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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SAIC & Bloomberg Same Game Throw A Bone, Roses and LIES?

Remember Bloomberg us some tax break check well SAIC gave 12 cents a share to shut-up during shareholding meeting.

SAIC sold the lie CityTime behind them -- all done -- all good, as if their shareholder where a bunch of uneducated kids!

Bloomberg and his Dept of Investigation head Rose Gill Hearn the Cathie of DOI are selling lie along with new CEO Jumper that CityTime works while I have people here in NYC telling me it does not work and the system is constantly down for maintenance more than any other system.

CityTime still cannot recognize anomalies -- meaning unusual time schedules and folks NYC workers only have unusual

Where are the arrests of NYC gov officials. In my opinion this one is a series of multi-Watergate and he and Quinn should resign -- their should be over in politics from Term Limits to CityTime.

SAIC like Bloomberg and clearly with the help of the media are blacking the shareholder law suits and infamous Valetine Day Massacre -- Feb. 14 when Gerard Denault sued SAIC and won --- according to word on the street -- SAIC has to pay his legal bills.

Word is Denault never signed one SAIC NYC gov contracts and we the People thanks to the US Attorney and corrupt Dept. of Investigation Rose Gill Hearn that is my opinion -- all failed us and the media in NY has not reported one law suit -- not even Juan Gonzalez that took how many days to figure the 500,000 million we got back was a low ball sucker figure. I guess watch my YouTubes.

This is like communist Russia and the media black-outs and the people including at City Hall above the law starting with Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn. She did Mike's dirty work with slush aka tax payer money Term Limits and she did it again CityTime brushing aside 2 investigations in to CityTime because Mike was pushing SAIC like a drug king pin.

Oh Bloomberg and SAIC now how to sell lies and throw dead roses at People telling them these are rosy red...

go here and look at the links in the text portion to see why I say lies.