May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SAIC like Repeat Sex Offender and Protected by Media Beyond Gross

Heard on the street and I agree fully!!!!!!

The street is sick of the media UNDERREPORTING what matters. Not that the street is keeping count, but a least 6 if not 10 or 20 law firms are suing the one of the LARGEST US DEFENSE CONTRACTORS for SEC FRAUD, if your not one of the growing thousands that read this blog, you should start. Us underlings will continue to report this peacably because we are not the corrupt side of this equation. We think there is GROSS UNDERREPORTING by the major media. ALERT SAIC is a repeat offender, just like a sex offender, you will never punish them, keep sending them new bait ie no bid contracts and never hold accountable the politicians and corporate offices who purpetrate fraud, profit on no bid contracts, live for overbilling practices and change order. To the MEDIA THE STREET is well read, well educated and will not stop speaking up till justice is served with arrest of polilticians that conspire for NO BID contracts.

Note from Suzannah B. Troy: Isn't it interesting we, the USA have a 17 trillion dollar deficit and a mega rise in tech contracts here NYC gov with Defense contractors who happen to be bilking us for mega-millions and that is across the board....CityTime, ECTP the 911 Tech System -- Northrop Grumman , FDNY wireless using Raytheon, etc......good for defense companies but the NYC tax payers being robbed and raped mega bucks that I believe total over a billion easy under mayor Mike Bloomberg who was suppose to be a whiz.

He also has given all his friends, his sister's friend (Pat Harris' step son and Bloomberg's sister pal head jobs Information Technology (try not to puke) and their kids jobs and perks courtesy of the NYC tax payers and Mike Bloomberg has rewarded a culture of failure and a revolving door of corruption.

NYU Students Plan March 1rst Protest Cut the Bull!

I have to say I give them an update on NYU mega-dorming the East Village to death -- how I call NYU the evil empire and I despite John Sexton who lives in a penthouse rent free above us all and they got it -- my anger and we pointed our eyes on the building that houses Sexton's penthouse.

John Sexton ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term -- to protect NYU's real estate greed and stupidity continuing to crush our communities East and West, from Stuy Town to South St. Seaport .

They students are paying for high priced lawyers to beat down community law suits and for Dave Paterson who silenced a victim of spousal abuse by his 6 foot 7 best friend Dave Johnson who he had on the payroll.

Paterson committed witness tampering and perjury but NYU spending money to keep him on payroll for his daddy Basil's connections and Dave gets to flirt with young co-eds.

Good luck and give NYU hell.

9th Precinct New Commander and 9th Calls me re: my concerns parking placards

I know there are good NYPD but the 9th has some healing to do considering the NYPD rape cop nightmare of two cops who should have called an ambulance as I have seen NYPD officers do for drunk homeless folk.

Any way I found out over the weekend the 9th has a new commander.

He is a Captain.
I did get a call from the 9th a new Lt. re: my concerns and I appreciated the call. I had already got an answer from IA. New Lt. very good.

It is important to keep lines of communication open.

Anyway all good peaceful calm.

Mayor Bloomberg Quinn FBI US Att Blind But Not For Liu + No To 14M$ Rayt...

US Attorney
Manhattan DA
Blind eye-itis Bloomberg Quinn

+ Defense contractor Raytheon 14 Million must be stopped.
500 M for FDNY wireless enough!!! Too much

Is Liu ran lame duck?

Bloomberg Quinn must resign before Liu. Lui stopped CityTime and ECTP theft.

Bill Thompson failed us CityTime and NY Pensions.

Bill DeBlasio zero response to me re DOB and slum developer illegalities

ps Any names we know sold off SAIC stock?

Also look to MTA SAIC deal now SAIC Lucent. Look!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg News SAIC suit CityTime Insider Trading?

Go to this tube and see links under text portion -- even has dirt on Cy Vance and Mark Guma campaign troubles as well as Mark Guma his wife Maura Keaney and Christine Quinn -- talk about 1 degree of separation and or political financial incest and don't forget Mike Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg and Mike using tax payer money to help his friends, their kids etc as well as steal third term and he committed perjury and broke campaign laws which carry jail time. If the FBI investigated Christine Quinn and her pals I believe Quinn might be in more trouble than Liu?

