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Friday, February 17, 2012

NYPD 9th Precinct Convention A1 Music

I asked twice is this a convention or a crime scene.

I was told a convention.

There are good souls that work at the 9th but my guess is NYPD rape cop Moreno has pals still working there still working hard to honor the don't kiss and tell policy.

I have met 2 evil NYPD women at the front desk that do not belong in uniform.

I did not know to get their names at the time and immediately call Internal Affairs.

Of course the 9th would never ever give up their names.

Anyway there have been uncool things done to me in the East Village and I do believe in a higher power and karma pie.

No matter how evil or shockingly inept some police are and should not be in a uniform let alone have a gone or badge I do believe in the good NYPD. They are out there and they do make a difference.

The 9th Precinct has a ways to go healing the NYPD rape heroin of Kenneth Morneo that evokes the Mollen Commission where in fact I am told the 9th Precinct has it's own chapter.

I have also met a retired cop from the "old" 9th and I am confident he will get prime real estate in Hell.

He even stole other NYPD's food out of the precinct fridge but that is not why I am confident he is damned.

That being said again I do believe in good NYPD and they do good every day and make a difference.

Example: A young NYPD officer from the 9th save baby doing mouth to mouth -- the baby had HIV or AIDS I can't remember and threw up in his mouth.

It doesn't get more front line saving a baby's life than that.