May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joe Tacopina Predator of Women in Court out of Court?

I decided to look at the legal documents I was sent -- I am an artist so what do I know -- how could I tell if they are real but it looks to my amateur eye that Joe Tacopina was hired by a man in 2002 and after hiring Joe Tacopina -- Tacopina is alleged to have begun an affair with this man's wife.

The legal document and info is about Joe Tacopina as a predator -- and also a betrayer.....

Even the Mafia won't use Tacopina any more because most people believe Tacopina rolled over on Bernie Kerik and that is why Bernie Kerik is in jail today.
NYPD rape victim -- raped by Moreno felt violated by Joe Tacopina and it appears Joe Tacopina fines violating women in court very exciting.

In a video promo with Joe shopping for a TV show == he shamelessly brags he is a predator in court.
The promo is so bad it has Rocky music and Joe Tacky-O clueless and that is good he exposes what an ignorant predator he is.

The NYPD tape victim raped by heroin hiding Kenneth Moreno can verify that Joe Tacopina preyed on her and got off on it bragging he got his guilty client off.

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and partner Joe Tacopina hate women and they had their laugh in court comparing women's genitals to fly traps -- exposing either shocking ignorance or true hatred, disdain and even fear of that they hate most women.

Lloyd Constantine is vile and these men are karmically challenged and that is a kind term rather than spell out what they truly deserve.

Justice in NY is misogynist with lawyers like these they one day will face a higher court.

Just be thankful you are not married to creeps.

CityTime SAIC CNN Ireport Removed Here it is! Who is JellyBean?

Everyday I enjoy shining light on how the media is blacking out news on the biggest scandal EVER except for the 911 Tech system called ECTP
and oops than there is this press release and a sweet heart naively wrote me to say the problems with ECTP where the NYPD and FDNY not getting along -- WRONG FOLKS!!! The problem a revolving door of corruption. Oh Gartner who bills us up the whaaazooo for counsulting advice may have suggested that but FYI -- no new reporter will investigate how much we pay Gartner owned by Glenn Hutchins a member of the Partnership for NY I renamed the Oligarchs of NY -- the rich folk that want to rule NYC.

If you want to know why honest city workers are being laid off and more harsh cuts it is because of mega mega abuse of tax payer money theft and Bloomberg rewarding a culture of failure and a revolving door of corruption and he and Christine Quinn are being protected.

Rewind CityTime back in time and folks this went back back -- way way back in Time to Rudy Giuliani Time. Surprise his deputy mayors are SAIC lobbyists! Surprise!

So far no arrests of NYC gov officials and they should be top officials. Rose Gill Hearn the head of Dept of Investigation should have her butt booted out of NYC gov office -- she is the Cathie Black of DOI.
Rose Gill Hearn’s Dad uber duba connected and that helped when he got busted for abusing tax payer money himself!

Reminder -- we should have gotten 1 billion x 3 back CityTime SAIC and I want the same for all tech deals -- investigations and our money back plus damages. I want to go after SAIC’s accounting firm as well as hold top NYC gov officials accountable and I want to start taking care of the People of NY rehiring all honest City Workers that were laid off so we could dump a fortune in to corrupt cesspools posing as tech contracts!

So is Jelly Bean going to be arrested? No newspaper has touched this piece of CityTime news either!
Now to the CNN Ireport that was removed but saved here!
CNN IReport -- the famous Ireport that blew the whistle when DOI was doing less than a stellar job...

has been removed but it has been saved on


NY Media Blacks Out NYC Unemployment Up 9.6 % Higher Than National Average

Again the media protecting mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn who okayed a mega-fortune to help greedy companies including defense companies to bilk us as honest city workers were laid-off!!!!!!!

CityTime mega-scandal cover-up blacked out by press with zero investigative reporters.

More harsh cuts and lay-offs to come of honest city workers as Bloomberg and his mini-me fatten greedy companies billing us obscenely and in my opinion criminally and getting away with it.