What do you think?

Seems like top officials SAIC, NYC gov and else where protected doesn't it?

The NY Times Censorship of Suzannah B. Troy on Behalf of Christine Quinn -- John Liu Treatment vs. Christine Quinn Immunity

Below is the comment I posted and the time of the post is 6:40PM. One we believe the NYTimes censors us and or time delays as much as a day or two to protect Quinn. I am part of a group of bloggers that also is convinced the NYT brought in an out of town lesbian new reporter that is not qualified for NY Politics reporting but was brought in because of her sexual orientation with the goal to push through Christine Quinn but the real reason is to protect The NY Times's financial investments they way the owner of the paper hoped that Mike Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg would do so. The NYT keeps getting the worst karma punishment possible but hasn't inspired them to act honorably.

I will post on my blog and ask if this will be censored by The NYT on behalf of Quinn. Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation is protected so no FBI probes and the Manhattan DA and US Attorney has given her unofficial immunity. Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury during the Haggerty trial. Both Bloomberg and Quinn abused tax payer money aka slush to pushed through an illegal third term. George Washington would have tried them for treason. Let the FBI investigate Quinn using NYC gov time and slush plus lulus to attempt to win the job of mayor as well as back room deals including with Bloomberg. The FBI won't just like no one was interested in the SEC shredding documents and handing their resumes to Maddoff. For more on billionaire oligarchs motivates to kill John Liu off politically

Now dear Blog Readers: Here is a p.s. that I did not attempt to post!

The New York Times in my opinion is protecting Quinn and also censoring critics so here goes.

Note: We do not have one political leader running for mayor from NYC gov that is honest. Not one.

Very sad and upsetting. Christine Quinn is a big crook, bigger than John Liu and Liu shut down CityTime corruption and CityTime 2 robbery aka ECTP 911 Tech System. as much as possible although I still believe the tax payers are being robbed massively over billed and the work not monitored so they are robbing us still across the boards as the newest report re: FDNY wireless by Defense Contractor Raytheon who wants 15 million more on top of the 500 million we gave them.

Bloomberg Tech FDNY Raytheon SAIC, Quinn Liu

Another Miracle Cop Survives Shoot Out this time Lower East Side

Michael Douglas Insider Trading FBI US Attorney Blind Deaf and Dumb SEC Crooks?

Wow! You scratch my back -- what did the FBI do for Douglas harder har? Also complete cover-up media black-out Rudy Giuliani Mike Bloomberg CityTime city crime scandal and newest law suit against SAIC by shareholders filed in NY by Westlane Police and Fire suggested Insider Trading by top SAIC officials putting a smiley faces on SAIC stocks as they sold them -- oopsie. Didn't the SEC shred materials Madoff relatedly and even hand Madoff resumes. Let's face it there is a distinct population above the law NYC, NY, across the USA and the SEC, FBI and US Attorney along with Manhattan DA blind deaf and dumb.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

CityTime Look 1 example SAIC Shareholders Suing SAIC CityTime!!!

CITY OF WESTLAND POLICE AND FIRE : RETIREMENT SYSTEM, On Behalf of Itself : and All Others Similarly Situated ---- (from law suit - they are shareholders SAIC).

What is unusual is Denault's bosses are listed -- and NYC gov and the US Attorney have yet to hold Denault's bosses accountable!!! Why?

NYC gov officials have yet to be held accountable so they don't want to after SAIC officials as if they are all trying to mutually cover their asses and Denault was suppose to take the fall?

Did SAIC issue false information to shareholders? High level officers page 26 profited from SAIC? Deb Alderson she just got canned is listed as one example.

I want a billion x 3 for People of NYC.

Folks: Beyond exhausted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Christine Quinn NYU Protest Donny Moss Louis Flores Report From Front Line

Here are the photos from Donny Moss and also Louis Flores post both LGBT activists against Christine Quinn!

