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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The NY Times Censorship of Suzannah B. Troy on Behalf of Christine Quinn -- John Liu Treatment vs. Christine Quinn Immunity

Below is the comment I posted and the time of the post is 6:40PM. One we believe the NYTimes censors us and or time delays as much as a day or two to protect Quinn. I am part of a group of bloggers that also is convinced the NYT brought in an out of town lesbian new reporter that is not qualified for NY Politics reporting but was brought in because of her sexual orientation with the goal to push through Christine Quinn but the real reason is to protect The NY Times's financial investments they way the owner of the paper hoped that Mike Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg would do so. The NYT keeps getting the worst karma punishment possible but hasn't inspired them to act honorably.

I will post on my blog and ask if this will be censored by The NYT on behalf of Quinn. Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation is protected so no FBI probes and the Manhattan DA and US Attorney has given her unofficial immunity. Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury during the Haggerty trial. Both Bloomberg and Quinn abused tax payer money aka slush to pushed through an illegal third term. George Washington would have tried them for treason. Let the FBI investigate Quinn using NYC gov time and slush plus lulus to attempt to win the job of mayor as well as back room deals including with Bloomberg. The FBI won't just like no one was interested in the SEC shredding documents and handing their resumes to Maddoff. For more on billionaire oligarchs motivates to kill John Liu off politically

Now dear Blog Readers: Here is a p.s. that I did not attempt to post!

The New York Times in my opinion is protecting Quinn and also censoring critics so here goes.

Note: We do not have one political leader running for mayor from NYC gov that is honest. Not one.

Very sad and upsetting. Christine Quinn is a big crook, bigger than John Liu and Liu shut down CityTime corruption and CityTime 2 robbery aka ECTP 911 Tech System. as much as possible although I still believe the tax payers are being robbed massively over billed and the work not monitored so they are robbing us still across the boards as the newest report re: FDNY wireless by Defense Contractor Raytheon who wants 15 million more on top of the 500 million we gave them.