Bloomberg and Quinn reward a culture of corruption and failure with tax payer money -- the greatest abuses ever in NYC gov history and with Rudy roots.

Christine Quinn Greatest Shame Yet No Full Service Trauma Level 1 Hospital in Her District The West Village + Term Limits = Sell-Out!!!!!

Politcal Performance Art Suzannah Troy City Hall Gates

Mayor Bloomberg Cy Vance Resign Lies Misogyny + CityTime!! Bloomberg Breasty Resignation YouTube Breaks 3,000 hits

Bloomberg resignation YouTube breaks 3,000!!!!!

Calls for Constantine to be debarred and Vance to resign.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cy Vance Resign! Manhattan DA 1 Hogan Place NYC

NYPD Rape Cop Pena Llyod Constantine Calls for Disbar Cy Vance Resign!!!

JBird 02:12 AM
Mar 30, 2012
During the trial, I was wondering for 4 days why deliberations were taking so long on a seemingly easy, open and shut case. Now, I know why ! Lloyd Constantine intentionally meddled the other jurors into a mistrail. Constantine is a prominent defense attorney and also Manhattan's DA CY Vance's good friend. WHAT COLOR WAS THE PARKED CAR ? Is he kidding me ? The poor female was held at gun point, threathen to be killed, and brutalized. THE LAST THING ON HER MIND WAS THE COLOR OF A PARKED CAR. Constantine, you are a piece of garbage. Yes, I hope this pig gets a life sentence but I really don't think so. Maybe 10 years but he'll be released early from prison once his appeal goes through. He'll most likely spend 3 to 6 months in prison awaiting his appeal. WHAT COLOR WAS THE PARKED CAR ? Eyewitnesses saw the poor female in the alleyway getting raped. When the police arrived the "Animal Pena" was in the alleyway with the victim, his gun was on the floor. I agree that Constantine should be disbarred. His duty was that of a unbiased juror it was unethical to steer the jury. He purposely used his legal experience to force a mistrial. He confused the other jurors to the point where there was lots of bickering going on. He wanted this to happen. Constantine was a "biased" juror who had private motives. He's makes me want to vomit. The photo of him above tells a lot of his personality. Looking at his face shows a man full of schemes and distrust. During Jury selections his failure to disclose his good friendship with CY Vance has, unfortunately, granted the defense the opportunity to appeal ANY verdict on sentencing day. Hey Constantine, WHAT COLOR WERE YOUR SOCKS ON THE DAY YOU INTENTIONALLY STEERED THE JURY ? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T REMEMBER ? YOU'RE A PIECE OF GARBAGE ! He needs to be disbarred.
Report abuse

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

May Day May 1, 2012 General Strike No Work School Shopping

graffitti may day message

Christine Quinn Protest: Isaac Mizrahi Doesn't Need A Full Service Hospital

Dear all:

Thank you for participating in the protest on Wednesday night. With our large numbers, our chants and the colorful posters, we’re a sight to behold for people who aren’t accustomed to seeing protests in that neighborhood. I think we made a good impression, and w
e distributed hundreds of handouts. I posted the photos below on FB, if you want to share them from my page or comment on the protest or on Quinn.
As usual, we had a several people thank us and agree that Quinn must be voted out of office, and we had several people ask us, "Who's Quinn?"
A group of gay celebrities is hosting a fundraiser for Quinn’s campaign next Thursday (April 5th) at the Standard Hotel. I did a site check, and it’s a great venue for a protest. Everyone entering the event will see us. Stay tuned for an announcement. After that, I don’t have anything planned until May 6th, but I suspect something will come up.

Thanks again for coming out!


Next Thursday, April 5th, several celebrities are co-hosting a campaign fundraiser for Quinn at the Boom Boom Room in Standard Hotel in the "Meatpacking" district. Among the hosts are Isaac Mizrahi, Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen and Thom Filiicia. Like many of her LGBT supporters, these celebrities probably know very little about her actual record.