Thanks for participating in the protest last night. Louis Flores posted a great blog about it, which I posted to my Facebook wall. If you want to spread the word about the protest, then please feel free to link to it from one of our walls or paste this link directly onto yours or link to the photos on my wall:

Here is the text that I used on my wall to describe the event:
As hundreds of people stood in line to enter a community board meeting in the Village last night, 15 volunteers working on the campaign against Christine Quinn had the opportunity to engage with civic-minded NYers. For better or worse, we were preaching to the converted. Average NYers who pay attention to city politics told us that they share our views and encouraged us to keep up the fight. In a matter of minutes, we distributed hundreds of handouts, with people asking us if they could have extras to give to their friends.

Mayor Bloomberg Stampede Lawyers File Suit SAIC CityTime by Suzannah Troy

8k coming SAIC has to disclose these filings of lawsuits against SAIC re: CityTime!

What about Gerald Denault suing SAIC Valentine's Day in Delaware Court.
True or False. He won. SAIC has to pay Denault's legal bills.

If a poor person steals he goes to jail but SAIC steals and they get more awards and gov. contracts?

SAIC still working on CityTime and will until NYC gov throws this out the way they threw out Maximus another Rudy failed program.
Mike Bloomberg pushed SAIC like he was a drug king pin pushing heroin.

I want a billion times 3 RICO back for the People of NYC.

Bloomberg quietly tosses Maximus nightmare courtesy of Rudy Giuliani.
Reminder Rudy's boys SAIC lobbyists.
Bye Bye Mike Bloomberg's legacy...from term limits, NYC schools to Tech Titanics like CityTime!

Protest last nigh Christine Quinn mayor NEVER NYU Rudin Bloomberg Burden
NYPD respected my 1rst Amendment right to protest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad news if we have no honest caring leader to replace Mike Bloomberg

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christine Quinn Doesn't Visit Her Own District

For a gay woman Christine Quinn is in bed with an awful lot of men...John Sexton, Bill Rudin, Mike Bloomberg, etc. real estate sell-out!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CityTime Scandal SAIC Pushes Out CEO early before CityTime Pre-Trial!

SAIC, a leading security provider for the U.S. government, announced today that its CEO, Walt Havenstein, will retire from his post June 15th of next year. Until then, Havenstein plans on engaging in the process of finding his replacement, internally as well as externally.

I could swear this is 3 months earlier than originally announced

Haverstein announced retirement for June? now March 1, very convenient.

March 21st at least The Wall Street Journal will be forced to report CityTime fall-out reported at SAIC quarterly report meeting....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg SAIC March 20 8PM Earnings Release CityTime Scandal News?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Dirty Patti Harris XXX Secrets

Christine Quinn Dirt Bag Who's Side R You On? The Side of Greed and Stupidity

Christine Quinn on the side of Rudin family greed along with Bloomberg so no fight for protective zoning only for a hospital St. Vincent's. Amanda the People's Burden the most evil and stupid city planner commissioner every NYC gov history always rules in favor of rich, stupid greedy developers against the People.

See you Thursday to Protest Christine Quinn Rudin and NYU!

Mayor Bloomberg Broke Elec Laws David Seifman! Wake-Up NYers!

Bloomberg NYC Gov Tech Pat Harris Son Michael Lebow

Tompkins Square Park "Love Me" Bench

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coen Brothers Bob Dylan's Muse Film East Village?

Sub-zero trickle down -- an economic term I made up to apply to just this kind of situation as well as the Bloomberg's corrupt administration most especially the largest White Collar Crimes ever NYC gov mostly all tech contracts where they over ran the budget from a couple of hundred millions to close to a billion and some were caught red handing stealing thank goodness.The Coen's are definitely hurting my friends biz. I went in and bought something dancing between bullets shot from their staffs mouths as if my walking over to a small biz inferred --

My Mom skipped a grade and that cool public arts school NYC and went to City College and from there got a full scholarship in Economics graduate level and the Coen brother's Dad was her prof. He gave her a camera to bring back to NYC to give I think to the Coen's grand dad.

