May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Impromptu Protest Henry Buhl Mercer Hotel Join me July 14 5:45

Friday, June 29, 2012

Protest Henry Buhl ACE Eviction of Vendors Soho w/Illegal Planters July 14 5:45 102 Prince St.

Every garbage can in Soho says Ace helping the homeless should say Buhl's guilt get out of hell free card or Buhl's the benevolent Prince St. Plantation - Vendors get the F-out!

We will protest Buhl first -- he is 82 and looks like Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the lambs -- a serial killer of vendors' livelihood and so illegally!

Try doing that if you are not a rich white man in NYC!

Than we move over to The Mercer Hotel!

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg Good Cop Bad Cop ECTP CityTime SAIC NASA etc. Billions of Tax Payer Money Abused, Wasted, Freely spent with no accounta

Besides selling the lie we needed Mike Bloomberg for a third term, I don't think Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg enjoy anything more than playing good cop bad cop.

It is troubling how ever that billions of tax payer dollars have been stolen and or abused -- possibly closer to 10 billion starting with close to 3 billion on CityTime and ECTP the 911 Tech System both flawed. If we have a terror attack this year we don't have a 911 system that is up to par with the 2 billion dollars we have so far spent. Bloomberg and Mark Page approved the hire of NASA and NASA just hired SAIC who's stock has dropped very low in part due to the CityTime scandal. NASA has had it's own scandals but is bailing out SAIC. Does Mike think the NYPD are going to be answering 911 calls on the moon?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Protest Henry Buhl The Mercer Hotel Ethic Cleansing illegal Planters Dropped on Vendors Spots July 14

I will contact Internal Affairs as I have concerns about 1st Precinct community affairs NYPD officer Gene Schatz attending and harassing me like he did last time all documented -- he used a squad car and siren to get their 19 min. in to our 20 minute protest.

See you at Henry Buhls -- 102 Prince St. 5:45 -- I will be by 5:30 Keep the side walks clear so pedestrian traffic can flow and we will move over to The Mercer Hotel as well to peacefully protest their participation in the harassment and now "cleansing" of the Veteran Vendors and artists with the exception of Marty the Viet Nam Vet. No surprise NYPD Schatz and Marty are pals.

See you there.

July 15th 50 years old.

I emailed Commissioner Kelly, Internal Affairs and I left a voice mail with Community Affairs and made it clear PO Eugene Schatz is not welcome. I think he is a terrible man who thinks he works for The Mercer Hotel and rich people not The People of NYC and his treated me and Eric who is now 82 and very handicap as well as has prostate cancer very badly.

We will stay focused one the rich people and be very peaceful. This is not an anti-NYPD protest.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suzannah Troy’s Street Scenes Old Memories

Moving my stuff off I web so going back in time...

you can play around and also click on photos.

you have to scroll around but the NYPD 9th Precinct put up these barricades at this protest on East 3rd St to protest evil greedy landlords Alistair Economakis and family who did mass eviction and for some reason the NYPD barricades were like an aphrodisiac and this couple just went to know making out!

Those were the days....Occupy Wall Street never tried that strategy with the 1st Precinct.

The good old days -- not really still hell under Bloomberg and stupid greedy rich people but it is even worse now.

Have Ladder 3, one of the more handsome NYPD although photo not so clear but every cop in my photos thinks he is the handsomest, of course photos of the protesting.... me with pit bull that had been starved and beaten and thrown away after they took her puppies....her snout has cuts...loved her....she got a great home....a teamster on a movie set and I were chatting and he moved a little closer and she make it clear he was not welcome to get any closer, giggle.

Best hug with a beautiful woman -- giggle love that photo. There is a happiness there I am not feeling but did have some great great moments today including the kiss on the subway by the cute guy that told me I am a people live vicariously through me, I say the unsayable and I had the best conversation with this NYPD officer -- I made him laugh and he made me laugh... He did help me because I was really upset. He did help to lighten me up.