This event provides us with a great forum to educate some of her unwitting supporters, many of whom will wonder what Quinn has done to send people into the streets protesting against her.

Please let me know if you can make it by sending me an email

When: Thursday, April 5th, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Where: The Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel. The entrance is directly under the High Line at 13th St between Washington St and the West Side Highway

On another note, we had a great protest in front of the 92nd St Y on Wednesday night. We distributed hundreds of handouts not only the the people attending the event but also to the neighborhood locals.

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime SAIC Media Cover-up Another Law Firm Jumps-in

Occupy Wall Street Goes After Joe Crowley!!!

Thursday, March 29, 5:30-8:30pm
Protest Joe “Congressman Wall Street” Crowley’s 50th Birthday Fundraiser
Grand Hyatt Hotel, 109 East 42nd Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue
With more trade negotiations underway, it’s vital that we let Congressman Crowley and other Wall Street Democrats know that they will be held accountable when they sell us out to the 1%! Sponsored by TradeJustice New York Metro & Occupy Wall Street Trade Justice Working Group.

If only OWS would look at Christine Quinn's campaign donations

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cy Vance Lloyd Constantine NYPD Rape Cop 2 Disaster for Cy Vance Resign!

Watch the video -- funny Constantine donated money to Cy Vance's troubled campaign -- and question -- did Cy Vance break campaign laws -- he did have trouble paying his debt...

there is a lot more in my new video but NYPD rape cops feel emboldened don't they and Cy Vance did nothing about the NYPD rape cop Moreno having heroin in his locker.

I get in to more outrages and it is 7 minutes long including news blacked out by media re: Bloomberg and Chrisitne Quinn from CityTime to St. Vincent's Rudin luxury condos.'

Check all my posts today.

Christine Quinn Caught in Lie Rudin Family $30,000 Campaign Donation Sel...

Hey Cy Vance where is the prosecution of St. Vincent's crooks? Is Cy Vance worried prosecuting St. Vincent's crooks could throw unwelcome light on Rudin acquisition.

Mayor Bloomberg Cy Vance NYPD Rape Cops DA CityTime Christine Quinn St. Vincent's Hospital

Reminder Cy Vance allowed the heroin hidden away in the NYPD rape cop Moreno's locker rolled in to the 1 year Moreno is suppose to serve.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Christine Quinn Occupy Wall St. Quinn Taking Money Hand Over Fist Wall Street!!!!!!!

NY Post article laughable!

Christine Quinn is taking money hand over fist from Wall Street. She has her "community division" with tony simone of goldman sachs....he says F you to community members from her district like Donny Moss and sure hope he doesn't do that and fund raising on NYC gov time because that would be breaking campaign laws. Chrisitne Quinn had nothing to say about the wrong mass arrests of OWS on Brooklyn Bridge because she enjoys being above the law like Mike Bloomberg -- both guilty of pushing through an illegal third term, abusing slush money and Cy Vance and US Attorney turn a blind eye! They pushed through a third term selling a lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy. Mike is now worth 22 Billion dollars and Quinn and her gal pals have grown richer. Nice work if you can get it and all lies. True criminals.


Irony: The NYPD do the bidding of the 1 percent but if the 1 percent ever get this wish to turn this island of Manhattan in to the island of 1 percenters and their puppets with working class commuting in -- the "service class" the NYPD would die of boredom and miss all trouble makers big time.

I wrote a short story fictional sketch Blooders about these rich arrogant NY a-holes keeping people as slaves for their blood believe or not.

Posted a much longer comment part 2 NY Post.

More proof Goldman Sachs her community outreach and rumor has it they have offices in 250 Broadway -- where Christine Quinn locked out her community West Village Chelsea from testifying before City Council they demand a hospital.

Where was Quinn that morning and tony simone? No where to be seen.