Anyway the pretty old cars are out there but it is more than annoying and sub-zero trickle down.

I suggested to a production assistant he compensate my friend for making it very inconvenient to go and shop.

NYPD Placard Expired Two Years Ago 3rd Street

NYPD 9th Precinct Convention A1 Music

I asked twice is this a convention or a crime scene.

I was told a convention.

There are good souls that work at the 9th but my guess is NYPD rape cop Moreno has pals still working there still working hard to honor the don't kiss and tell policy.

I have met 2 evil NYPD women at the front desk that do not belong in uniform.

I did not know to get their names at the time and immediately call Internal Affairs.

Of course the 9th would never ever give up their names.

Anyway there have been uncool things done to me in the East Village and I do believe in a higher power and karma pie.

No matter how evil or shockingly inept some police are and should not be in a uniform let alone have a gone or badge I do believe in the good NYPD. They are out there and they do make a difference.

The 9th Precinct has a ways to go healing the NYPD rape heroin of Kenneth Morneo that evokes the Mollen Commission where in fact I am told the 9th Precinct has it's own chapter.

I have also met a retired cop from the "old" 9th and I am confident he will get prime real estate in Hell.

He even stole other NYPD's food out of the precinct fridge but that is not why I am confident he is damned.

That being said again I do believe in good NYPD and they do good every day and make a difference.

Example: A young NYPD officer from the 9th save baby doing mouth to mouth -- the baby had HIV or AIDS I can't remember and threw up in his mouth.

It doesn't get more front line saving a baby's life than that.

East Village Fire 5 Injured 34 Displaced Sending a shout out to FDNY. One house EV has my photo with Pat's Bench and my sign FDNY Heart & Soul. Thank goodness Bloomberg and his puppet Quinn didn't close fire houses in Village. Bloomberg Quinn now play bad cop good cop but Quinn bought like cheap candy and back room deal term limits is to put her in office do Mike can have 4 and 5th term plus Emily Giske as consigliere! Vote Quinn out in primary. Last big fire displacing locals was by the 9th Precinct.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suzannahartist: Gerard Denault sues SAIC so Mayor Bloomberg What do You Have to Say? 2 SAIC CityTime related Lawsuits NY Papers Black Out!

Folks out of my mind with exhaustion (feel like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) but I am the only one reporting on the largest SCANDALS ever NYC gov....massive tax payer abuse I estimate over billion could be billions......all under king Bloomberg soon to be ex-king of New York.

Clarification. Two new SaIc law suits both over CityTime nyc gov. Shareholders suit holds top SAIC accountable. Question - When r we holding top NYC gov officials accountable CityTime, ECTP, NYCWiNS, Seedco, NICE, countless board of Ed tech theft fraud.

More SAIC law suits coming very soon?

My guess yes.

Mike king of outsourcing allowed mega millions over rides across the boards.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Suzannah Troy Holding Christine Quinn Bill Rudin Kiss of Death Lux Hospital Condo Deal!

The press continues to protect this real estate deal because their bosses want their own real estate deals protected. Today around the corner from St. Vinncent's I witnessed a man experiencing a stroke and who knows if he made it to Beth Israel alive. How many people have died since St. V's has closed.

Learn something about NYTime and their real estate woes as well.....

Why am I dressed this way? Because I get a lot more people to tune in and I can only hope and pray they wake-up.

Amanda the People's Burden the most evil worst commissioner of City Planning refused as usual to give us protective zoning -- zoning only for a hospital because every since Bloomberg put this socialite mega-millionaire in power she rules always in favor of greed and stupidity.

Christine Quinn and Bill Rudin Kiss of Death West Village no full service Trauma Level 1 hospital so Quinn can collect a fortune in kick backs from the Rudin family and friends along with who knows what else but she is worse than Bloomberg because she is even more foolish and unintelligent.

Vote her out of office and guess what? She will have to start to pay her own expensive legal bills but maybe her pay to play lobbyist gal pal will bail her out. She has made a fortune and even saves a little bit of money have Christine Quinn drive her in a NYC gov SUV. You welcome.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Philanthropy Bragadicio vs Billions in Tax Payer Waste Theft Fraud CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, NYCWins, etc.