I also have a new pal that I just love.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suzannah B. Troy News Reporters NYC Gov City Hall City Crime

Although I am highly critical of news stories being killed I am in the loop with journalists all over and sometimes I have them email and or call me. I just left a message for one re: Dept of Building..... At some point the news I have been reporting regarding city crime NYC gov city hall will go national as much as the NYC media story killing -- these story will come to a head like a gigantic zit on you face --- and we are talking billions tax payer abuse.... hint.... 911 Tech System went over budget by a billion and than we hire NASA? Why, is the NYPD going to answer 911 calls on the moon? Why did NASA just hire SAIC...hardee har...

Are we going around in circles here? NASA has had it's share of corruption scandals as well but what is being slowly exposed here NYC gov is part of a big picture The White House...and as defense contracts dry up they come here to NYC and bill us like crazy as in over bill.....? They aren't alone -- name top fortune 500 companies.

I was contacted by a producer that does just the kind of journalism in theory perfect to cover these stories and guess what he hasn't.

Everyone mum...

CityTime the trial of the century -- next century -- how lucky for Mike so far US Attorney has not re-written the indictment because Preet Bharara has to go back in Time CityTime -- a redo and the more delayed the trial the better for Mike Bloomberg because folks won't be demanding he resign and he should.

Mike committed perjury -- a sitting mayor during the Haggerty trial and he will make a HUGE FOOL of himself --- exposed as the emperor with no closes with Gerald Shargel asks him about the over - rides the mega millions in over-rides or will Shargel a Mafia lawyer do so. The Mafia trusts Shargel meaning he doesn't roll over and knows how to play his cards....

Josh Rechnitz Hub Station Soho, his goal Harlem Velodrome Exclusive

This was an amazing interview and I was asked to take it down for a little while and that made me sad.

It is June and I am proud of this work....time to put it back up.

Giuseppi Logan In Need to Fans "You Are My Sunshine"

Giuseppi Logan and Suzannah Troy

Ron Kuby vs. NYPD Naked Woman Art & Frisk

The NYPD falsely or should I say incorrectly arrested a naked artist.

You can get naked for art in NYC. In the van they gave her zip to cover-up the nakedness they found criminal although the NYPD's facial expressions don't register any displeasure at her alleged crime and oh yeah -- finally after they gave her her clothes back -- the NYPD than had a female NYPD officer frisk her. I hope her G String undies treated with respect. Ron Kuby is going to win this case.

Sounds like a slow horny day for some folks - gonna cost tax payers!!

(Ron did u get her g-string dusted for finger prints?)


Just a reminder Mike Bloomberg administration sexual McCarthyism....

Reminder the Women's adult sex stores raided -- Lower East Side and Soho!

Could you frigging imagine!!!!!!!!!! They must have had a good time at the precincts after the raids on Babeland.

They took videos -- some educational -- and believe me folks need educating... and Babeland is no longer allowed to rent DVDS.

Frisk Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn -- how much tax payer money have they "abused"? Abused is not the quite word.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Sex Trafficking CityTime 911 Tech Tax Payer Titanics

Explain to ME what Women are always getting the very short very small end of the stick and discriminated against while men like Mike Bloomberg and his sell-out puppet women are above the radar -- above the law.

Woman Punched Into Coma over Parking Space Wants To Spit in Monsters Face misogynist NYC -- stupid jurors do the wrong thing again. This creature posing as a human being -- scum pretending to be a man belongs in jail and served prison justice. He makes me think of vile scum bag Joe Tacopina hell bound and rape cop Ken Moreno Hell Bound.

Lower East Side School Nike Sets Up Ultra Cool Basketball Court

NYDN NYPD Rape Cops How Low Can You Go Joe Tacopina Lower!

Lower than low? How about Lloyd Constantine an educated man that lead a group of even dumber jurors in refusing to believe the school teacher was telling the TRUTH -- they essentially called her a liar. Cy Vance sat in the front row and he didn’t recognize Constantine who gave him 5 grand for his challenged campaign -- such a mess Cy had to do fund raisers and he himself came close to breaking campaign laws trying to pay back debt.