I confront her coming out the back door ps 41 because she is too much of a coward to face protestors that want to know why she takes kick backs from Rudin and won't fight for protective zoning for St. Vincent's buildings for a hospital only.

I catch her as usual -- the back door by the garbage dumpsters scurrying to avoid her critics.

Norman Siegel wants an investigation in to why the People were locked out in the freezing cold 250 Broadway -- where were the city council members -- when one senior handicap member got in 3 hours later but there were only 2 of 52 city council representatives.

I have handed Quinn a list of demands at City Hall with Norman Siegel at my side and in it demands an investigation in to why an ambulance took 30 minutes for a 75 year old man that passed out in the freezing cold. Quinn's staff member to afraid to give me his biz card -- tall grey haired man said he called th 1st -- he did not give me the name of who he spoke to at the 1st and no 911 call happened.

I have the name of the NYPD officer that called 911 and followed up with him plus Dr. David Kaufman who made 7 calls and timed the ambulance as well as Nurse Dunn who with Kaufman attended to the man but in Quinn's mind it never happened.

250 Broadway security were evil as hell and refused my demand to allow the elderly and most fragile people in immediately out of the bitter cold.

Irony--- I was dressed in Quinn drag mocking her corrupt dealings with Rudin, John Sexton NYU, Emily Giske, term limits slush abuse etc but Quinn and Tony Simone were no were to be seen and clearly they have a relationship with 250 Broadway security who refused the most frail the warmth of shelter inside the building.

Some future mayor she would make.

Barriers Union Square

March 25

Monday, March 26, 2012

The NY Times Gives Steve Rattner Pay To Play Crook NY Pensions Another OpEd Piece!

Big time phony crook in my book Steve Rattner blabbers on about economy inequality when the rich crook paid to play NY Pensions and than paid to not plead guilty and than paid to not go to jail!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about inequality!!!!!!!

Shame on The New York Times for giving their own's best friend -- Wayne Barret before he was fired wrote a humorous piece on how these two close men work out -- sweat together !



ARE YOU JOKING. STEVE RATTNER WRITING ABOUT INEQUALITY. IF HE WASN'T VERY, VERY RICH, WHITE AND CONNECTED HE WOULD BE IN JAIL exercising with Alan Hevesi instead of Arthur Sulzberger. Andrew Cuomo let Rattner walk and why was that? Cuomo did the same for Dave Patterson and both excuses for men belong in jail.

Hey Mike Bloomberg, thanks for restructuring the NY Pensions late in your third term after your best friend Steve Rattner and money manger as well as your biggest client Goldman Sachs exploited and abused the NY Pensions.

Dear NYPD: If you knew what Goldman Sachs did to your pensions you would be clubbing them with your night stick but don't worry -- even if it takes a Federal bail-out you will get your money.

Steve Rattner banned by the Security Exchange Commission -- liar and crook gets another op-ed piece that is as phony and disingenuous as he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike stands by his man! When Steve Rattner was forced to step down from his job at The White House he lied and he said he was stepping down to spend more time with his family. Who knew Mike was his family!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Occupy Wall Street May Day Art 2012 Escalate The Struggle (Post 2 in Series)

This art on a large CitiBank poster.

Again I ask for Peace, a peaceful protest May 1, 2012 which includes the NYPD as they are the 99 percent as well. Think Gandhi, think People commuting to work trying to put food on their tables for their children, etc. Peace

Note: As an artist I am following this art process and I have made it clear I see the NYPD as human and I believe in good NYPD and don't condone any bad or wrong actions by the NYPD. OWS is also getting more criticism for not making efforts to listen and instead bait the NYPD as well as not caring about the communities they occupy.

Can we have a peaceful protest on both sides OWS NYPD this May 1?

Joe Tacopina Rat? Bragart! Promotes NYPD Rape Away Pena Did

Confucius say he who needs to toot his own horn is full of hot air. Read-n--barf click barf link will take u to Conn article.

