May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, March 23, 2012

CityTime Requires more down time Maintenance Than Kim Kardashian - CityTime heading for garbage can It is too bad their is a media cover-up especially here in NYC to protect Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Christine Quinn and even Bill Thompson could have shut CityTime and SAIC bilking us long before Denault arrives. I am hoping Gerald Shargel and Denault's lawyer call them all as well as Rose Gill Hearn and ask her when she first saw Richard Valcich 's whistle blowing letter from so may years ago. Interesting no media reporting Valcich has gone from hero to zero to say. Not news.

Denault sued SAIC and rumor is he won - google my name SAIC Denault Valentine Massacre for my post on guess what day?

NY Media blacking out shareholders suing top SAIC officials holding them accountable for CityTime -- but mysteriously US Attorney is not and Mike Bloomberg either. The NY Times is already schilling for Quinn to be mayor like they did for Mike and Quinn brushed aside 2 Investigatons in to CityTime when it was simple math.

Media not reporting CEO named in suit leaves suddenly damage control. Media not reporting Pat Harris son head of IT he is leaving. Will Bloomberg's best friend's sister Ellen Stein stay had head of IT as well? Will Shargel please call Pat Harris's husband Judge Lebow and ask if pushed SAIC MTA deal along with Mark Page both appointed by Bloomberg to MTA board.

CityTime will be thrown away like Rudy's costly failed welfare program Maximus and look to Guiliani Partners, ex deputy mayors as SAIC lobbyist pushers as well as DOITT alumnists all involved in these corrupt tech deals that Bloomberg,

Mark Page Christine Quinn and majority of City Council are still allowing obscene over rides ECTP and FDNY Wirekess very short list and I can only guess combined over rides heading towards 3 billion dollars tax payer money -- would Mike allow this in private empire? No one will investigate how much we have paid Glenn Hutchin's Gartner since Mike came to office -- and for what -- big joke and cover-ups. If we had a flow chart and with names and perhaps stock options hardee har that would be interesting. Rumor is lots more sub contractors like Ariel over billed...citytime and across the boards a revolving door of corruption and Bloomberg rewarded a culture of corruption. All covered up and protected with goal to put his mini-me Christine Quinn in office.

True or false SAIC bought up stock to attempt to rally stock? Lucky NY's to apathetic or to busy blaming NYPD for everything which is not the NYPD's fault so we have the largest robberies and abuses of tax payer money and NY tax payers don't seem to care. I have series of YouTubes and blogs including a link for my 1st SAIC CityTime tube that said do not renew instead we need an investigation. The only person on the planet to say so. It was simple math and SAIC's track record. Mike pushed for a full renewal and praised CityTime. SaIc new CEO, Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn who should also resign all say CityTime works!!!! It is down for msintence more than Kim Kardashin and it was flawed. SAIC had a life time msintence contract!!!