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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bloomberg Spin NYC CityTime vs. Clawback on 500 million?

Tomorrow we get our 500 million which I have clear is which is way too low a figure -- we have been had and yet again Bloomberg is falsely promoting this as his victory when in fact he is as guilty as sin along with his administration and Christine Quinn but the question can SAIC shareholder try to claw back some of the 500 million if SAIC went bankrupt because of all the shareholders lawsuits against SAIC over CityTime.

Also interesting this news phony p.r. broke the same day Goldman Sach Greg Smith resignation piece breaks so this shameful NYC gov. city crime allowed by Team Bloomberg to flourish and is still on going because CityTime is a hunk of junk was not National story and not one "newspaper employee" was brave enough to ask Mike Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn and Preet Bharara any tough questions.

Today we saw informercials not news reporting or investigative journalism.

This is just like the term limits debacle -- Bloomberg Quinn flushed democracy down the toilet and they sold they lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy.

Mike Bloomberg only helped billionaires starting with himself.

No Bloomberg and his media pals are selling us the lie Mike is a hero and we should be grateful for the 500 million dollars we get tomorrow that his corrupt administration will piss away as they are doing with all the corrupt tech deals very much in play all black holes just like many of our politicians who can't take a subway let alone face the people they supposedly represent.

Mike Bloomberg selling lies.

Another big story some how conveniently lost that has a Goldman Sachs connection -- well they all do because NYC Gov is run like Goldman Sachs and there are all crooks. Mike Bloomberg just rewarded a culture of failure and a revolving door of corruption and he still Christine Quinn doing the same? Yes and Goldman Sachs as nothing has changed....Preet we all laughed because corruption and NYC gov contracts thriving....thanks better than Saturday Night live and truly sad state.

Norman Siegel in a meeting I got because I yelled down Christine Quinn asked right of the bat -- Christine Quinn how are you voting on the Rudin Conversion Plan..... Chris Quinn said she could not answer.

Again a big fat lie.

She answered when she took Bill Rudin and The Rudin family money even though she could not find the courage to tell us the truth.

Well Mike committed another CityTime lie today and any gutsy news outlet would show tape of Mike praising SAIC and CityTime when Spherion consultants stole 80 million dollars in tax payer money -- they use to work for NYC gov and like lobbyist Sal Salamone got caught being less than ethical but came back as consultants and robbed us blind -- just one of many -- these guys got busted but clearly

there are those that remain above the law.

SAIC shareholders may attempt to come after NYC gov to get money back if SAIC goes under.

Stay tuned.

NYC gov officials have been completely protected --- even though Preet is looking to arrest someone so he doesn't look like a total fool --- guess who is really responsible?

I guess Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn have something else in common -- they both can't do simple math!