Connecticut Mag didn't ask Joe the tough questions -- hey Joe any ideas why rapes are up in NYC and under reported? Joe do you think the newest Rape Cop Pena felt emboldened for any reason?

Tacky O Respects women? From Connecticiut to Rome, it's all summed up here:

Media Whore Joe “I don’t seek out publicity” Tacopina, what happened to your reality show and your king of the courtroom ?

Shouldn't it really be ... 1 800 full of yourself Joe "hellbound" Tacopina? And thanks for the shout outs to Fischetti and the haters!

You forgot to send a shout to your 1 800 rat-me-out clients like Bernard Kerik. Note: Joe Tacopina sent a message to amoral cops -- Rape Away -- Pena did just that.

Reminder Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel had quite a laugh comparing a rape victims private parts to a Venus Fly Trap but Judge Greg Carro didn't laugh and they stopped laughing when I filed a grievance with Supreme Court grievance committee. They agree with the Judge but no punishment. Seigel threatened me with a law suit unless I removed my grievance. I threatened to counter sue and shared a list of who I would call including ex-clients like Kerik and others -- including an ex-wife of Tacopina's for insight as well. No wonder Joe finds himself bragging so much. Seigel slandered me and Veterans that stood outside Tacopina Seigel including an 87 year old decorated WW2 Vet who had heart surgery and knee surgery but wanted to support me and the message out stop the Violence Towards Women and girls from babies to grannies. I also ran it past Internal Affairs because I was worried and still worry about possible contacts with cops that perhaps are less than savory. I would want to call every female family member of Tacopina Seigel. I never heard from them but outside the court house when they protestors stand across the street Chad Seigel peered over and if looks could kill I would be dead. Tacky0 just smiled. The cowardly press never asked any ideas why rapes are up in NYC?

One day Joe's raping oops I meant to say bragging might inspire activists to poster his community like women did NYPD Rape Cop Moreno's neighborhood. Moreno had heroin hidden in his locker but for some mystical reason that was thrown out of the rape trial. As mystically Cy Vance decided to role the heroin in to the 1 year Moreno was given for "little illegalities" as opposed to sex-ploiting a pretty disgustingly drunk woman who was vomiting non-stop but Moreno was very sexually needy so the vomit didn't discourage him from getting in bed with her to "do alcohol counseling" not the standard approach of AA I gather. Apparently AA says one day at a time not one bed?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Google Censorship Threat for Bloomberg and Quinn Throw in Howard Rubenstein?

I can't make this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this a like my YouTube channel being removed -- all 343 YouTubes at the time just before the mayoral election that I and only I happened to point out do not believe the media Mike Bloomberg may not win do to voter anger. Look at the date and I called it right on. Quinn is in deep crap -- she has a fortune invested in her winning by rich greedy stupid folks and she may not win for the same reason.

Note: The threat of removing my work came on

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

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Christine Quinn Rudin St. Vincent's Lux Condo Community Testimony + Ambulance Scandal More Smoke Mirrors Lies

Christine Quinn we are waiting for you to get back to us on the issues I handed to you at our City Hall meeting.

We have more than enough proof the ambulance took a half hour to show up and 250 Broadway across from City Hall and how about an investigation in to why your very own district -- The Village and Chelsea were locked out of testifying in front of City Council?

Giuseppi Logan Beautiful Music SOS Bills

See my first YouTube that rocked the jazz world -- his fans who bought his records in the 1960's thought he was dead.

Wendell Walters Housing 2.2 Million $ Thief Bloomberg Admin Culture of Corruption DOI Pathetic

Bloomberg admin revolving door corruption and top officials protected. Oppsiie this thief Housing Preservation division.
Rose Gill Hearn resign.

See my comment WSJ!!