Hey Mike trying running your private empire this way!
You wouldn't have much money for charitable giving!

Vote for Christine Quinn if you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term from the Golf Course.
My favorite part of this YouTube is the bellow!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Greg Kelly Manhattan DA won't bring Charges

Karen is a big fan of Greg Kelly's and misses him big time. She wants him back on channel 5 asap.

For all folks mating in NYC -- besides condoms now will be required legal forms and some kind of handy dandy alcohol level test.

Even sex is complicated and high stress in NYC.

Occupy Wall Street Hope Pres Obama Parody Art

Folks I am not voting Republican but there is no way I am voting for Obama again especially with Tim Geithner an out and out criminal who got busted oh wait -- he is above the law so he did not get busted. for not paying his taxes as well as pushing the illegal corrupt bail-out of banks.

Christine Quinn for Mayor of NYC if you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Corruption FLU, LGBT, Cuomo like Mike?

Giants Joy wonderful to see!!!!

Have Bloomberg Corruption flu bad!

New Tube: Mayor Mike Bloomberg Corruption FLU, LGBT, Cuomo like Mike?

Well I always said if I could do what Demi Moore does I would go topless or even naked to get my protest message out.

Wow do we women that are less perfect now have proof it is so not worth it - not that we needed any.

The press is giving Cuomo a lot of the same treatment that have given Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn and you know I believe Bloomberg and Quinn should serve a term in jail term limits, slush abuse and their role enabling CityTime crime short list!

See u Valentine's Day St. Vincent's with a special KISSY protest poster!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Sells Vanity Idea He is Mensch on the subway!

Mayor Bloomberg is going to ruin your crappy dangerously over crowded subway ride grossing you out with gruesome fat ads or his wacko stop smoking signs.

The MTA advertising agency refused to quote me a price for my ad which is discrimantion!

My ad: "When Mike Bloomberg says progress he means get your moving van!"

Mike is using city tax dollars to advertise that he is a mensch! I hope he isn't using tax dollars and he should refund the city for the fat ads.

Mike a mensch! Another big fat lie!

Mike you are a Meshugana and a goniff! What a vain narcissist!

Mike you are control freak, crook, responsible for the largest White Collar crimes ever in NYC gov. history.

If I was in top shape I would stand topless outside city hall with the names of every government contract and mostly all tech that you allowed to massively over bill in the mega-millions -- not just one but all of them! I would stand there until I could get all 8 million plus New Yorkers to wake-up and demand your resignation!

I want drug sniffing dogs at City Hall! Drug test our mayor because he is high on something or he has dementia but most definitely delusions of grandeur! You are not a mensch!!!!!!!

ps Are NYC condoms made in sweat shops in Malaysia?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boss Christine Quinn and Emily Giske Consigliere

scroll down True New to find latest dirt on Quinn....

NYT Reader Shane Ustice whose comment was recorded under the NYT story Quinn’s Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid
said: "Boss Quinn and her office would direct non-profits to Ms . Giske's office for representation in funding applications from the City and the State. Many but not all of these directed clients were non-profits for the Gay etc Community. Giske became for a fee the go to lobbyist for these non-profits seeking funding from the City." NYT Reader John M. said: "Many of us in the lgbt community know that both Quinn and Giske are part of a political machine horror show." NYT Reader Tony Glover said: "The issue is that a very powerful lobbyist, with clients who depend on the city for major funding, is helping Ms. Quinn to become mayor." Another reader pointed out how Quinn makes alliances with other machines by providing them jobs in return for political support. She hired a disbarred lawyer from kruger's Thomas Jefferson Club in Brooklyn and hired dozens from Crowley's Queens machine.

2012 NYT Reporter on the Quinn Giske Relationship:
You Gotta Have Friends
In 1993 the NYT Called What Quinn and Her Lobbyist Friend Have Built A New-Age Political Machine. Their reporters this week called their relationship a friendship, but their readers through their comments called it what the NYT did almost 20 years ago, a political machine. What the NYT has failed to write about is how these social service machines work with the county machines to control politics in NYC. Over 20 elected official have already been convicted using member items to help them get reelected or line their pockets. Speaker Silver spent over $700,000 in 2010 to protect his vote in the Chinatown Section of his district.