Mark Guma now Christine Quinn’s campaign manager actually forgave some debt Cy Vance was owed -- was that counted as a donation?

Melissa Grace of the NYDN protects Joe Tacopina along with editors who allowed Tacopina to be removed and the photo editors cut him out of the photo of hims sitting next to the one legged milliionaire who hurt a woman and joe blamed the woman and disparged her and lost....NYDN has no journalistic integrity and cuts Joe out of the picture literally and from the embarrassing loss ---

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina sent a message to all corrupt cops to rape away. Ken Moreno had heroin in his locker and raped the drunk woman taking advantage of her repeatedly climbing in to her bed and Joe crowed about getting him off although Judge Greg Carro had Moreno remanded to Rikers immediately.

Joe Tacopina and chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel’s strategy was to compare the rape victim and all women’s genitals to a venus fly trap -- that poor cop was lured like a fly by this drunk woman’s beauty and she is responsible for destroying him not to mention the visual misogynist analogy.

Disgusting. Tacopina sent a message to rape victims -- do not come forward you will be raped again in court. Watch me confront Joe Tacopina as he uses yet another dead young woman to get his fix of media attention.

Ken Moreno was the poster boy for Michael Pena and Pena’s victim cried and cried because she was raped again.

How low can you go? Stupid cowardly jurors who believe lying men over honest women along with the NYDN protecting Joe Tacopina and why --? You want inside info on baby Lisa? Joe is spread to thin trying to get his next media fix -- interesting he has not actually helped Baby Lisa to be found and how he is representing her parents He sure got a lot of face time.

Why did you cut Joe out of the big embarrassing loss NYDN?

You photo editor, the editors of NYDN, Mort Zuckerman and Melissa grace in my opinion can go very low.

Tacopina Seigel even lower

Welcome to misogynist NYC with female club members where misogynists will try silencing women, raping them and murdering them and blaming women as well for just about everything.

Folks any ideas on why Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler who should be in England with defense attorneys fighting to not go to jail in Murdoch hacking scandal are making it impossible to sign in and comment under my real name?

Why have they locked me out and today it was a miracle and 10 minutes of fighting to get in some how I finally did get in to post this comment....why? What is Mort afraid of and why would he hire Colin Myler, Murdoch’s guy to run what was once the People’s paper? Now it looks like a bad copy of NY Post especially from smart phones where the improved NYDN site makes comments from readers unavailable?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michael Pena Corrupt NYPD Rapist Takes A Cue from Joe Tacopina NYPD Rape Cop Moreno Watch this -- I confront Joe Tacopina -- remember he and his partner compared NYPD Ken Moreno heroin rape cop’s victim’s private parts to a venus fly trap? There medical specialist they called in Dr. Essing who handed over baby lisa to Joe Steinberg without papers and Steinberg beat her to death. Joe hell Bound tacopina crowed that he got moreno off and it was a message to corrupt cops to rape away.

Pena let her be raped again in court -- she cried and that vile creep pal of Cy Vance’s Lloyd Constantine said she couldn’t have been raped because she didn’t remember a color of a car when he was holding a gun to her face and raping her back and front. Shame on those jurors lead by Constantine and shame on Tacopina Seigel.

Now Tacopina is using Roxi Sorina’s death like a get out of hell free card. Watch the video -- he comes right up to me -- I am at least 5 foot 8 in shoes and 150 pounds hard to miss and he and his staff watch my tubes and read my blog

I wish to G-d Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel and Lloyd Constantie disbarred!

Michael Pena and Skank Jurors Called Rape Victim School Teacher a LIAR!!!

In some many words the dumb jurors of NYC called Michael Pena’s rape victim a liar.

Why wasn’t her word good enough. There was sperm and eye witnesses that say his junk hanging out.

Why in so many words and their actions -- essentially called her out as a liar?

Why couldn’t they convict him of rape. Well now he comes clean.