Dept of Investigation pathetic. Hint Rose Gill Hearn the Cathie Black of Dept of Investigation and her ├╝ber connected Dad got busted and a wrist slap. Preet wasn't serious about CityTime. He would have had to cut ties with DOI. Ask Rose under Oath when she 1st read Valcich letter!!!

FDNY Robert Wiedmann Hero Severe Burns Leaves Hospital

Lower East Side Senior Widower broken heart Suicide

Occupy Wall Street Art May Day 2012

I have seen OWS May Day announcements all over NYC and it will be a big day for the NYPD as well with lots of over time.

The NYPD are the 99 Percent as well and let's hope for Peace in the Streets for all involved as well as NYC and the communities and folks getting to and from work May Day.

I have seen OWS May Day announcements all over NYC and it will be a big day for the NYPD as well with lots of over time.

The NYPD are the 99 Percent as well and let's hope for Peace in the Streets for all involved as well as NYC and the communities and folks getting to and from work May Day.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Christine Quinn No Stand Occupy Wall St. Parks to Luxury Condos Oh Yeah She supported Rudin Luxury Hospital St. Vincent Condos! After this yell down I got a meeting at City Hall with Christine Quinn with Norman Siegel at my side. Norman asked her how she would vote re: Rudin Condo Conversion plan -- she said after 2 years and how much $$$ thrown her way by the Rudin Family -- "I don't know". I handed her a list of demands that included an investigation as to how apron 200 people from her district were prevented from testifying at 250 Broadway that they want a hospital and also why it took 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive for a 75 year old from her district I can assure you won't be voting for her in the primary. He passed out in the freezing cold. I was dressed as Quinn with a political message written all over my dress that is critical of Quinn from term limits, back room deals with Bloomberg, Rudin, in bed with John Sexton NYU, Emily Giske pay to play pal but Christine Quinn and her staff were no where to be seen. St. Vincent's was in her own district and she and Rudin are pushing population growth and are fine with no hospital but push more schools and maybe a Duane Reade on steroids with 2 cots -- a faux hospital both tax right-off for the Rudins.

Too bad OWS do not vote or know much about NYC politics because if action is not taking she will be the puppet mayor for the rich and greedy people of NYC so Mike will have a 4 and 5th term from the golf course.

Occupy Wall St, NYPD Clashes Real Revolution No Blood Shed

Occupy Wall St, NYPD Clashes Real Revolution No Blood Shed

As Occupy Wall Street further alienates communities it occupies who call NYPD who are 99 percenters -- there is enough info to take-our Bloomberg and his designated heir to mayoral throne poser -- his mini-me Christine Quinn. Hint: Communities want to sleep, enjoy public spaces as well. Not welcome, defacating, urinating in public spaces or doorsteps private homes, rape, stealing, drumming when People are trying to sleep including elderly and small children.

CityTime Requires more down time Maintenance Than Kim Kardashian - CityTime heading for garbage can It is too bad their is a media cover-up especially here in NYC to protect Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Christine Quinn and even Bill Thompson could have shut CityTime and SAIC bilking us long before Denault arrives. I am hoping Gerald Shargel and Denault's lawyer call them all as well as Rose Gill Hearn and ask her when she first saw Richard Valcich 's whistle blowing letter from so may years ago. Interesting no media reporting Valcich has gone from hero to zero to say. Not news.

Denault sued SAIC and rumor is he won - google my name SAIC Denault Valentine Massacre for my post on guess what day?

NY Media blacking out shareholders suing top SAIC officials holding them accountable for CityTime -- but mysteriously US Attorney is not and Mike Bloomberg either. The NY Times is already schilling for Quinn to be mayor like they did for Mike and Quinn brushed aside 2 Investigatons in to CityTime when it was simple math.

Media not reporting CEO named in suit leaves suddenly damage control. Media not reporting Pat Harris son head of IT he is leaving. Will Bloomberg's best friend's sister Ellen Stein stay had head of IT as well? Will Shargel please call Pat Harris's husband Judge Lebow and ask if pushed SAIC MTA deal along with Mark Page both appointed by Bloomberg to MTA board.