In 2012 NYT's Readers Called Their Relationship A Machine
NYT Reader Shane Ustice whose comment was recorded under the NYT story Quinn’s Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid
said: "Boss Quinn and her office would direct non-profits to Ms . Giske's office for representation in funding applications from the City and the State. Many but not all of these directed clients were non-profits for the Gay etc Community. Giske became for a fee the go to lobbyist for these non-profits seeking funding from the City." NYT Reader John M. said: "Many of us in the lgbt community know that both Quinn and Giske are part of a political machine horror show." NYT Reader Tony Glover said: "The issue is that a very powerful lobbyist, with clients who depend on the city for major funding, is helping Ms. Quinn to become mayor." Another reader pointed out how Quinn makes alliances with other machines by providing them jobs in return for political support. She hired a disbarred lawyer from kruger's Thomas Jefferson Club in Brooklyn and hired dozens from Crowley's Queens machine.

In 2012 the NYT Said Described A New Aged Political Machine But Failed to Call It That, In An Attempt To Clean Up Their Obvious Choice to Be the Next Mayor
The NYT said Quinn and other council members have directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations that Giske's Bolton-St. Johns represents. But they did not do what they did with John Liu and identify how many contributions Quinn campaign received from those nonprofits. We do know that Quinn has gotten tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from the developers who benefited from the Highline which Quinn funded and Giske lobbied for. Or the contributions Quinn received from other Giske clients.

The NYT Readers Comments Jumped the Shark For the NYT Quinn Giske Containment Project . . . Reader Not the NYT Points Out Giske is A High Level Democrats Operative
NYT Reader Shane Ustice said: "What the article does not say is that Giske also, despite being a full time lobbyist was VP of the State Democratic Party. Giske could go into a party caucus wearing her state party official hat and behind the door power-broke for her clients." Other readers pointed how how Quinn handles patronage. when she takes over she fires all that she can and hires those loyal to herself and her friends. Another readers wrote about the called lobbyist Giske Quinn's "consigliere.: The reader continued "While their sexual orientation and gender has little to do with their quest for power and Quinn's evolution into Boss Quinn , these two women certainly prove sisterhood is powerful in their quest to turf like men in the political arena . Talk about “Iron Ladies” indeed."

David Seifman on Emperor Bloomberg Ruling NYC Gov For EVER!

Hey David you left out Rupert Murdoch who's got a string or two attached to Mike Bloomberg which is why Murdoch praises him nd Murdoch wants mega-millions from tax payers for tech biz deals he is trying to push through with Mike and Joel Klein's help.

David! Mike has multi-Watergates and may be in front of another may I say in my opinion corrupt judge who lets him walk like Paterson did? I listed many reasons from CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, NYCWins, I forget to mention 311 Accenture, many corrupt board of ed tech deals, NICE as in hint the largest white collar crimes ever in NYC gov.

Mike committed perjury during the Haggerty trial a sitting mayor and Cy Vance was forced to give him and his money mules immunity. If Dennis Vacco had called Steve Rattner to the witness stand Steve could not have pleaded the 5th but he would have done what Mike, Pat Harris, Allison Jaffin, Fiona Reid did which is all plead "amnesia".

David, I know something you don't. I can tell from my blog Mayor Bloomberg King of New York there are people very, very interested in the names I posted like Allison Jaffin and Bloomberg's relationship and even more interested in tech corruption deals that amount to the largest white collar crimes ever.

I have searches for Bloomberg and Fiona Reid.

Stay tuned....there may be some surprises and by the way...I filmed a radical gay group demanding equal rights last night at the Waldorf Astoria Goldman Sachs HRC 650 dollar pat your self on the back dinner and for some reason some gay men were chanting something about Mike time to come out.

