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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OWS NYPD Not The Problem Bloomberg and Oligarchs Running NYC Are the Problem

Posted on OWS website: This is me in front of OWS library Union Square. The NYPD were peaceful and the same for OWS but it is clear OWS will be encouraged to leave.
I bought some cigs for OWS. My head phones were stolen? I will take a rest from visiting. Signing off. The NYPD are not the issue Bloomberg, Christine Quinn who has been given over 3 million dollars to replace Bloomberg with Goldman Sachs as her community outreach holed up in 250 Broadway most likely breaking campaign laws working on NYC gov time getting lots of money to get Quinn in office so bloomberg can have a 4 and 5th term.
the NYPD are great for fund raising but if you don't fight to prevent Quinn from winning you will have someone worse than Bloomberg in office as mayor propped up by Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse etc. I know she has been aggressively fund raising from them and seeking out celebrities help including Hillary Clinton's daughter.
Don't write me back here. I don't read them. You can contact me on my YouTube channel Suzannahartist. The NYPD are not the problem -- Bloomberg and the Partnership for NY I dubbed the Oligarchs of NY are the problem. Look to the who is really running the show here and hint that was why Bloomberg ran down to Goldman Sachs. Bye for now.

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