CityTime will be thrown away like Rudy's costly failed welfare program Maximus and look to Guiliani Partners, ex deputy mayors as SAIC lobbyist pushers as well as DOITT alumnists all involved in these corrupt tech deals that Bloomberg,

Mark Page Christine Quinn and majority of City Council are still allowing obscene over rides ECTP and FDNY Wirekess very short list and I can only guess combined over rides heading towards 3 billion dollars tax payer money -- would Mike allow this in private empire? No one will investigate how much we have paid Glenn Hutchin's Gartner since Mike came to office -- and for what -- big joke and cover-ups. If we had a flow chart and with names and perhaps stock options hardee har that would be interesting. Rumor is lots more sub contractors like Ariel over billed...citytime and across the boards a revolving door of corruption and Bloomberg rewarded a culture of corruption. All covered up and protected with goal to put his mini-me Christine Quinn in office.

True or false SAIC bought up stock to attempt to rally stock? Lucky NY's to apathetic or to busy blaming NYPD for everything which is not the NYPD's fault so we have the largest robberies and abuses of tax payer money and NY tax payers don't seem to care. I have series of YouTubes and blogs including a link for my 1st SAIC CityTime tube that said do not renew instead we need an investigation. The only person on the planet to say so. It was simple math and SAIC's track record. Mike pushed for a full renewal and praised CityTime. SaIc new CEO, Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn who should also resign all say CityTime works!!!! It is down for msintence more than Kim Kardashin and it was flawed. SAIC had a life time msintence contract!!!

Gerald Shargel Call Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn CityTime Crime Trial

Gerald Shargel Call Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn CityTime Crime

I hope your clients go to jail but I pray u call Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Quinn to expose culture of corruption and cover-ups. U call em u win my brilliant historic poster most stupid people threw away archived in NY Historical Society. Sent from my iPhone

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christine Quinn Endangers The Lives of West Village NY Times Sells Kindergarden mayor Quinn Christine Quinn ms kick backs got plenty from Rudin to push through Rudin Hospital luxury condo conversion - Rudin penny on the dollars and looking for tax right offs like a faux hospital - a Duane Reade on steroids with 2 beds and another big tax deduction -- a school courtesy of greedy community crusher Rudin -- but Christine Quinn and Rudin endanger all those children with no hospital beds and lack of Trauma Level 1 Hospital. Bloomberg Quinn -- how do u push population growth and prevent zoning protection for a hospital only. Quinn has put her most fragile members of her district in jeopardy because she put greed first.

Why no prosecution St Vincent crooks - perhaps Bloomberg Rudim Quinn worry about drawing attention to Rudin's acquisition.

Shame on The NY Times - 2 articles on Chris Quinn and kindergarten when she has allowed the children of the West Village's lives in jeopardy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Amanda The People's Burden Should Resign

If Occupy Wall Street had an ounce of awareness the commissioner they should be demanding to step down is Amanda the People's Burden -- a mega- millionaire socialite with a 40 million dollar trust for her kids.....

Burden the People's Burden has pushed through a Tsunami greedy corrupt community crushing development always ruling in favor of her rich pals and that includes NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law, SVA and Columbia U. Here in NYC all these Universities are real estate magnates. Cooper Union is a real estates magnate and thank them all for all the bars and banks catering to students.

College kids go back and ask your profs and the President of your college and they will confirm that and they have beaten down community law suits as well at the People.

She has pushed through ever greedy corrupt deal including preventing the People from having protective zoning for a hospital only.

She is a horror show and truly evil.

For OWS 60 Wall Street -- you can't use the toilets? Thank Amanda Burden as well as Deutsche Bank.

CityTime ECTP Hold Your Nose Stinks in the Billions Tax Payer Abuse and Cover-ups

Juan Gonzalez has an article today inspired by this new Press Release!

