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Monday, April 9, 2012

Giuseppi Logan The NY Times Piece & Why Activitism Like Being A Cop or FireFighter Huh?

I don't have a computer for 30 more hours, not that I am counting the seconds....;) and to attempt to try and respond to a YouTube comment on my phone next to impossible. The commentor wished the NYT reporter had written about Giuseppi Logan's 1st marriage and his 10 kids. An activist is like a cop, fire fighter or lawyer when you see someone in drowning - you don't say let me see if he has a moral compass before I try to save this drowning person. Giuseppi Logan told me in so many words he would win no Father of the Year awards from either marriage. I believe he had more than 10 kids and one child had died. His 1st wife did not want him to play and compose music but have a mainstream job. His 2nd wife believed in his music but she left him when he went to jail.

I know he is proud of his kids and has told me about two in particular from his first marriage. The NY Times reporter did his best and you can see from the story he had a lot to share yet it is true there is so much more to tell. For me as an artist anda person fueled by passion in over drive, Giuseppi's motivation to play in freezing weather, in times like now with a broken hip is startling and it is because making music is life or death for him and I get that. I am going to be 50 in 3 months and my life is at least half over so Giuseppi Logan is a lot closer to the end of his journey and John Leland's piece in The NY Times along with Pete Gershon's stirring piece "Out From The Shadow" in Signal to Noise are about finding some kind of hope and redemption for a 2nd chance in life... You see many had thought Giuseppi Logan had died... and in a sense he had -- GL told me without his instruments -- without being able to play music he is dead. Note: I asked Giuseppi to please stop playing Some Where Over The Rainbow over and over. One day I paid him to. I told him he would have to move around the park because he is driving some folks crazy. Giuseppi is an old man in need of care. I bought him socks one cold day when he wore none. He has grown very thin. I don't know how long he will be with us playing music so John Leland did good. (Typing 4am, 1 finger on my iPhone. Tired - protesting this an to demand a full service Trauma Level 1 hospital West Village.)