Could Mike be a bit like Karl Kruger lecturing us on integrity as he voted for marriage equality but had a track record of betrayals, lies and was a thief stealing from hospitals that may now close? Me dressed as Bloomberg in drag resigning breaks 1,000 hits 2012 nixon like resignation! I also apologize to women for ogling breasts at City Hall and using the T word.

ps Let's ask Howard Rubenstein Bloomberg, Rudin, Murdoch, owners of NYT and NYDN pal, everybody's pal for a comment on David's article!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

NYPD Chief Over-rided LGBT Det. Agreement OWS LGBT NYPD Goldman Sach Waldorf

Posting NYPD chat -- apparently a new Chief in town === YouTube NYPD chief over-rided the LGBT's original agreement to allow the protest in front of the Waldorf as long as protestors kept moving....stupid rich people rule the NYPD so the 1st amendment rights of protestors went out the door.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Suzannah Troy Feb. 2, 2012 St. Vincent's Amanda Burden Worst City Planne...

Karen Asks When is Greg Kelly Returning to Good Day New York?

Karen loves the show and watches every morning. She misses Greg Kelly big time. He would make her laugh. Karen is among the majority of folks that thinks Greg is innocent and wants him back on channel 5 asap.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christine Quinn Queen of Unemployment Puts Pedicabs Out of Biz

Running For Mayor After Your Friend Cashed In On You Being Speaker
An Inept Attempt By the NYT To Clean Up Issues That Will Be Used By Her Mayor Opponents

Will Lobbyist Emily Giske Will Become NYC's Jack Abramoff?

Quinn Friendship May Pose Test in Mayoral Bid(NYT) Quinn, the City Council speaker, is close friends with Emily Giske, a lobbyist, and the relationship will be tested ahead of the 2013 mayoral contest. * Lobbying City Hall is a significant business for Ms. Giske’s firm, Bolton-St. Johns. In recent years, the company has reported earnings of $2 million to $3 million annually while lobbying the city government, billing its clients nearly $15 million in the six years since Ms. Quinn was elected speaker. Quinn blocked paid sick day measure supported by Council members, benefiting fast-food joints repped by Giske firm

NYT Did Not Get Into How Much Money Giske Clients Contributed to Quinn's Campaigns
The Highline on of Giske's many clients has given Quinn Big Bucks Christine Quinn gives your cash to West Side project - and gets campaign money (NYDN) Quinn Funded the High Line Through the Slush Fund and Got Campaign Contributions From Developers Whose Property Values Shot Up By the Building of the Trendy Park
Quinn Pay to Play Friend Giske and the Taxi Industry Nets Her Campaign $$$ To Limit Pedicabs

Quinn Wielding Her Clout in Contest Over Pedicabs - The New York Su * In 2006, the taxi committee, which represents taxi medallion owners, paid Bolton-St. Johns $98,000 to lobby the council on a variety of issues, including the pedicab bill to limit the number of pedicabs on city streets. In 2011 Quinn got over $30,000 from the taxi industry
Ms. Quinn and other council members have directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations that Bolton-St. Johns represents, including most recently Care for the Homeless; the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center; and the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation. Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, also represented by Ms. Giske, has received capital financing from the Council in the last two budgets. *Quinn’s Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid (NYT)

Much More to the Quinn Keogh Slush Fund Story Will Come Out During the Mayoral Campaign
Ms. Quinn criticized two of her staff members for continuing the practice of holding money in reserve accounts after she had ordered it stopped. After they left her employ, one of them, Michael Keogh, took a job at Bolton-St. Johns. Ms. Quinn was surprised by Mr. Keogh’s move and unhappy about it. Ms. Giske was upset over news accounts suggesting that the lobbying firm had given Mr. Keogh a soft landing, according to Mr. Adler. In 2009 right after he was pushed out of the speakers office because of the slush fund investigation Keogh was listed as top lobbyists for Boltonn St. Johns for the Highline.

NYT Quinn Term Limits Clean Up is Beyond Belief
Memo to the NYT: Lobbyist Don't Gauge Support, They Work to Secure Votes
Ms. Giske played a role behind the scenes, gauging support among council members.