Guess what ECTP- 911 Tech System another Tax Payer's Titanic for the NYC tax payers who are being robbed in what must be the billions with ECTP and CityTime alone not to mention all the other failed or flawed corrupt contracts mostly tech under king bloomberg where he outsourced to crooks?

Look at John Liu's press releases on tech contracts -- google John Liu CityTime 2 and you get a hint of the problem because he understates but if you want a good laugh and more on what is not reported including by Juan read this



We paid Garter how much to tell us about the FDNY and NYPD when they are not the problem with the 911 tech system but corruption directly involving the billing is and want another laugh just like CityTime look to the lobbyists --- by the way CityTime how is Sal Salmone doing and all of Rudy's boys lobbyists SAIC and another Rudy aluminst TechnoDyne and Northrup Grumman ECTP....ho all the exclusives. Anybody going to report Gerard Denault sued SAIC and um I think he um won and SAIC has to pay his legal bills and all the SAIC shareholders suing SAIC over um err CityTime! SAIC shareholders are holding SAIC top officials accountable which is more than we are doing and how about NYC gov officials -- all exclusives on my blog for how long?

Old press release ECTP dubbed CityTime 2.

I dubbed NYCAPS CityTime 3.

Please can I still a thousand dollars from you? You would be really angry and call the NYPD on me yes?

But New Yorker don't seem to care and at City Hall most city council members not all are below average representing the People but excellent at exploiting and abusing their positions -- they are joke and all they can do is blame the NYPD for everything while the enable the largest White Collar Crimes under Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. John Liu is the only person to attempt to shut this down at City Hall.

Tish James gets a gold star for CityTime.

Explain how City Council approved 14 million dollars more to Raytheon a defense contractor -- wasn't 500 million dollars enough for the FDNY Wireless system.

What up New Yorkers.

I know we have very little hope because we don't have leaders that are smart and hard working just crafty to do what is best for themselves and deflect their lack of hard work by going on and on about the NYPD any chance so cover-up. We have the most corrupt representation with a few exceptions ever in NYC gov with Bloomberg and Christine Quinn their teams and how many city council members that can't get a 6 figure job any where else and do as little as possible for the community but the most possible for themselves -- look to Christine Quinn and her very own district where there is no hospital -- no Trauma Level 1 hospital as she and Bill Rudin -- the developer she sold her community out to brag about bringing in a new school for kids.....great push luxury condo and more adults and kids who mystically and magically do not need a hospital? Christine Quinn and Bill Rudin -- you don't get much greedier and stupid than them except for Mike Bloomberg and his commissioner of City Planning Amanda Burden.

NYPD large presence OWS union sq around 9ish this morning

Occupy Wall St Union Sq Police Arrests

NYPD large presence OWS union sq

Mike Bloomberg Benefits NYPD OWS clashes re: SAIC CityTime Cover-ups, etc. Not sure what was NYPD 's goal. New bigger banner now up. OWS and NYPD "battle" obscure all issues. 

I didn't get to report 5 shootings gun violence Bed Sty -- CityTime massive cover-ups by SAIC and top NYC Gov officials, mega revolving door corruption tech deals across the boards mostly tech -- largest white collar crimes tax payer money abused no jail time or even firings NYC gov officials, hospitals closed including in Christine Quinn's district up to her eyeballs in scandals real estate St Vincent's NYU etc to term limits slush CityTime --
Press blacking out People don't know - or care --rapes are up. 

NYPD devoted to OWS fund raising and recruitment this helps Mike Bloomberg -- more distractions from the fact he should resign -- multi - Watergates -- Term Limits -- broken campaign laws misdemeanor A = jail time -- perjury Haggerty trial - jail time -- CityTime ECTP NYCaps NYCWins Seedco Nice countless board of Ed tech deals Resign Bloomberg take your mini me Christine Quinn with u - she is worse than Mike.