She was raped anally and vaginally and Lloyd Constantine who in my opinion should be disbarred lead the a small group of creatures posing as human -- and they are a dime a dozen on jurors letting violent men who hurt women go free....

this time we had a rare turn around -- after essentially calling her a liar -- and stupid jurors believe a cop who held a gun to her face, had his penis out -- seen by witness, sperm refused to believe the honest brave rape victim when she told the truth.

Michael Pena in some small way may have a chance at redemption.

I cannot stay the same for Ken Moreno NYPD heroin rape cop from the 9th precinct that Joe hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel crowed about getting off although Judge Greg Carro had Moreno remanded to Rikers immediately for lesser charges the dump amoral jurors did allow.

Why do dumb jurors believe lying men over women who have been raped? Why?

Well this rare time Michael Pena who made his victim suffer again -- she sobbed when the jurors -- the dumb jurors did not believe her....She said out loud it hurt and she cried....she is now vindicated and Pena showed the world that dumb jurors believe lying violent men over their victim’s in this case a school teacher.

Joe Tacopina Media Whore uses Roxi Sorina Suzannah Troy Gives Him Hell!

Roxana Sorina Buta Remembered 22Birthday today - The NYPD haven't charge...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roxi Sorina Rally Union Square Tomorrow June 21 3PM

Rally tomorrow June 21 3PM Union Square by Broadway with ballons, grief, anger...

answers wanted and a demand to make the intersection safer!

Just again coincidence? I came across Roxy's best friend posting flyers for tomorrow,

a rally on what would have been Roxy's 21st birthday at Union Square at 3PM.

Roxy was killed by a dump truck May 24, 2012 at 1:26 am.

Why haven't the NYPD and anyone with a press pass able to track down what must be public information.

If it was an honest accident why not come forward?

Sad and very upsetting that Joe Tacopina Media Whore who uses women usually dead for his addiction to media attention and wants to uses Roxi's death like a get out hell free card....

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina raped the NYPD rape victim of Ken Moreno in court again and you can read how violated she felt. She is lucky she is a live but she go the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment and her genitals compared to a Venus Fly Trap by Tacopina Seigel classy guys.

Haunting the day before Roxana's 21st birthday I run in to her best friend yet again.

See link above for our first meeting -- I feel haunted.

Deeply moved and I got chills.

I pray for some kind of resolution for Roxy's loved ones -- some kind of solace and good to come out of grief that is unimaginable.

click on photo to see the flyer larger....hautning for me...very sad...angering,

I loves a best friend same way in Oakland, California over 15 years ago...

the pain does not go away...

I do imagine her with me protecting me.

Speaking of which tomorrow will be a Joe Tacopina Zone Free Rally....

thank G-d.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mayor Mike SAIC loses Largest Client? I want all Our Money Back + Damages $455Million pay back too low!

How did JP Morgan get off giving SAIC a positive out look? Stinks to high Heavens like JP losing 2 billion dollars here is some more egg on their face!

Read my post from June 1 at the bottom I make reference to what I jokingly call a 2 billion dollar bail-out from the Pentagon but today’s news is a huge blow to SAIC losing out a major defense tech contract from Pentagon -- dept. of defense to Lockhead Martin Corp.

Read this post!!!!!!! See bottom where I joke about the Pentagon giving SAIC a 2 billion dollar bail-out aka contract!

Suzannah B. Troy Protest St Vincent's Hospital Bloomberg Quinn Rudin on Butt

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Ramping Up the Looting Privatizing Parking Meters by Suzannah B. Troy

Mayor Bloomberg Ramping Up the Looting

Mayor Bloomberg with the largest corruption ever in NYC gov history -- billions of dollars here folks abused stolen under Mike and mostly tech, Mark Page his money guy also let it all happen are going to take a chance in the third term and revisit perhaps a big of Koch’s mega scandal -- the parking meter scandal that Wayne Barret and Jack Newfield. wrote about in City For Sale: Ed Koch the Betrayal of New York

FYI -- Mike Bloomberg’s third term has hit historic levels of corruption but the NY media is blacking it out and Christine Quinn’s to make sure she gets in as mayor so Mike can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course. The billions in corruption should be front page news and Mike should be forced to resign along with Quinn who pushed the illegal third term but instead Mike is going the Ed Koch parking meter route. The Parking Meter scandal almost destroyed Koch but someone how he managed to get a Bridge named after to him thanks to Mike who bought Koch like a cheap doll. Mike does that with a lot of politicians and media folk.

