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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Infamous for his Breast Oogling and Use of T word denies any knowledge of Sex Abuse City Hall? Of course he would! by Suzannah Troy

Poor mayor Bloomberg a victim of extortion by a mentally ill woman - so therefore she could not have been raped or sexually molested by a staff member of his.....

Let me get this straight. We have a mayor that oogles women’s breasts and people wonder if that is for show if you get my point and than he can’t control his mouth and makes comments about their breasts using the t word as documented in that piece of crap bio on him -- don’t buy it rent it from the library --- and Pat Harris jokingly reprimands him but can’t get him to stop and the real question is how many women have been raped and or sexually molested that have not come forward?

We know rapes are up and under reported in NYC and what was Mike Bloomberg’s response -- oh crime is down. Commissioner Kelly could not ignore the facts but when it comes to Bloomberg as usual he lies and interesting his attitude about rapes and sexual molestation of women. In my new YouTube I dress in drag as Mike but with large breasts to put forth his verbal abuse and degradation of women at City Hall that has gone unchecked and unpunished but I look a bit like Richard Nixon. Cy Vance has covered for Bloomberg breaking campaign laws, perjury and the US Attorney will protect Mike they way they did Christine Quinn letting her off on slush abuse. Her response was to give more slush to Larry Seabrook -- over half a million dollars of tax payer money he will funnel to himself and his mistress yet again?

This woman may be ill but who better to sexually rape and or molest especially in a court system that is misogynist and blames women for being raped and even murdered.

It is a none fact written in his newest bio that was perhaps to try and sell him as hetero and macho of mayor Bloomberg’s verbal sexual abuse that supposedly he could not contain. Notice no law suits --hmmmm.

All covered up from CityTime to ECTP, board of ed to his vile language and oogling of women’s breasts and the t word with Team Bloomberg zero acccountablilty. Rape away, steal and rob the tax payers, Mike keeps Steve RAttner on his private payroll and Karen Shaffer on NYC gov payroll along with principals and top NYC gov officials he continues to protect -- why? He wants the same protection.

Note: Cy Vance rolled the heroin in the NYPD rape cop’s locker in to the year he is suppose to serve. If that isn’t corruption on the part of Cy Vance besides the fact the rape cops got away with murder or should I say rape.