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Thursday, April 19, 2012

David Dinkins on Columbia University Civil Rights Basic Rights a Hospital it comes to community crushing real estate David Dinkins is silent! Columbia University and perhaps some billionaires have bought his silence. Here he is attending an award for Rudin for AIDS but trouble is there is no AIDS care or a Rape Crisis Center or a Trauma Level 1 hospital like there was Sept. 11, 2001 instead it is Rudin Luxury Condos! See you at the next award ceremony where rich and political connected pat themselves on the back for EVEN MORE GREED and Stupidity.

Stop Columbia University Activists sent me the above link -- take a look!!!!!!!! Columbia University like NYU, NY Law with illegal mega-dorm East 3rd St., Cooper Union are worse than bad neighbors but evil real estate magnates crushing our communities -- celebrated among the most greedy New Yorkers.

When Mike Bloomberg say Progress, he means get a moving van.

Amanda the People’s Burden -- the most evil destructive commissioner of city planner in NYC gov history, a socialite mega-millionaire is another evil guilty player in all this. She has a 40 million dollar trust for her kids! She is also responsible for the most displacement since The American Indians in this region.

That David Dinkins for your great insights or should I say prof. sell-out.