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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Ramping Up the Looting Privatizing Parking Meters by Suzannah B. Troy

Mayor Bloomberg Ramping Up the Looting

Mayor Bloomberg with the largest corruption ever in NYC gov history -- billions of dollars here folks abused stolen under Mike and mostly tech, Mark Page his money guy also let it all happen are going to take a chance in the third term and revisit perhaps a big of Koch’s mega scandal -- the parking meter scandal that Wayne Barret and Jack Newfield. wrote about in City For Sale: Ed Koch the Betrayal of New York

FYI -- Mike Bloomberg’s third term has hit historic levels of corruption but the NY media is blacking it out and Christine Quinn’s to make sure she gets in as mayor so Mike can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course. The billions in corruption should be front page news and Mike should be forced to resign along with Quinn who pushed the illegal third term but instead Mike is going the Ed Koch parking meter route. The Parking Meter scandal almost destroyed Koch but someone how he managed to get a Bridge named after to him thanks to Mike who bought Koch like a cheap doll. Mike does that with a lot of politicians and media folk.

Mike Bloomberg is responsible for close to ten billion dollars of NYC tax payer money stolen, frauded, wasted away from the flawed 911 tech system to CityTime, NYCAPS, NICE, NYWiNS, FDNY wireless, Seedco and so many more corrupt contracts mostly tech but not all.

Mike Bloomberg along with the most evil corrupt city planner commissioner Amanda the People’s Burden pushed a reckless Tsunami of community crushing development on old NY’s infrastructure.

Have you all forgot

Bill Sanderson of The NY Post killed this story that is on going years now -- the pipes under the street keep busting -- the street and streets all through city are a mess -- on going craters like on the moon for years but the problems infrastructures below ground.

NYC gov can’t solve them.