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Monday, May 21, 2012

NYPD Rape Heroin Cop Ken Moreno Considering Raping NYC Tax Payers & HBO

Well NYPD rape cop is not satisfied with getting away with sexually preying on a drunk vomiting beautiful young woman and getting away with less than a wrist slap for the 2 packets of heroin hidden in his locker in the 9th precinct -- he wants to rape the NYC tax payer and HBO.

Is this man a dumbed down version of the devil incarnate.

Surprise Joe Hell Bound Tacopina who blamed and trashed the victim to cover-up for his lying rapist heroin hiding cop isn’t representing Moreno. How did Moreno pay Joe Tacopina and ChadVenus Fly Trap Seigel’s stiff legal bills. Did they sell a porno police rape they didn’t try that....

Bless the activists that took posters and put them up in his neighborhood exposing his rapist heinous actions which the devil incarnate is still trying to profit from.

Pathetic. Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel even worse because they are not as moronic as their heinous client.

Ever wonder why NYC is rape central?