Mike Bloomberg is responsible for close to ten billion dollars of NYC tax payer money stolen, frauded, wasted away from the flawed 911 tech system to CityTime, NYCAPS, NICE, NYWiNS, FDNY wireless, Seedco and so many more corrupt contracts mostly tech but not all.

Mike Bloomberg along with the most evil corrupt city planner commissioner Amanda the People’s Burden pushed a reckless Tsunami of community crushing development on old NY’s infrastructure.

Have you all forgot

Bill Sanderson of The NY Post killed this story that is on going years now -- the pipes under the street keep busting -- the street and streets all through city are a mess -- on going craters like on the moon for years but the problems infrastructures below ground.

NYC gov can’t solve them.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

NYC Gov Job Openings for Project Managers Construction Massive Long Line

Outside this school lower east side massive long line mostly men hoping for a job with NYC gov as project managers pushing reckless tsunami of community crushing development.....the line staggeringly long.

Children’s Magical Garden Still Alive

Suzannah B. Troy Powder Room Organic Avenue David Wolfe Workshop

Wow I won a gorgeous bee pollen candle not as fancy as this.... in a lottery David Wolfe had as part of the workshop. Had a great time at Organic Avenue -- used to visit their at their 1st location around the corner way back....

Mayor Bloomberg Mr Sugar Daddy Pimp

Friday, June 15, 2012

SAIC Shareholder Meeting Jun 15 John Jumper Sticks It!

SAIC shareholder meeting today John Jumper not porn star stuck to shareholders

coz yo, a loss is still a loss even if you try to stick in another column.

"Our performance in that, the middle column there, as you can see include the impact of CityTime, and that's what is reported. I thought it would be informative for the shareholders to look at the right-hand column, which is a column that shows the operational performance of the company during the year that excludes the impact of CityTime. "

Porn star more honest about how many People they screwed vs. SAIC and Team Bloomberg when it comes to NYC tax payer abuse!

Read this for more info on why SAIC was screwing or should I say “billing” over billing NYC tax payers way before Gerald Denault ever came in to the picture!

Read my link to learn how Bloomberg and SAIC screwed us yet again with their 455 million deal!

FYI: ECTP 911 Tech System stay tuned because heard on the street Tip of The Iceberg just like CityTime buy much bigger theft.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Joe Tacopina Spin Zone Baby Lisa Mom Dabs Eyes No Tears!

Joe Tacopina spins his you call it a spin zone or a bull //// zone?

Reminder Joe bragged about getting the NYPD heroin rape cop Ken Moreno off.....rapes are up in NYC and under reported!

So nice to read Dr. Glass’s insights in to what sounds like HUGE RED FLAGS and explains why Joe has failed to help locate Baby Lisa but get as much face time -- his drug of choice...?

Is Dr. Glass saying if you are innocent why do you need Joe Tacky-0?

Oh gee whiz Joe Tacky-0 -- this is my blog, I am an artist and I have a right to an opinion don’t I?

Joe Tacky-0 Media Whore.

Very sad that Baby Lisa has not been found.....judging by insights from Dr. Glass if and when Baby Lisa is found the odds are she won’t be alive.

Joe Tacopina is searching as always for the next monster he can live vicariously through -- oops I meant to say get off like van der Sloot who murdered another innocent young woman.

Do you think Ken Moreno has found some woman vomiting her head off -- drunk and so out of it it would be like having sex with a dead body or a blow doll...? Must be harder to pick off drunk woman without an NYPD badge and parking placard!

