May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

CityTime SAIC Scandal Washington Post Reports News NY Press Won’t Report but Suzannah B. Troy blogged on the last 2 years!

Steve Pearlstein asks how could SAIC have missed this -- CityTime corruption....

Steve -- how did Mike Bloomberg, Bill Thompson and Dept of Investigation miss this -- hardee har?

Almost laughable but not funny.

Steve Pearlstein sums up my work of the last 2 years and does make reference to mayor Mike Bloomberg’s embarassment about pushing SAIC CityTime --- oopsie but he puts it all on SAIC and folks SAIC and NYC gov both had fair warning Feb. 2003 from Richard Valcich, than head of office of payroll NYC gov.

Steve Pearlstein doesn’t focus on the fact that NYC gov. that means Mike Bloomberg, then comptroller Bill Thompson and Dept of Investigation had fair warning Feb. 2000 as Mike and Bill’s names are on the bottom of every page of Valcich’s letter.

Why has Steve Pearlstein finally jumped on my one woman band wagon and thank you Steven and Preet Bharara has not? Perhaps because Preet Bharara and the US Attorney are making like Cy Vance and the Manhattan DA

By the way --- why did Richard Valcich go from hero to zero to say? Click here to go direct to see infamous letter NYC gov stationary with Bloomberg and Thompson’s names on each page.

Let’s ask Mouse for some insights on Valcich CityTime and SAIC since she works for NYC gov and in some capacity for CityTime right?

(See bottom of post for why I mention her.....)

I ask because Mouse has a special mention re: CityTime on NYC gov website.

I would ask Richard Valcich for insights but I hear he isn’t answering any questions but why not. Preet Bharara is not going back in Time CityTime.

Did Mike Bloomberg and SAIC agree Gerald Denault was to be the fall guy and 500 million dollars of (tax payer money) returned to NYC gov was a low ball figure to sweep even bigger long term corruption under the rug?

Back in Time to Guiliani Time since Rudy threw away “AutoTime” a payroll system created by City Workers and run by City Workers that could have been expanded even with GPS tracking folks but no fancy White House, FBI, CIA alumnists -- difference between eating at Elaine’s and a diner. If you want to be in The White House which Rudy and Mike both did and do -- than you don’t a good honest system and outsource to Defense contractors and fortune 500 companies....look at Verizon a big player in 2 scandals -- one mega -- ECTP 911 Tech system -- the other Board of Ed....donating big to Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me Christine Quinn’s mayoral run. Go back to 2012, 2011 and take a looksie.

Rudy’s guys all lobbyists?

Look to ECTP contracts and lobbyists as well.....Do it! DOITT -- get it hardee har!
Also insider trading sited yet again and another mega-law suit against SAIC by Shareholders re: CityTime making it number three and still no New York Media willing to report
No mention of Gerald Denault suing SAIC in any media news anywhere and Denault beating SAIC is huge and now SAIC must pay his legal bills which SAIC and Bloomberg had not counted on.

Reminder -- when the 80 million dollar theft of NYC gov tax payer money was exposed as stolen by Spherion consultants on CityTime
Read this and tell me you are glad we tax payers paid a fortune to Gartner Group to advise us on everything but wiping our behinds NYC gov. "Kick back in Time” by Sally Goldenberg on SAIC CityTime Spherion and Gartner...ho hum....

Wake-up New Yorkers!!!!!!

Really do not no what else to do to get your attention and it is bigger than CityTime SAIC -- ECTP the 911 tech system is a bigger scam than CityTime and now after going a billion dollars over budget we hare hiring NASA who has been rumored to be guilty of abusing tax payer money on other contracts......

don’t forget FDNY Wireless and we are handing mega-millions over to Defense Contractor Raytheon on top of 500 million tax payer dollars spent on this flawed system along with all the rest.....

I have tried everything to get you to wake-up!!!!!!!!

I also made this YouTube this weekend as well on mega-law suits blacked out by NYC media.

Mayor Bloomberg Billions Tax Payer Abuse Expose My Breasts

Lilia ‘Mouse’ Ashjian works at the Office of Payroll Administration on the CityTime Project, a citywide automated timekeeping system. She serves on the project as Director of many functions - Production Support, Training, Communications, Agency Relations, and Agency Support. Her responsibilities include oversight of the CityTime consultant team, where she provides guidance and feedback to ensure activities are in accord with City culture. Mouse has worked for the City since 1995 in both line and oversight agencies and has been involved with implementing and supporting new City systems from both the line and oversight perspective. She is a graduate of Vassar College with a Bachelors degree in English and Italian.

Steven Pearlstein -- reading Suzannah B. Troy ’s blogs the last couple of years?
My first YouTube May 2010. Union folks asked me to look in to CityTime and I did. I told them I was going home and making this YouTube. Do not renew with SAIC...instead we need a full investigation.

Thanks Steven for your article....maybe in another year when Mike is out of office and the goal to get his puppet who greenlighted all this corruption and Christine Quinn even brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime brought by Tish James -- maybe we will see articles like yours a year plus after my blog posts finally?

Juan Gonzalez got his award and than he got pretty quiet didn’t he?

p.s. No arrests NYC gov officials CityTime scandal -- and folks stay tuned because ECTP 911 Tech System way bigger scam than CityTime.