tacopina!