Joe Tacopina license to murder, rape, hide heroin in your locker at the precinct....? No wonder he is hated and called Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and his partner Chad Venus Fy Trap Seigel. What law firm would compare a bruised rape genitals of a woman to a Fly Trap? Tacopina Seigel...1800 rape away

Corrupt NYPD officers -- call Tacopina Seigel 1800 get away with crime....

Gerald Shargel Call Top SAIC Officials Rose Gill Hearn and Mike Bloomberg to the Stand CityTime

Gerald Shargel:

Hey ask Dennis Vacco what it is like to cross examine “Team Bloomberg” -- they also suffer severe bouts of amnesia -- maybe they got some coaching from Judge Lebow, Patti’s husband...their son ran NYC Gov Information Tech division but oops he just conveniently left as is the //// may hit the fan?

Didn’t he run it with Ellen Stein, Mike Bloomberg’s sister’s best friend? Hardee had to tip toe around those two because they are royalty, hardee har -- DOITT, Office of Payroll, Bill Thompson, Christine Quinn and City Council with 2 exceptions let us be robbed and raped -- the tax payers of NYC of billions of tax dollars on almost every tech deal and some none-tech -- I am talking BILLIONS of dollars....

and no one seems to give a damn except me -- I want it all back plus damages.

We got screwed yet again when Mike Bloomberg and SAIC worked out yet another dirty deal giving us 455 million dollars back -- cash back but it should have been a billion dollars plus damages because we threw out payroll systems that worked for CityTime destined for the dumpster!

Hey Gerry -- Let’s sit down and chat. Your clients guilty as sin in my artistic opinion but NYC gov and SAIC even more guilty.

Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson should be punished -- not allowed to run for mayor for their role in allowing CityTime and ECTP!

Only John Liu did something about it!

ps DOITT and DOI have a high turn over don’t they?

DOITT lots of law suits?

What happen to the DOI head that was replaced with informercial specialist the Cathie Black of Dept. of Investigation Rose Gill Hearn?

Mike the emperor with no clothes -- biggest faker poser -- largest white collar crimes ever NYC gov under Mike’s great biz tech management.

Mike would be homeless and begging out on the street with his daughters if he ran his private empire this way.

Gerald Shargel Suzannah B. Troy Asks What do Ya Think SAIC Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn See No Evil

Petition: Oppose the Proposed Bar at 168 Bowery

Subject: Petition: Oppose the Proposed Bar at 168 Bowery

Please sign the petition opposing the proposed restaurant/bar at 168 Bowery. This bar would have an adverse effect on this community. This area is already overly saturated with drinking establishments and their annoyingly loud, inebriated patrons. Added to this cacophonous mix is the ear-splitting music emanating from these venues and the vehicular and pedestrian traffic congestion all hours of the night created by the many patrons of these establishments. All this combined is overwhelmingly burdensome to this community--a neighborhood of artists, families with young children, hardworking people who need to sleep at night. This diverse neighborhood should not be turned into a drinking/party destination.

Please click on the following link to access the petition: Thank you for signing the petition and please pass it on to your contacts.

Mayor Bloomberg DOT DEP 3rd World

Mike Bloomberg’s East Village Pizza

2 slices one for him and one for the beard....what’s her name...

she should be resigning from Sotheby’s any day now because the little People the union art handlers got a awful!

Have you ever seen the city look dirtier, the rats bigger than ever, the streets with broken huge craters, water main, sewage breaks that live that awful know the smell..

at least Rudy a corrupt mayor who never moved the Emergency Command Center and he had a 11 years to do it some how kept the City looking beautiful.

Mike pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development and we had deaths, way too many, corrupt evil developers including those posing as higher ed destroy our city and endanger our lives building on OLD NY’s infrastructures.

Thanks Mike and Amanda the People’s Burden the most evil socialite mega-millionaire and being commissioner city planning she has destroyed and endangered our lives to help out her greedy pals.

