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Friday, January 6, 2012

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Read My Grievance Seigel Venus Fly Trap Supreme Court Response

Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina not very knowledgeable on female anatomy....misogynists -- they imagine vaginas snap shut like a Venus Fly Trap. British coverage of what feels like a hate crime in court the best....

Read Chad Seigel’s response to the Supreme Court Grievance committee and the response from the Grievance committee to me.

The Supreme Court Committe's response gave me great pleasure.

What to learn more let me know.

I urge all women and men that love us to take similar actions against verbal hate crimes in court against women.

I have the paper work for you to read and Chad Seigel’s response slander me and the Veteran’s including a WW2 Vet that has a heart condition and knee problems but wanted and did stand with me along with a Korean War Vet, a Viet Nam Vet Karen transgender and 2 LGBT activist one written up in Interview as one of the leading LGBT activists in our Country.

Seigel trashes me and lies misrepresenting my activism so if you want to read his drek posing as an educated lawyer who can’t tell the difference between a Venus Fly Trap and a bruised rape victim’s vagina let me know!

Photos in the Getty Images of me holding my art posters up with Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina’s faces and words written all over them to dehumanize them including Joe Tacopina’s salary written on his forehead $750 -- Seigel who can be a misogynist little bit pull apparently is quite fragile and is offended by my art.

As an artist his response is gratifying and again it is in his response to the Supreme Court Grievance committee.

Just like the woman blogger threatened with a law suit by Casey Anthony’s lawyer -- I was never served. I did mention in a detailed email to Joe Tacopina who I would be calling to testify including a colorful list from Bernie Kerik, PBA officials to a certain ex client and his now ex-wife.

I also mentioned I would counter sue.

I do read the Supreme Court’s response aloud on YouTube. It is short and satisfying and they agree with Judge Gregory Carro who did reprimanded the very rude Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel in court when he put his venus fly trap in his mouth so to speak.