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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kim’s Video Lisbeth Mikel

Went and bought Trilogy “Girl with Dragon Tattoo” although I hate the title -- real title “The Men Who Hate Women”.

I kept renting ever version possible on Itunes so I decided to buy the extended version. I fast forward through all the violence.

I love Michael Nyqvist for his vulnerability which in the American remake is completely lost because Daniel Craig looks like he spends hours at the gym not doing investigative journalism.

Craig’s body is sizzling hot but not realistic for an investigative journalist and the vulnerable sweet character than is rescued in the first book by Lisbeth.

Craig is a super hottie and no one including me would toss him about of bed but it was a mistake on Finch’s part to allow Craig to so buff, he isn’t playing James Bond. Middle age guys tend to have paunches...ho hum.

Obsessed with this triology. Have the books on my Iphone, bought the books, rented and now bought the extended dvd’s. Now I want to see the original Wallender advertised on the DVD but of course I can’t find them. Ironic that Kenneth Branagh plays the British version of Wallander and exudes a vulnerability that the Swedish actor doesn’t.

Beyond love Noomi Rapace in this role because she brings an old age wisdom to Lisbeth. I love Lisbeth...beyond love.

Fast forwarding through all the violence and only watching the parts I like is much more enjoyable. Wish I could add even more scenes with Mikel and Lisbeth as well as Plague.

I imagine her with me and Mikel -- very comforting.

ps Yes I know who shops there told very nice....ho hum