Dept of Building, DOT, DEP and Con Ed, City Council and anyone with a brain could have done what we did which was to tell Mike safety first.

Lucky for Mike he has you talking about sugar drinks and not billions of dollars he allowed to be stolen and or abused of tax payer money.

Get used to dirty filthy dangerous NYC.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roxana Sorina Buta 866-638-9719 Call with Info re: Hit and Run

Please do not use Joe Tacopina he is a user of dead women.

Joe Hell Bound Tacopina has made money from defending rapists and murders. Van der Sloot killed another young woman with media whore Tacopina more concerned for his camera angle and face time. He used Imette and he wants to use Roxi to get out hell like a get out of jail free card.

Before I took these photos, an African American woman stopped me and asked for help finding her way. Perhaps it was my NYPD t shirt I got at the NY Police Museum. I support the good NYPD do not NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno that Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel crowed about getting off! Chad and Joe must have laughed to each other comparing the NYPD rape victim's bruised genitals to a Venus fly trap. Judge Greg Carro did not approve.

Roxi should not be used by self proclaimed predator Joe Hell Bound Racopina, oops Tacopina. Joe makes rape victims feel raped in court and trashes women victim's. Let us find the answers to Roxi's death without doing biz with the Devil.

Cooper Union Evil Scum NYU Mega Dormed E Village to Death CU joined Destruction

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NYPD 911 IXP Good vs ECTP HP Bad EMS 911 died 2day!

What do CityTime Scandal and ECTP 911 tech system have in common -- both had working systems before they were thrown out -- why throw out something that isn't broken?

Rudy throws out AutoTime created and run by City Workers....AutoTime could have been expanded!

Bloomberg administration throws out a working 911 system that is flawed as hell and the ems 911 flatlined today as reported by The NY Post.

Christine Quinn & Staff St. Vincent’s Hospital Rudin District Lock-Out Scandal!

1) Where is the investigation Mike Bloomberg mr. mayor as to why Christine Quinn’s own district was locked out of testifying in front of a city council that mostly could not be bothered to even show up starting with Christine Quinn! The New York Times not interested in reporting this and .....

2) Why isn’t Christine Quinn and her chief of staff Chuck Meara calling for an investigation instead of me in to why an ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive 250 Broadway across from City Hall? Quinn and Meara along with all her high paid flunkies were know where to be seen when a huge turn out of voters from her very own district showed up to testify in front of City Council they demand a hospital! do you think that photo has been doctored the way the media has doctored Christine Quinn’s photos and news stories...none of you know she locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital in the West Village where ST Vincent’s was and instead she is taking kick backs -- she also refuses to investigate why an ambulance took a half hour to get to a man 75 years old waiting to testifying and past out in the freezing cold.

The security at 250 Broadway across from City Hall refused to let seniors and the most fragile New Yorkers inside in the warmth -- just Bill Rudin and his paid employees, retired NYPD and construction workers. Christine Quinn’s own staff and Chris never ever showed their faces and this was her own district West Village and chelsea so no wonder her Chief of Staff Chuck Meara though there was no ambulance at all. He said his source at the 1st precinct said no ambulance. Well now his source with the NYPD says the ambulance took less than a half hour. Maybe Quinn’s people should have showed up to know the ambulance did take a half hour. Why doesn’t Quinn want an investigation in to why she locked her own district and doesn’t she want know why they ambulance took a half hour Dr. Kaufman and Nurse Dunn timed the response.

Hey Carolyn Ryan The New York Times out of town Lesbian brought in to push Christine Quinn as mayor with The NY Times already unofficially endorsing her -- any comment or are you too busy violating my 1st amendment right preventing my comments from being posted and devising more ways to silence voices of opposition the way the media did when Mike Bloomberg and his puppet Mrs. Bloomberg pushed thorough! Hey Wayne -- Enjoyed The village voice article on you -- when I ask you your first and last name at City Hall -- a NYC gov building have the courage to answer the question. What are you afraid of? What are you hiding? and