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Friday, February 10, 2012

Suzannah Troy Holding Christine Quinn Bill Rudin Kiss of Death Lux Hospital Condo Deal!

The press continues to protect this real estate deal because their bosses want their own real estate deals protected. Today around the corner from St. Vinncent's I witnessed a man experiencing a stroke and who knows if he made it to Beth Israel alive. How many people have died since St. V's has closed.

Learn something about NYTime and their real estate woes as well.....

Why am I dressed this way? Because I get a lot more people to tune in and I can only hope and pray they wake-up.

Amanda the People's Burden the most evil worst commissioner of City Planning refused as usual to give us protective zoning -- zoning only for a hospital because every since Bloomberg put this socialite mega-millionaire in power she rules always in favor of greed and stupidity.

Christine Quinn and Bill Rudin Kiss of Death West Village no full service Trauma Level 1 hospital so Quinn can collect a fortune in kick backs from the Rudin family and friends along with who knows what else but she is worse than Bloomberg because she is even more foolish and unintelligent.

Vote her out of office and guess what? She will have to start to pay her own expensive legal bills but maybe her pay to play lobbyist gal pal will bail her out. She has made a fortune and even saves a little bit of money have Christine Quinn drive her in a NYC gov SUV. You welcome.