May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bloomberg City Council Approved Billions Tax Payer $ Wasted & Suzannah B. Troy Lifts Up Shirt Breasts Exposure St. Marks to Say Wake-Up New Yorkers!!

Wake-up New Yorkers. Do I have to set myself on fire? Mayor Mike Bloomberg, min-me Christine Quinn (our future mayor let’s hope not) and City Council GUILTY green lighting mega billions Tax Payer Abuse.

Sad to say any breast exposure gets me more views. Pathetic!!!

My audience not smart enough to know I am talking about the male gaze -- power grabs. Hugh Hefner smart enough to figure out even the poorest guy could buy a mag for a few bucks and feel power over women --- if you need to feel power guess you don’t feel that powerful huh?

As an artist I am talking about the male gaze -- power grabs especially economic, politic, real estate and NYC gov is my center focus.